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Australian Idol – The Top 12 – Choice of Song Was The Performers

Finally Australian Idol judge JayDee Springbett seems more interesting now after a small story in a gossip column about a tabloid magazine doing an article on his personal life. Source Sunday Telegraph Has Jay Dee got a dark side? I doubt it will be a puff piece with family photos etc.

The judges continued to disappoint tonight both with their judgements and with who they put through to the top 12. I mean Casey Barnes, and Tim Johnston, they are about as dull as the panel. Kyle Sandilands killed Big Brother, but will Australian Idol die without him?

The people voting seemed to be getting it right by voting through Hayley Warner, and Toby Moulton (I am not a fan, but I know he is popular). 

Ashleigh Toole – Miss Independence

This young Siegred Thornton look a like has been performing since she was in utero and it shows. She is very confident on stage, and has a great voice. I think a woman will win this year, and I think she is one of the three who has the potential to take out the title. I know, it is an early call that will probably end up being arse up. Oh I should add as usual to that last sentence.

Scott Newnham – Come Together

Why are they talking up this guy? Is a white supposed R & B dude so unusual in Australia that they are grasping at a second rate one? Also the whole “I never sung in front of anyone” line is just being too overdone. Yes I know they are setting him up as this year’s Luke Dickens but he has none of Luke’s laconic personality.

I thought the song was boring, and his wandering around the stage can only be described as desperate.

Pan to judges who loved it. Jay Dee still in his MasterChef nice persona said “good performance” “don’t let the applause go to your head” and “One of my favourites”.

Casey Barnes – On My Mind

I was shocked the judges put him through. Yes he can sing and play guitar, but he just screams DDDUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLLLLLL. He has no IT factor.  He did the backing vocals for DJ dance track and it went to number one in England, I suspect that will be his career highlight.

I am hoping Australia give the judges a big fuck you and don’t vote for this guy. Middle of the road.

“Take what you got there and slam it home,” Jay Dee said.

“Another very efficent performance” and “Got to find that magical quality about you.” Dicko said.

Dicko seems to be having a bit of a pissing competition with Jay Dee with trying to define them as what type of recording artists they are. I agree with Marcia when she said most contestants work it out while they are going through the show.

Hayely Warner  – Light Surrounding You

This girl is in stark contrast to Casey, she has something quite mesmerising about her. She made the Evermore song entertaining, and has a bigger range in her voice then I first thought.

“I can’t take my eyes of you,” Dicko said. He also admitted that even he gets bored with some of their performances when he saidthat his eyes wander off the performers, “I get a bit ADD”. Mate if you can’t sit through it how can you expect the viewer to.

James Johnston – How To Save A Life

He definitely going to get the tween, teen, and the cougar vote. I like him, but he kind of countryfied the song, which was a bit confusing considering in his introduction he said he wanted to stop the stereotype that if you are from the country you have to sing country. Huh.

“Great performance, keep going that way and you will start to convince me.” said Jay Dee.

“Little boy lost with sexual overtones is really working for me,” Dicko said. And Andrew G gave me the first laugh out loud moment of the show when he said a few members of the audience would like to find that little boy. I think I took it the comment the wrong way.

Sabrina Batshon – Earth Song

Can someone tell Sabrina to shut the fuck up? Can she add attention seeking disorder in with the intense agoraphobia, and panic attacks. She just shot any chance of winning by chatting back to the judges – it will lose you votes, even if they are a pack of dullards.

She has the strongest voice in the competition. But the screeching in this song almost put me in the foetal position. Sabrina has an advantage of having been a professional performer, and her confidence is coming through, but this maybe to her disadvantage in the long run with her trying to establish repartee with the hosts and judges. Oh and she did not take the “over coached” comment by Dicko well.

Also Marcia was flummoxed by her as well. Will Sabrina be the second person ever to get Marcia offside? I doubt it as Marcia won’t want to be mean to someone with a history of mental illness.

Nathan Brake – Stop And Stare

Did anyone else think that Nathan’s dad in the picture when he was young with the guitar look like a stoner? I was not sure about his falsetto in this song, and I don’t think it was his most riveting performance. However I hope he gets to see another few weeks because I think there will be some interesting performances in this guy.

Dicko said “You are addicted to these big notes?” and “You’ve got some really good textures there.”

“Bit shaky on the falsetto at the end.” said Jay Dee . His standard line was “I agree with everything they had to say..”

Stan Walker – Umbrella

Now this guy knows how to do R & B properly not like  R & B lite Scott Newnham. There is something about Stan, and maybe it is his vulnerability even after all he has seen and been through. I wonder how humiliating it is for his parents who are in magazines and on TV being shown to have been dead beat parents until they found God a few years ago. So basically the first 15 years of his life were shite. I hope they are hanging their heads in shame.

He did a great rendition of this Rhianna song,a nd he appears very natural on stage.

Toby Moulton – Radiohead

He’s single. His excuse is that he is too picky. Except to see him with a wannabe model on his arm by the end of the year, or moving to a farm to appear on Farmer Wants A Wife.  I am over about hearing that he is teacher and I just want to show the children “they can be what they want to be”, as I am about Scott’s “noone has ever heard me sing” line.

