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Beauty and the Geek – Episode 3 – The need for speed (dating)

RR has entrusted blogging on Beauty and the Geek and TAR to me tonight. A novice at reality tv blogging, I hope I manage to get everything covered.

This week sees Jenna and Toby back from elimination, the lovely Alan and sourpuss Kate have departed. Huddled in the master bedroom, there’s a fair amount of excitement to see who’s coming back. Nearly everyone is hoping to see the return of Jenna and Toby, except Kimberly. She wants Alan and Kate back because Alan needs to be in the house more than Toby but you can’t help sense that there’s more to it than that. It’s not quite catfight material but there’s the merest hint of the possibility. Hey, anything that might possibly add to the drama. When the door opens and Jenna walks in, amongst all of the smiles and hugs, Kimberly looks as if she’s had to swallow something unpleasant.

Corin is nervous about the challenges. When the beauties are confronted by a pink female gender sign, they’re confused. Hadassah thinks it’s an egyptian symbol, flight attendant Jenna thought it was the male symbol…obviously for the metrosexual given the pink colour. Like RR, I’d think twice before flying on this beauty’s plane. The rocket next to it indicates the challenge…the beauties have to swat astronomy, build and launch a rocket.

Hadassah is confident. She knows a fair bit about astronomy, especially all the star signs. Kimberly’s less confident – she thinks a bunsen burner might come into the challenge somewhere but, how, she’s not sure. Xenogene is literally over the moon – astronomically thinking females, a geek’s dream.

The geek part of the challenge is learning how to behave on a date. For Xenogene, it’s a bit scary. Like several geeks. he’s never been on a date. Jeremy, however, isn’t floored, he’s starting to think about women want.

Tutoring the beauties throws up some challenges. Hadassah doesn’t know what a diameter is and, what’s more, she surprises Nathan by telling him that the moon landing was made up. Kimberly’s feeling pretty resistant to studying, she’s still fretting over Jenna being back in the house and appears to have basically thrown in the towel. Corin (who’s still here despite being outed as a non-geek) tries a practical approach, setting up a ‘moon surface’ outside. Lisa is less than impressed with his moon walk. He may be no Michael Jackson but does he really look as if he wants to go to the toilet? And Lance Armstrong? The cyclist who beat cancer and returned to the Tour De France – did you know he also walked on the moon? Funny that, me neither. So grateful to Lisa for that little gem. Meanwhile, Kimberly’s still wasting her energy on worrying about Jenna.

At the rocket assembly, Hadassah is all fired up. She knows a thing or two about building things. Bernie races through the instructions like the proverbial rocket and the beauties are set loose. I can’t help thinking it’s all a little phallic as the beauties grasp the shaft and accidentally launch a few premature detonations. Rocket ‘fuel’ sprays everywhere and takes out quite a few victims. After a couple of near misses, with Hadassah and Jenna neck and neck, Jenna pulls it off with a successful launch, much to Kimberly’s misery. She’s certain her days are numbered and, with Jenna in the driving seat, she might be right. Mind you, Jenna was so excited, the geeks nearly got a gratuitous topless moment when she almost bust out of her top.

Moving on to the geek challenge and it’s time to coach the geeks in Dating101. Except for Kimberly. She’s still obsessing over Jenna’s power to eliminate her. Distressed, she spills how mean she used to be to people and how Beauty and the Geek has changed her life around. An Oprah moment, wonderful. Xenogene has been prepped for conversation, with Star Trek firmly off the list of allowable topics, and also warned not to be a creep. Had a brief Amazing Race moment there as he tried to emulate Phil’s eyebrow. Hmm. That’s why he’s a geek and Phil is, well, Phil. Elise role plays conversation with Paul, all the while fixing his monobrow. Let’s face it. The Frieda Kahlo look does nobody any favours. Michelle briefs Peter there should be no touching the girl on a first date but does set him up with a few pickup lines.

And the dates begin. Does anyone else think Bernard is channelling George Michael?

Unknown to the geeks, the beauties are watching the action. Xenogene gets off to a good start with a loud burp to camera which has the beauties in hysterics. The geeks are shocked when they find out they’re speed dating. Toby thinks this means one of two things – that the women must be desperate or too busy to date properly. There’s a couple of hits – Xenogene manages to hook up with a woman who’s also into Star Trek, sharing some kind of Trekkie secret hand signal, Toby manages decent conversation and cleverly sidesteps a trick question by his date about who is prettier her or his beauty. There’s an awful lot of misses – Paul’s mangled eyebrows are commented on, there’s a plethora of ‘umms’ and ‘ahhs’, Corin asks his date if she would like a pea, one date is freaked out when she finds out her geek date used to be a clown (clown phobia). Quite disastrous but the winner turns out to be Xenogene which surprises everyone, not least Xenogene.

