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My Kitchen Rules And The Winner Is…..

The My Kitchen Rules finale was like the rest of the season of the high rating show….too long. It was a relief when it ended. In the network’s bid to win ratings, which they have, they have also tested the viewers patience. The finale went over for two and a half hours as Steve and Will and Jac and Shaz cooked a five course meal. It was the Titanic in a TV show. What will be next year as a finale a 10 course degustation? Just so they can have a four hour televised extravaganza?

Will and Steve were worthy winners of the $250,000 with a sophisticated menu showcasing a variety of techniques. Jac and Shaz menu was also a step up from their high quality home cooking but at times some of their dishes sounded like they were from the Woman’s Weekly Dinner Party Cookbook.

Though apparently Jac and Shaz were none to happy that there were two endings filmed as they thought they had won.

It was a five courses but before the cooking started the family and friends arrived and it was pretty teary when Steve’s parents from the UK arrived.

For first course Steve and Will cooked Cured King Fish with Yellow Curry. It was going smoothly until Steve realised he had left the skin on one of the fillets. However all was good in the end. A smear of yellow curry was painted onto a tile and the fish was plated on top.  Colin praised the dish and thought it livens the palate.

Jac and Shaz plated up Prawns, Avocado and Pink Grapefruit, which sounded a bit ’70’s but the judges loved it. Well allegedly as I thought at a couple of their dishes they were faking it. They said the Prawns cooked beautifully and Guy said it was a cracker of dish.

For second course Steve and Will made Quail with Corn Puree and Jus and Jac and Shaz were making Lamb and Feta. Steve managed to slice his finger, the first time in the competition apparently and Will had to rush over and plate up for him. The plating up was criticised, as the judges said it looked rushed but Liz thought the puree was lovely and the quail is cooked perfectly.

Colin thought the cheese took over the girl’s lamb dish but Pete thought everything on the plate worked.

For third course Steve managed to give himself a vegetable facial when he took the blender lid off whilst his finger was on the button when he was making the Jerusalem Artichoke. For their third course they were making Red Mullet with Jerusalem Artichoke Puree and it was enthusiastically received by the judges.

Well it was better received then Jac and Shaz’s Salmon and Avocado dish. Yes the salmon was cooked well but as Guy said “Avocado again?”

In the fourth course the boys really got adventurous. They are sous voiding watermelon and then they are pan frying it to serve with their confit of duck and beetroot. Karen loved the flavours but Guy thought his duck was undercooked.

Jac and Shaz were made Beef Cheeks with Port and Celeriac Puree and Karen said it was full of flavour though Manu said he would prefer to have had a whole beef cheek rather then it shredded.

Then it was finally dessert and Jac and Shaz  made Red Velvet with Chocolate Ganache and Raspberries. Karen said it was a whirlwind on the palate. Manu said it was a professional dessert.

The boys did an upmarket Peaches and Cream, which was cooked peaches with a creme fraiche semi freddo and biscuits with fennel it them. Well there was almost no fennel as Will forgot to put them in at first but he realised and rectified it.

Liz’s face lit up when she tasted the dessert saying it was amazing and she praised the fennel flavour. Pete said it was a great dessert.

At this stage it was obvious who was going to win.

The scores were:

Jac and Shaz – Karen 8, Guy 9, Liz 8, Colin 8, Manu 8 and Pete 9.

Pete 8, Colin 8, Karen 9, Guy 9, Liz 9, and Manu a 9.

Will and Steve won with a combined score of 52 / 60. Will’s face was just priceless. Jac did not look happy but then it must be disappointing.

Howver every one was a winner as all the teams won a cruise with Royal Carribean and would even get to dine at the Captain’s table.



May 5, 2015   66 Comments

My Kitchen Rules – Ash And Camilla Do French

The normally unflappable Ash and Camilla were looking under stress in the kitchen at their instant restaurant as they tried to win a spot into the semi finals. Though even them losing their cool a bit is not quite as bad as Kat and Andre were.  But it was the first time I had seen Ash unravel and look unsure of herself .

First they thought they had left the lemons at the markets and then the timer did not go off for the lobsters but both of those mistakes were rectified.

Their menu was strictly French well except for the dessert with the french name. No that is a trick to try at home to make something sound more fancy.

The entrees were Asparagus Salad With 65 degree Egg and Scallop Mousse with Lobster Sauce. Mains were Coq Au Vin with Pasta and Ravioli with three cheeses and Game Consommé and dessert was Three Milk Cake with Lemon Sorbet and Mille Fieulle.

Pete said the Asparagus Salad with the Egg was a little bit disjointed but was very good. Manu however thought the scallop mousse was full of flavour and he said it was a generous portion of lobster.

However Manu was not quite so enamoured by his main of Coq Au Vin with Pasta as he said they used the wrong cut of chicken. They used the breast instead of the leg, so it was dry. I thought in Coq Au Vin you used the whole chicken.  Pete also told Ash and Camilla that the Consommé lacked the game taste and most of the other teams would have preferred a different sauce with it.

