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Nick And Candice Win Beauty And The Geek

I used to really love Beauty And The Geek when it first started, in fact it used to be one of my favourite television shows but over the years it has become a bit tired as a format and obviously contrived. Also the two hour episodes were far to long to make me want to watch it.

However I know there are still a lot of fans out there for the show and would have been happy to see Nick and American beauty Candice take out the $100,000 first prize.

Here are the details:

Geek Nick Hamilton and his Beauty Candice Stinson tonight won the sixth series of Beauty And The Geek Australia.

Candice, the American Beauty who grew up in Orange County, and her Geek successfully put into practise everything they had learnt in the mansion to take out the title. In the series finale, Nick went on a dinner date with a complete stranger and Candice competed in an intellectual debating challenge.

Candice and Nick then went on to defeat the two remaining couples – Nicole Burns and Alex Tomisich and Frances Russell and Oliver O’Neill – in a nail biting final elimination quiz before being crowned the winners of Beauty And The Geek Australia 2014.

NSW Geek Nick will remember the heart-warming reality TV series not only for the $100,000 cash prize he and Candice won but also for the special bond he developed with his Beauty and partner in crime.

“I couldn’t imagine (doing this) with anyone other than Candice,” says Nick. “I am so much more confident now and I have Candice to thank for that.”

Candice reveals her Geek taught her a valuable life lesson – not to judge a book by its cover. “It’s really opened up my eyes,” she says. “It’s been the most amazing experience.”

November 28, 2014   4 Comments

Beauty And The Geek – Some Of Those Boys Were Far Too Excited About The Kissing

With with all the kissing going between the Geeks and the Aussie beauties, SEVEN made sure the camera stayed strictly above the waist. Sweet Nick in particular looked like he was going to prematurely ejaculate in his pants. Also have to give he girls props for getting into it. Some were properly pashing, while some were doing the old style Hollywood kiss of keeping there mouths closed. I hoped the girls got paid danger money.

However the kissing of the boys did give the Aussie girls a much needed edge, as the geeks may have thought that if they had done it once they may do it again.

The episode would have been a ripper last night if it had been 60 minutes instead of 90, as at times it was too drawn out.

With the US girls and Aussies in battle for the geeks, American girl Chrystal was either being smart or had been a long time viewer of the US series and realised the best chance of staying on the show was to try and get a romance going.

Throughout the show she was proclaiming to camera that she had not even told her partner James how she felt.

After the Aussie girls were introduced they then went on very awkward dates with their geeks to get to know them.

Emily a dental assistance went with Tate  and it was a wonder she did not walk out when he told her the  last date he went on was with his mum! After some false starts they both got animated when they were talking about their love of cats.

Brooke a mobile hairdresser was paired with Sean and you knew she would be picked by him once she started twerking.

Frances is a promo girl and she was paired with Oliver an engineer. If there is a fake geek this is it as he looks and sounds like a stoner and he just about confirmed when he later pulled out a slide guitar. She just sat on her date looking horrified.

After the dates the producers did the obligatory opportunistic challenge of getting the American beauties into their bikinis. Geoffrey Edelsten was probably watching to see if he could find his next wife.

They were lowered into the tank whilst they recited their three times table and then water creatures slid down a plastic slide to land in the tank and touch them. To liven things up I would have liked to have seen a naked PETA protestor run on screen because those long neck turtles certainly did not need to be tortured like that over and over again. Particularly since they had to go down the slide for each different girls.

The winner of who could get the furthest with their multiplications won immunity. Nicola did so Alexander automatically sent home his Australian girl.

It was surprising how many Australian girls were picked. Tate chose Emily the Aussie girl as did Dylan chose his Aussie girl, Hanna.

All the spade work Chrystal put in with James worked and he selected the US beauty. She is my favourite beauty. She is beautiful and rather amusing.

Oliver also went for his Aussie girl Frances, Shaun chose another Aussie Brooke and Nick chose his US girl Candice. So it makes it a nice 50/50 split I wonder if this was by chance or design.

Who is your favourite Geek and Beauty at the moment?

Beauty And The Geek on Thursday nights at 7pm.

October 17, 2014   8 Comments

Beauty And The Geek Kicks Of In Las Vegas

I have to say it has been a few years since I have been feeling the love for Beauty and The Geek which is a pity as it used to be one of my favourite reality programmes.

Sure there are still glimmers of goodness in it but were few and far between in a long two hour episode.

This season kicked off in Las Vegas where the Geeks got to pick their American beauties. It was also revealed the beauties bar the one eliminated this week would be coming to Australia. So that explains why the US girls were so excitable.

The beauties were beauty queens, well a Miss Teen Malibu, and another beauty was an aspiring beautician.

The geeks were the usual types with the facial hair they have been told to grow and clothes even they probably don’t wear in their normal life

Jason Dundas, the host, who I find a tad bland has gone all Vegas with the fake tan and the sparkling smile. He hosted the challenges. The first for the boys as to dance a routine to Man Power. Did I say dance it was a more a strip.

Then the girls had to learn about Australia which included a segment with Olivia Newton John. It was astounding and a little embarrassing that Olivia was on the show. Does she think this might give her a chance to get on The X Factor or The Voice as  a judge?

There was a bottom four but in the end Jennifer and Bowen were eliminated. Jennifer who was one of my favourite girls stuffed up her question which was “Name a country starting with M”. She drew a blank, clearly forgetting that Mexico borders the good ol’ USA and that is where her cleaner is from.

Bown ended up getting a makeover and everyone gushed and swooned but he looked pretty happy.

Next week it is back to Australia, and they get to meet the Australian beauties. Then the big decision for the boys will occur as they will have to choose who to keep.


October 9, 2014   15 Comments

Beauty And The Geek Returning But With American Girls

Beauty and the Geek is back for another season, and this year it is going to be set in Las Vegas.

And that is not the only American aspect to the new series apparently US “beauties” will also feature in the show.

Beauty and The Geek Coming Soon to SEVEN.

September 25, 2014   4 Comments

Beauty And The Geek And The Winner Is….

You either like Beauty and The Geek or hate it and this year I have to confess to not enjoying it that much however a neighbour in my street who hates reality TV runs down to my house each Friday morning to debrief about the previous night episode. He gushes about how funny it is. Go figure…

The finale was last night with four teams left to battle it out the first to be eliminated were Matt and Jenna who was thought to look like Lara Bingle. Lara was worried about her cellulite on the cover of FAMOUS magazine this week I think being compared to Jenna probably damaged her brand more.

Next to go was my favourite Zac and Ntula, with Brett and Emily and Nathan and Erin doing the final quiz.

It was likeable Brett and Emily who won the $100,000 first prize but really they were all winners getting a free holiday in Fiji for the duration of filming of the show.

James Tobin was the host and to be honest I found him bland but maybe that is what he was expected to be. Why is it on Australian TV that bland men can have their contracts renewed time and time again but putting a female in a hosting role comes under all sorts of scrutiny and one small slip up and they are never to be seen again.

Were you happy with the winner? Did you enjoy the series and do you want to see it back next year?

UPDATED: Brett reveals in the SMH that is dating a girl as the show had given him the confidence to ask her out. Great news.

November 29, 2013   4 Comments