When it comes to thinking of who to put up for elimination, Jenna thinks strategically, Toby prefers a roll of the dice. Jenna is out for Kimberly though and gets her way. Xenogene and Hadassah chose to take out the people they think need to stay least – Paul and Elise. Kimberly takes it quite badly and makes it known that she thinks it’s personal.

In the elimination room, the beauties face astronomy questions. Despite Kimberly having been coached on the what the acronym NASA stands for, she still gets it wrong. In fact, she wasn’t sure what the question meant initially. Elisa gets asked for the planet that represents the Greek deity of the sky. Venus is incorrect and when Bernard corrects her with Uranus, she dissolves into the predictable giggles.  Kimberly fairs no better when she tells Bernard that the earth takes 28 days, not one, to rotate on its axis. Elise redeems herself by remembering that Buzz Aldrin was the second man to walk on the moon.

Out come the geeks for dating questions with a one point advantage to Elise and Paul. Nathan thinks the thing you should never do if you fart on a date is blame the other person. Bernard seems to think this would be okay and tells Nathan he should never laugh. When Paul guesses correctly that the 17th century fictional womaniser is Don Juan, it’s all over.

Bye bye Kimberly and Nathan. A heartfelt goodbye, ‘friends forever’ and sadly no catfight. Rats.


1 Kyvyny { 10.23.09 at 2:41 am }

Twern’t no secret hand gesture but the Vulcan salute. Xenogene is all Sex. Nathan really did look like he thought of himself as some playa after the speed dates.

Elise kind of looks like Mila Kunis while Jenna kind of looks like, still not sure, but those eyes aren’t helping since they are distracting. Though, not as distracted as Toby was when she was jumping up and down.

It was definitely a phallic challenge for the beauties.

2 Reality Raver { 10.23.09 at 9:02 am }

Great recap – thanks for doing it I cannot wait to actually watch the show tonight.

3 Wurstsemmel { 10.23.09 at 1:59 pm }

No problem, RR. Sorry for all the typos/misspellings – but I was typing it up at midnight and the brain was a little less than alert!

4 Reality Raver { 10.23.09 at 4:30 pm }

I hope you are not to tired to today. Gosh have you seen some of my grammar at times????

5 Leon { 10.23.09 at 9:21 pm }

Just like the USA’s version, i am deeply flabbergasted as to why Asian geeks are always unfailing favourites to be picked for elimination.
This is really discriminatory, to say the least.

Fortunately, this is the first time, an Asian geek survived the Elimination Round, as in this Australian version of the reality tv show.

However, i wouldn’t be at all surprised, if Paul and his partner, Elise, are chosen again for the next elimination.

6 charades { 10.23.09 at 11:19 pm }

I seem to have a bit of a problem with jenna.
I cannot bring myself to like her. :(

7 sourkraut { 10.24.09 at 12:51 pm }


The recorder started an hour early so i got to see this. OMG I think I’m a GEEK, in fact Mrs K says she knows it. Never mind, I enjoyed Hardarsa’s semi display of the twins, but as she selfishly never bent over the box of kleenex remained virginal.

Anyway i got even with Mrs k later in the show when I guffawed loudly excessively extensively (GLEE?) when Toby made the statement that “all women are insane and he will never understand them” Oh am i ever doomed on this site now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Some of the beauties seem vaguely human, however we will see how long it lasts. Some of the geeks were indeed excruciating on the speed dating. I was thinking that I could have texted them some of the excellent Australian balladeer/songwriter Kevin B@#$Y Wilson’s lines from one of his sensitive songs about first dates and how to save time by coming direct to the point, but perhaps that may have been seen as cheating by the CB fans.

Well now that I am no longer allowed to spew forth my evil bile, i find it difficult to comment.

However CONGRATULATIONS to Wurstsemmel for an excellent summary. Well done!

8 Leon { 10.29.09 at 11:42 pm }

To RR and fellow surfers

You see, i was right. i predicted that Paul and Elise would once again be nominated for elimination. This time, the couple failed to stay on and were thus eliminated. Nominating Asian geeks consecutive elimination is a racist attitude and racial discrimination!!!

9 Leon { 10.29.09 at 11:43 pm }

To RR and fellow surfers

You see, i was right. i predicted that Paul and Elise would once again be nominated for elimination. This time, the couple failed to stay on and were thus eliminated. Nominating Asian geeks for consecutive elimination is a racist attitude and racial discrimination!!!

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