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Review of Tough Love On Lifestyle You – The new ‘Women’s’ Channel


A new channel launched on Foxtel yesterday aiming firmly at the women’s market called Lifestyle You.

The programmers must think women like reality TV shows, as that appears that is what the shows screening appear to be. Not that I have a problem with that. 

A show I watched today was Tough Love which is a show from VH1 the home of trashy reality TV. It is a show where Steve Ward, dating consultant holds a boot camp for eight women who are in dating crisis ie they cannot get a relationship.

The interesting thing is that one of the many executive producers is Drew Barrymore. Not that this little snippet gives the show any intellectual grunt.

At first I thought it was going to be a take off of the highly entertaining Millionaire Matchmaker, however it quickly showed it self to be different pretty quickly where the girls get some ruthless feedback on their dating and dressing styles.

Steve Ward the host, who apparently is only twenty eight is pretty brutal, probably playing up to the cameras, but what is also strange is that he appears to have had botox, and also eyebrow waxing.  I find the botox a bit strange for one so young. Also at this point I am not sure I actually like him. However here is an interview from VH1  where he discusses the show and his business.

The girls are a made up of the ballbuster Stacia, the wannabe bridezilla, the stalker, the princess, and the nuturer. In the end it was an hour of compelling viewing which left me wanting more. More information on the cast bios are here.

Yes the girls were degraded by having to parade past some men for them to make judgements about them. But I think I would be hypocritcal if said I had never done that myself. They then got a make over, which actually made all of them look fabulous before they were sent to a party to mingle. Also the girls apart from maybe Taylor appear to be on the show to geniunely try and find a mate.

It was cringeworthy that some of the feedback was so honest, as it would be hideous to have a camera on you as you were trying to impress a guy. Also it had a touch of Celebrity Rehab about it as the girls are encouraged to analyse why they have such obstacles in maintaining a relationship.

Recommended viewing. It shows on Lifestyle You on Wednesday nights at 9.30pm, however there are lots of repeats throughout the week.

November 16, 2009   8 Comments