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Here Are George Calombaris and Gary As Kids – Excellent

I saw this on the Media Week YouTube Channel and thought it was hilarious, and how well do this kids do George and Gary Mehigan from Masterchef Australia?

October 12, 2011   5 Comments

Reality Tidbits – Saturday Night Edition

The Junior Masterchef contract yarn was in the SMH today and I had to laugh that Max Markson said people should sign up to it. If you missed my blog post on my thoughts on the Junior Masterchef contract go here, and also it was a small part of a segment on Masterchef Australia on A Current Affair on Friday night.

Here is a column in The Age which talks about Renae from The Amazing Race Australia and how she is an unlikely beauty pageant contestant. Also reveals she is going out with one of the most eligible men in WA. Who would that be?

More information on the death of Australian Idol judge Jay Dee Springbett in the Daily Telegraph, it is looking more likely that he took his own life.

Gary Mehigan responds to what Masterchef Australia contestant Adam Quinn has been saying about producers and the show in the Daily Telegraph.

Kyle Sandilands thinks Project Runway Australia judge Megan Gale is a phony. Not sure what triggered off this attack. (Source:

Kumar is not coping with his cult status. (Source: Herald Sun)

Gordon Ramsay’s film bombs. (Source: Herald Sun)

Survivor’s Johnny Fairplay has split from his reality TV wife. (Source: Celebrity News and Style)

July 3, 2011   2 Comments

Masterchef Australia – The Judges Did Not Like Season Two

The Masterchef Australia pre-show media frenzy continues, and now the judges have revealed to the Daily Telegraph they did not enjoy Season 2 of the show.

The Daily Telegraph writes:

Preston makes no bones about the fact that he, Calombaris and Mehigan didn’t enjoy the second series of MasterChef.

The trio’s displeasure wasn’t just with some of the contestants – it was also aimed at themselves.

“In series two we were all overly dramatic,” Preston says. “We were all ‘performing’ for the first half (of the series), and as soon as we saw what it was like on the TV, we went, ‘Oh my God, that is so ridiculous, so overblown’.”

Last season’s Country Women’s Association challenge was an embarrassment. Many of the contestants couldn’t even bake a simple sponge, scone or fruit cake.

“We’ve become better at picking contestants that we think will grow through the course of the show,” Preston says.

“We’ve stripped out some of the dickhead factor. This year a lot of contestants are cooking for their family and friends. They’re not cooking their way through the complete works of Heston Blumenthal. They are people who cook as part of their lives rather than as an extreme sport.”

I take it this is code for no plate throwing this season thankfully.

The article also states there will be no second chance re-entry into the show, as there was in the first two seasons.

“We decided to remove things that don’t feel right,” Preston says. “Hopefully, it will feel more natural.”

Personally I don’t mind the second chance re-entry, as sometimes there are people who are eliminated due to having bad luck on the day or if your favourite goes early you keep watching on the off chance they will get back in.

The other thing they reveal is there will be less bitchiness and crying.

MASTERCHEF Australia judges Matt Preston, George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan have vowed to stamp out the bitchiness and blubbering that plagued last year’s season of the hit series.

This year, they say, will be back to basics.

Last year, contestants including Jonathan “The Terminator” Daddia (IT consultant) and Claire Winton Burn (lawyer) fell out of favour with the judges and viewers for their perceived arrogance and repeated crying.

There was a lot of wailing on screen last year, however I actually thought the crying by Jonathan Daddia made him human to the audience. Also Claire Winton Burn being out of favour with the judges? She made top three, does that mean if she had been in favour she would have won. I thought the reason Claire Winton Burn did not get to the final was related to personal life issues.




April 27, 2011   24 Comments

Margaret Fulton Blasts Masterchef Australia And Matt Preston

Was Margaret Fulton not asked to be on Masterchef Australia this series? As this spray she gives the show and the judges seems extremely petty.

Considering her appearances on the show raised her profile to a whole new generation and treated her like a cooking icon and probably gave her the Woolworth contract she now has, it would be nice to see her be a little bit grateful.

But no the Sunday Telegraph reports:

COOKING great Margaret Fulton has unleashed on two of Australia’s biggest television programs, My Kitchen Rules and MasterChef, saying contestants cannot cook well and don’t know the basics.

Even the judges don’t escape a roasting.

Fulton has accused MasterChef’s Matt Preston of turning into a “full showman” and says George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan are fixated on earning the same large pay cheque as their cravat-wearing colleague.

Of the cooking couples on the hit Seven Network series My Kitchen Rules, which averages 1.5 million viewers, Fulton said: “I can’t be bothered watching them.

“I’ve seen enough people not cook well. I don’t want to watch people very pleased with what they’re doing but doing everything wrong.”

Fulton also whacked MasterChef, the Network Ten program she has actually starred on as a guest judge.

“What I found on MasterChef when I was on it, some of the basic things the contestants were trying to do – they didn’t know the basic things, such as pastry making,” she said.

The outburst from the 86-year-old came as she launched a new campaign for Woolworths – the supermarket rival of Coles, which sponsors My Kitchen Rules and MasterChef.

As Preston’s popularity on MasterChef grew, so did his personality, she said.

“Matt found the inner showman in himself. Now he’s found the full showman.

“Matt used to be quite a serious food journalist. He is married into a Melbourne family that’s quite conservative, and they couldn’t believe what Matt was up to.

“He’s a nice person, but he’s developing this thing like Bernard King.”

Fulton said King, who starred in the cooking show King’s Kitchen and died in 2002, had become more rude as his success skyrocketed.

Fulton also ripped into Calombaris and Mehigan.

“Matt had every reason to be self-confident, but they – although they have very successful businesses – aren’t as emotionally and mentally intelligent as Matt,” she said.

“Now it has become, ‘How much is he getting paid? If he’s getting that, I want it too.’ “

March 6, 2011   20 Comments

The Daily Telegraph List The 25 Most Influential People On TV

Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris

It is that time of year for lists, and the Daily Telegraph has now put out their list of the 25 most influential people on TV. What was interesting was the reality stars that were on the list as well as the ones they left off.

Matt Preston was number 2 on the list, behind Jessica Marais who took out the number one spot. Also George Colambaris and Anna Gare were on there, but where was Gary Mehigan? He did not make the list. If I was him I would be feeling a tad peeved today. As I thought he proved when he was absent for two weeks from Masterchef Australia this year due to an injured knee that he brought some levity to the show.

He is a nice balance to George and Matt more exhuberant personalities, and ham acting.

Other reality stars that made the list were Manu Feidel, Danni Minogue, Peter Maddison from Grand Designs, and Scott Cam from The Block.

December 29, 2010   5 Comments