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The Biggest Loser – A Weekly Weigh In On The First Episode Now That Is A Biggest Loser First

Ok I admit I spent a lot of time this episode pressing pause in the group shots to try and see if I could spot alleged child offender Deryck Ward or his sister on the show. Points go to Channel Ten as they certainly have exorcised the pair, but this has also meant that the first week of the show has now been squeezed into one episode.

Tomorrow night will be an elimination episode and I hope for Phobe and Jenni and Alan and Romi it was not a close vote and Deryck’s vote actually counted otherwise fear and loathing will be enamating from one of the couples. We will just have to wait and see how it all pans out.

On a positive note Hayley Lewis is a great choice as host of the show. She is genuine, warm and compassionate. Also very attractive. We saw more of trainer Michelle Bridges in the Burgen ads, but that was not a negative thing, as every newspaper and magazine I have picked up in the last month has had Michelle in it multiple times. She must be getting close to overexposure. The same cannot be said for Shannon Ponton, and I wonder if there is professional jealousy between them.

Anyway I did have all the teams and starting weights listed, but my blog crashed and I lost them so apologies. (Yes there was a lot of swearing and teeth gnashing when I realised that had occurred)

Therfore for the readers who need to know these things, Caitlin is the heaviest girl ever to be on the show, she is competing with her sister Dana. And Shannon is the heaviest contestant in the competition at over 204 kgs which is a lot of fat to carry for a 24 year old.

There first task was to run four kilometres, this was to get them thinking about The Biggest Loser wildcard challenge of running a 42 kilometre marathon, as a chance to get back in the competition.

The twin boys Joe and Rick crossed the finish line first in a respectable 37 minutes, with the 40 something old dads nipping at their heels.

Caitlin was the first contestant to hurl this season, and probably won’t be the last. But she did finish.

Shannon barely walked a few hundred metres before it all became to much for him and he lay down looking like he would not get up. Points to Shannon Ponton for getting him up to walk one kilometre. In fact they needed an extra pair of hands to get him off the ground.

Then it was time to check out The Biggest Loser headquarters and see who had been given the poison chalice of deciding who will get the double or nothing bracelets. Married couple Alan and Romi had to decide. They gave the nothing bracelet to Shannon. As they thought he needed to be here the most and wanted to protect him, and Alan decided to keep the double it bracelet himself as he did not want to give it to anyone to put a target on their back.

However he has done that to himself. It will be interesting to see if his nice guy strategy helps him in this week’s elimination.

I wonder when the producers/casting agents are going to decide when is a person going to be too big to do the rigorous exercise regime. As Shannon looks like he needs to be highly monitored. Lucky for Shannon he does have youth on his side.

Then it was straight through to the weekly weigh in. The two forty year old dad’s were this weeks biggest losers ie they lost the most percentage of body fat.

Jenni and Phobe who are aunty and niece, and Romi and Alan are the two couples that fell below the yellow line and therefore are up for elimination tomorrow night.

The interesting question will be how they will handle the second weigh in and elimination episode? This was when Deryck and his sister left the show. I know I will be watching to see what happens.

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January 31, 2010   10 Comments

Reality TV Is Back And Is Going To Be An Important Aspect Of The Ratings Race

Ok we can finally stop watching Serena Williams and Roger Federer whacking balls over the net or see Ponting try and make hundred, real TV is coming back on with the ratings starting next week and reality TV is going to be a huge part of the stations ratings strategy.

Channel Ten is firing off their salvos early with both The Biggest Loser, and So You Think You Can Dance Australia premiering tonight. The Biggest Loser is on at 6.30pm with new host Hayley Lewis, and I doubt the child porn scandal where they had to excise a fat busting couple will have a detrimental effect on ratings. (See previous blog post on Deryck Ward the contestant who is up on child porn charges.).

So You Think You Can Dance Australia’s third season kicks off at 7.30pm with the auditions. There is not changes to the line up with host Natalie Bassingthwaite returning as host, and Jason Coleman, Matt Lee, and Bonnie Lythgoe.

They say there is going to be some changes this season to the format, to try and avoid viewer fatigue with the series. However the preview of the series looks like there are going to be some seriously good dancers this year.

