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Chris Badenoch and Julia Jenkins Still Dating

chris and julia wagyu

Since today on the blog it appears to be the day of love (see Farmer Wants A Wife post below) I thought I would continue the theme. It would appear there is still love in the air for Masterchef Australia contestants, Chris Badenoch and Julia Jenkins, unless she was just being his sous chef at the Wine and Wagyu weekend at Peppers Hidden Vale in South-East Queensland.

Julia does look happy which may indicate that live-in girlfriend Homaxi has finally moved out.

November 30, 2009   5 Comments

Farmer Wants A Wife – Wedding Updates, and Rachael and Farmer Damian Have Moved In Together


It is all happening with some of the previous contestants from Farmer Wants A Wife who have found love both on and off the show.

Recently Season 1 contestant Brad married his long time girlfriend Samara. For those who need their memories jogged, Brad had met Samara via dating website RSVP between him accepting to go on the show and when filming started. To say his two ladies he took to the farm felt duped is an understatement. They had an intimate wedding at Swan Hill. (Source: Herald Sun)

Farmer Jenny has also recently gotten married in a whirlwind relationship to another farmer from Cobar.  She had known him for awhile and was trying to recruit him to be a farmer on the show, when she realised she wanted him for herself. They were engaged after eight weeks – romantic or foolhardy – you decide, anyway they have now tied the knot.

However in other loved up Farmer news, Damian Atkins from Season 3 and Rachael Peynenborg have moved into together on his property in Tasmania.

TV Week says:

Rachael who met him on the show plans on moving to Tasmainia at Christmas and Damian’s impressed with how well his city girlfriend has adapted to life in rural Tassi, where they spend most of their time at Damian’s farm, in Caveside.

“I thought winter would have tested her out, but she seemed to handle it OK,” he says. “She bought a puffa jacket and a beanie, so she fit in quite well with the locals! ”

“She helps out a bit. She gives me a hard time, and thinks that I leave all the tricky jobs till the weekend so she can help out when she gets here… which probably not entirely untrue!” he adds. “She’s handy at drenching sheep, so she’s been good.”

“It sounds like The Farmer Wants a Farmhand, doesn’t it?” he adds with a laugh.

Damian also admits the pair have plenty of romantic moments together. “We just enjoy each other’s company,” he says. “We’re having a really good time with each other.”

So if you are sick of speeddating and the internet dating sites, you still have until 7 December to check out the current batch of farmers and apply to go on a date with them at the official site here

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November 30, 2009   3 Comments

The Apprentice – Sam Hooper Has Been Offered A Job

Even though Sam Hooper, the 19 year old obsessive compulsive lawyer student, was never going to win season one of The Apprentice, he was one of the contestants to come through the show with his reputation intact.

After he was “fired” Mark Bouris told Sam to come see him, and now apparently he has offered him a part time job to fit in with his studies.

The Sun-Herald also reports that Mark Bouris was also considering offering John Van Yzerloo, but apparently he has found work elsewhere.


November 29, 2009   15 Comments

Celebrity Masterchef – Was The Clock Stopped?

I know at times watching Celebrity Masterchef I had thought the last ten seconds took a long time to finish, and also how the contestants could sometimes plate up a pretty plate in the last minute – well contestant Peter Rowsthorn may  have shed some light on the matter.

In the latest edition of TV WEEK  Peter said he blamed the “magic of TV” for his downfall, claiming that a mysterious extra five minutes were added to the clock.

The article said:

“I was really happy with myself in the pressure test; I fair dinkum thought I was going to win,” he told TV Week. “There was 15 seconds left and I looked down and fiddled with my plate, then looked back up at the clock and the clock went back by five minutes!  Because of those five minutes, I was umming and ahhing about wheter I could redo my tuile, and when we were judged, I lost on my tuile – it wasn’t crispy enough.”

Peter says he never manged to get to the bottom of the “extra time” mystery. “I think they were trying to help Fuzzy Agolley out, just quietly. I felt ripped off! But then again, I don’t think I was good enough to actually [win the season].”

So is Peter right, or did the pressure of the challenge confuse the celebrity cook? Masterchef judge George Calombaris laughs off the suggestion that time was added to the clock. “No, no – Peter’s lost the plot!” he says. “but he wouldn’t have won regardless – his [signature] dish was rubbish.”

November 29, 2009   6 Comments

Reality Tidbits – Interviews With Eamon Sullivan and Idol Winner and More

Lola Van Vorst From Australia’s Next Top Model To Be in A US Billboard Campaign

Lola Van Vorst

Lola Van Vorst who was in this season’s Australia’s Next Top Model will get some good US exposure, as she will appear in a billboard campaign for Chrissy Leighton’s jewellry and accessory range. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Interviews with This Week Reality TV Winners

With most of the mainstream reality TV shows finishing up this week the winner’s interviews are now online.

Who Mag has an interview with Celebrity Masterchef winner Eamon Sullivan, he says his competative mental toughness made him keep on going in the final when he thought he was out of it from the botched taste test.

I had not realised he was only 24 years old, I thought he was 27, I hope I was not perving on him..

Also Who Mag is an interview with Australian Idol winner Stan Walker.

And Who Mag has an interview with Idol runner up Hayley Warner. Also last week Sony Records signed her.

Adam Lambert The Controversy Continues

The Punch has an article by Australian expat in New York Joel Meares who has a good article about the hypocrisy that occurs when boy on boy choreography occurs. He also thinks the boy on boy action in the performance may have been a way of generating ticket sales, as said in my blog post Adam Lambert the greatest PR Campaign ever to Coincide With An Album Release?

Fremantle Media Going Ahead With The East (Semi-Scripted Reality TV)

An Australian semi scripted reality TV series may be on ours screens next year.

It is understood The East will be a reality show that is structured in a way that replicates a drama. While The East plans to draw inspiration from shows like The Hills, FremantleMedia is not replicating that format.

An article on IF also states:

The series, yet to be green-lit and tentatively called The East, will “follow the journey of young women as they blossom in the Eastern suburbs” according to FremantleMedia director of digital media and alternative programming, Chris Culvenor.

“We are looking at a soft-scripted series, which is in the same sort of vein as The Hills,” he told INSIDEFILM.

“It’s about the twenty somethings that are just about to get that first job, just about to get that first relationship.”

Speculation on who will be in the cast can be seen in here by me, they include Ruby Jacenko, April Pengilly (I think she may have declined), and Paola Cracknell.

Shannon Noll To Do Concerts In Remote Australia

Australian Idol runner-up Shannon Noll will be performing in remote areas as a part of  Christmas In The Outback Journey on the Indian Pacific. There will also be a free concert at Central Station on December (Source: Daily Tele )


November 29, 2009   4 Comments