I don’t think he has a very strong voice, and there are only glimpses of sexiness.

“Still a little bit polite, but you are sexy,” said Jay Dee. I wonder what he would say if he was faced with someone totally hot. 

“You appeal to an older female audience,” Dicko said, and then berated him for picking a Radiohead as it wouldn’t be what his niche market would like.

Kim Cooper – Best of You

After being criticised last week for being too hot, she has toned herself down by wearing a flannelette shirt. I think Kim is another one of the women who could take out the Idol crown. Good looking, but not overtly sexy, and she can sing pop and light rock really well.

“Fantastically executed” said Marcia.

“Applaud your confidence, just work on the vocal a bit, great job.” said Jay Dee.

Tim Johnston – Halo

 He is the Jay Dee Springbett of the competition, good looking, nice but just a tad dull. Also tonight his vocal’s were weak. I was very surprised when the judges picked him as a wildcard. Underwhelming each week. Though if he gets some of his hot mates that we saw in the introduction in the audience I might sling him a vote or two.

“I was not 100% convinced tonight,” Jay Dee said. ” I want you to flourish.”

“You have a great pop soul voice… that song is the very edge of your capabilities,” said Dicko.

Did Tim mention God to Andrew G, to pull in the religious voters, or get those Gloria Jean owners voting for him?

Kate Cook –  Stuck In The Middle With You

I’m the proudest little aussie you will ever meet, I just love my country. How smart is this chick, all the conservatives that may have not like that she was a lesbian was instantly converted after that statement. Also with the lack of male “hotness” this year, she could become a sex symbol with both straight and gay gals. I thought the newly blonded hair quite fetching.

She was given the lucky last spot, added with her huge likeability which means she will sail into next week. Also her performance and song choice was pretty good this week. She could get tripped up by the theme nights.

 “People will say don’t change, but refine.” said Jay Dee.

“Your brilliant,” said Dicko.

They have to wait a week to find out who is eliminated, and this will occur at the beginning of each Sunday show. I wonder if people are starting to vote prior to the end of the show or are old habits entrenched and voters are dialling only after all the performances have occurred.

I am presuming they will still have a bottom three so my prediction is Casey Barnes, Tim Johnston, and Sabrina Batshon (only because of the chatting back).


1 TDK { 09.07.09 at 1:00 am }

I’m a bit sadden that Aliqua didn’t get through.
Casey and Tim. *Sigh*. Why?! Why?! Why?! Huhuhu.
I agree that there’s something about Stan.
Although, unlike you, for me it’s not “vulnerability” but rather his strength, and confidence.
Now that Aliqua is not in, Stan is the only other performer I look forward to seeing, and hear from.
I don’t mind Sabrina chatting back. It’s less dull to watch the rest of the others nodding their head and “yes.. uhuh”.
The rest of the show was dull as hell.
Hrm. RR, you’ve mentioned a lot of “dulls”, I’ve mentioned a lot of “dulls”. This show is getting quite “dull”. Both judges and contestants.

2 Reality Raver { 09.07.09 at 1:26 am }

I am ever the optimist but I fear you may be right. However I thought there were quite a few interesting singers.

3 Anonymous { 09.07.09 at 11:29 am }

I love Sabrina. She is a fabulous shining light in a season of mediocre talent and dull/contrived personalities.

4 Culinary Boner { 09.07.09 at 11:45 am }

Ship Sabrina to Oslo now, for Eurovision 2010. Her performance last night was excrutiating with all the pseudo emotion that underpins most Euro-trash pop music. If Israel can be in Eurovision, why not Australia?

5 TDK { 09.07.09 at 11:47 am }

No one should have touched Michael Jackson.

6 TDK { 09.07.09 at 11:48 am }

They’ll get burned.

7 Sherry { 09.07.09 at 1:40 pm }

LOL I guess you can say we are on total other sides of the spectrum when it comes to Idol recaps, except with how ridiculous the judges comments are! I like this blog tho, I’ma add it to my blog roll!

8 Laura { 09.07.09 at 4:19 pm }

Ew I thought Stan was awful. Obviously that is just me.
Kim Cooper was the standout performance for me, mainly due to the quality of her voice. I also liked James’ performance.
I’m very disappointed with the judges’ picks for wildcard.

9 Gillian { 09.08.09 at 12:23 pm }

I do not understand the appeal of Casey or Toby at all. It is obvious that the producers want a more mature singer in the group but why not one or the other? If it was my personal choice, it would be none at all. I would have chosen Aliqua personally. And what is with Sabrina? Even her mother was cringing at her behaviour. Talking back to the judges will make you very unpopular very quickly.

10 megs { 09.09.09 at 2:11 pm }

Sabrina made me cringe. I think Dicko’s comments were on the money and could help her…I don’t think the public will vote for a woman acting like a precocious 13 year old or someone that cues the judges to speak ( I nearly died when she told Marcia to go ahead and talk!!!) I hope someone points out to her that she is more than likely alienating the public and that she tones it down – so she can continue in the competition. Other than that – Stan is about the only contestant that I think is special.