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Posts from — December 2009

Sylvania Waters – Remember Noelene Donahue?

I know everyone is doing the noughties in review, but I found this little gem, from Sylvania Waters, the reality TV show that kicked off the genre. This is the single that Noelene Donahue, the matriarch of the family, released to try and continue her 15 minutes of fame. Loving the Linda Evans, Dynastyesque hair and dress.

December 29, 2009   6 Comments

Reality TV Stars On Vacation – Simon Cowell and Dr Drew Pinsky

Is That Dr. Drew Pinsky?

It is holiday’s everywhere and a lot of people are on vacation, reality stars are no exception. Here is Dr Drew Pinsky from Celebrity Rehan on holidays in Hawaii with his family. I must confess I do prefer him clothed.

Simon Cowell

Chill Factor: Simon Cowell looks content and relaxed as he takes a jet ski ride in the sea while on holiday in Barbados

Also Simon Cowell is having his usual holiday in sunny Barbados, rumour has it a new girlfriend is there with him.

Also Simon’s brother also revealed that this will be the last year he will be a judge on American Idol as he wants to concentrate on bringing The X Factor to the US. (Source: Mail on Sunday)

December 26, 2009   2 Comments

Superstars of Dance Finally Being Screened Eleven Months Late

My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I read that Channel 9 were finally going to screen Superstars of Dance.

Superstars of Dance was a Nigel Lythgoe, and Simon Fuller show, where nations compete in a type of dancing Olympics. There are three categories, solo, pairs, and team.

Australia is represented, with Jason Gilkison the team “coach”, with Kelley Abbey the Australian judge.

The problem was it aired in the USA to much fanfare in January. But Channel 9 who won the bidding war over it did not screen it at this stage. Also news on the interwebs were basically calling it a dud, confirmed by the fact that there is no season two.

Clearly the cupboards are getting bare in the Nine store cupboard. Having said all this I will be watching it and will be giving my opinion about it. It should be noted the Sydney Morning Herald The Guide gave it the thumbs down.

Superstars of Dance on at 7.30pm on Wednesday nights.

December 21, 2009   7 Comments

Australian Idol’s Stan Walker Mum To Negotiate With Sony???


I was a bit perplexed about this article in the Sunday Telegraph where it said that Australian Idol winner Stan Walker’s mother would be negotiating his record deal with Sony Music.

The good news is that Stan is determined to get some money for his album of the songs that he performed on the show, something previous winner Damien Leith, and runner-up Jessica Mauboy did not get.

However is his mother the right person to do this?

The article states:

Walker, 19, has set up his own company – Stan Walker Music Pty Ltd, headed by his mum, April – to negotiate his record deal with Sony Music so he doesn’t end up like Leith.

I am always a bit wary about relatives getting involved in business deals, especially when they have no experience in the area. Yes she would have Stan’s best interest’s at heart,  but will that be enough?

December 20, 2009   3 Comments

Padma, Padma, Padma

Padma Lakshmi's baby bump gets bigger as the TV host looks forward to motherhood.

Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi normally doesn’t put a foot wrong in the fashion stakes, but maybe she is still finding her feet when it comes to maternity clothes.

December 19, 2009   5 Comments