Channel Seven is the first of the stations to premier a brand spanking new reality TV series with My Kitchen Rules. They have been spending a bucket load on publicity so they will not be very happy if it does not deliver results. However my prediction is that Manu Feidel will be the Matt Preston of 2010.

My Kitchen Rules premiers Monday 1 February at 7.30pm.

I will be doing recaps on My Kitchen Rules,  and So You Think You Can Dance Australia, as well as regular updates on The Biggest Loser.

January 31, 2010   5 Comments

The Housewives Of New Jersey – Danielle Has a Shady Past

Danielle who is one of the skankier Housewives of New Jersey unsurprisingly has a murky past. reveals that she was arrested in the past and she has had a name change.

She previously has been known as Beverly Merrill and it has been alleged she was arrested on kidnapping charges and drugs, and was a stripper.

Also she went to court to get an injunction from a former lover from releasing an x-rated sex tape. Stephen Zalewski  27 who was on tonight’s episode (I think he was the toyboy she propositioned to go into the toilet) was the guy who was trying to make money out of the tape. She was granted the injunction. (Source NY Daily)

January 26, 2010   2 Comments

The Biggest Loser – When Is All Publicity NOT Good Publicity? When Child Porn Is Involved

Channel Ten and Fremantle Media have gone into damage control with The Biggest Loser with news one of this year’s contestants has been arrested on child porn charges. reports Deryck Ward 26, has been arrested and charged with possession of child pornography.

Fremantle and Channel Ten have edited him and his sister out of the show so there will only be nine couples on the show. They were eliminated in week two.

So does that mean it will run for one less week? I presume this will depend where they are up to in filming, but there is a gap in between the fat camp episodes and the live finale.

The article states:

“Given the seriousness of these charges and that this matter is to be resolved in the courts, the network decided it will not broadcast any episode in which Mr Ward would have appeared,” a Ten spokeswoman said yesterday.

“We believe this is in every party’s interest, including Mr Ward’s.”

The Courier Mail also says:

Ward, whose occupation is listed as communications specialist, weighed 189.6kg when he entered the Biggest Loser house with his goal weight being 100kg.

His biographical details for the show state he “started piling on the weight when he was at school” on a diet of junk food.

He was teased at school for being overweight and as a result gave up playing rugby, it said.

Ward cited the death of his father in 2008 – only three weeks after being diagnosed with bowel cancer – as one reason why he over-eats.

“He is now determined to lose weight especially as he’s never been in love and would like to start a family,” promotional material for the show said.

Ward has been charged with one count of possessing child exploitation material.

He also has been charged with one count of using the internet to access images of child exploitation. He is to appear in court on March 8.

Christ it is still January and this guy is already in the running for my reality TV douche of the year.

January 26, 2010   5 Comments

Reality Tidbits – Tuesday Wrap Up

Australian Idol runner-up Anthony Callea has been recruited as the singing coach for the FOX8 reality series Ultimate School Musical. The show is about students from Essendon Keilor College in Melbourne putting on the production Fame. Ruby Rose is hosting the show, and Eddie Perfect is directing.

In Helen Razer’s new blog on City Search she reveals she is an American Idol fan. The article states that the show in Australia is getting 600,000 viewers per episode, which is excellant for a pay TV program.

My Kitchen Rules airs next week (Monday and Tuesday), and the pre-publicity is cranked up to full throttle. WA TV journalist went to the publicity launch on the Margaret River, and wrote about it on her blog. Unfortunately Manu Feidel was not there. She did say the food the contestants cooked was delicious.

Former Popstar Tiffani Wood’s divorce is taking an ugly turn if you can believe the Daily Telegraph.

David ‘The Hoff’ Hasselhoff is going to do a reality TV show with his daughters Taylor Ann, 19, and Hayley, 17. He will be attempting to launch their singing career. It could be an interesting show, as it is known that David has had some alcohol issues. No news on whether it will be picked up by a Network in Australia.

In other new programming news apparently Channel Seven will be filming PR firm Sweaty Betty for reality show looking at the owner vivacious Roxy Jacenko and her team. I am not sure if it is going to be semi-scripted. If you want to know what Roxy is like go to her blog at Sweaty Betty PR

January 25, 2010   2 Comments