However Pete did think his dessert, the Three Milk Cake, was sensational but he did not think the lemon sorbet went with the dish. Manu had the Mille Fieulle. He liked the home made puff pastry.

They then convened to kitchen headquarters

It was time for the scoring where Drasko and Bianca low balled them as the teams scored them a total of 20 out of 40 which did not reflect the technique or flavours they did achieve. The producers really need to do something about the scoring because if this low score by Bianca and Drasko had meant Ash and Camilla had been eliminated it would have been very unfair indeed.

Manu scored the entree a nine, the main a five, and dessert a nine.

Pete scored the entree a seven, the main a six, and dessert a six.

It was a grand total score of 62, Drasko and Bianca are gone and the semi-finals begin before the big finale on Monday May 4 at 7.30pm.

The first semi final is Ash and Camilla against Will and Steve.

The scores by the teams from the website:

Drasko and Bianca – 3

Will and Steve – 5

Jac and Shaz – 6

Eva and Debra – 6


April 28, 2015   292 Comments

My Kitchen Rules – Jac and Shaz Cook

Before we talk about the cooking can we talk about Jac’s smoking hot legs. Tonight they were in a skort and they looked fabulous.

She was keeping cool as the contestants sweated it out in Mt Isa. It was Jac and Shaz’s turn to cook in their final instant restaurant and they barely worked up a sweat the most dramatic thing that occurred was when Jac knocked the coulis onto the floor.

Their menu was not the most sophisticated the show has seen but there was some solid technique in there.

For entree they served up Fried Squid with Chilli Jam and Prawn and Leek Tart. Main was Macadamia encrusted Barramundi with Orange and Beetroot Salad and a Chicken and Walnut Roulade with Sweet Potato. Dessert was Cherry Short Stack and Poached Pears With Cinnamon Ice Cream.

Manu had the Prawn and Leek Tart he said the pastry was fantastic and the prawns were cooked perfectly. he thought they should have cooked the leeks a lot slower to make them sweeter. Pete also liked the Squid he said it was not flash but they knew what people liked.

Pete thought with the barra they had stepped it up a notch. He called it a solid dish. Manu had the roulade and he liked the plating and said he was happily surprised by the dish.

Manu said the pear was poached perfectly but he criticised the lack of flavour. Pete was underwhelmed with his Cherry Stack as well saying it was just two bits of shortbread  and he thought  cherries  were going to be the star of the dish.

The scores were:

  • Ash and Camilla – 6
  • Bianca and Drasko – 6
  • Eva and Debra – 6
  • Will and Steve – 6

For a total of 24/40.

Manu scored the entree a 7, the main a 9, and a five for dessert.

Pete scored the entree a 8, the main a 8, and a four for dessert.

They received a grand total of 65 points which put them second on the leaderboard behind Will and Steve.

April 26, 2015   110 Comments

My Kitchen Rules – Steve And Will Cook And Hit It Out Of The Ball Park

Will and Steve were the latest team to cook in their instant restaurant and Will was working up a sweat and this was even after they had found the pigeon for their entree. One thing I like about these boys is that they are pretty unflappable and they just keep on going even when there are a few disasters occurring in the kitchen.

It is is interesting that Steve is built up as the team’s sex symbol but maybe I am showing my age but I find Will’s patter and personality far more attractive.

The boys were focused and had put together a sophisticated pub menu. However due to starting their prep time late and curdling the first of their creme anglais which had taken an hour out of prep time it all looked like it was going slightly pear-shaped and they did take a long time to get the entree out.

Bianca who appeared to be a tad delusional about the time her and Drasko took to get their food out was whining about it. Of course there was some skill full editing to make it look like all the teams at the table were peeved at her.

The boys or should I say lads managed to get the entree out and they looked amazing.

For entree they made Pigeon Salad Pete said it was the most beautiful dish he had ever seen on My Kitchen Rules. The only thing he suggested was making the skin crispier on the pigeon.

The other entree was Moreton Bay Bugs with Celeriac Remoulade and Seafood Bisque which Manu ordered and he loved the dish.

Bianca and Drasko tried to pick the flaws in the dish and appeared to be unaware of the death stares they were receiving from the other teams. The judges just looked at them bemused.

Their mains looked amazing.

Manu had  Lamb Backstrap with Pumpkin Hommous. He  said it was bloody good and the lamb was cooked to perfection. He thought the pumpkin hommous was inspired but I think you can buy that in the supermarket so not exactly original but still very yummy.

Pete had the Pork Belly with the Apple and Colcannon and he said” it is something that I dream of”. And for once his words lived up to his actions he ate just about all of it. He  then said “this is perfection”.

As Ash said the crunching of the crackling was like the sound of Bianca heart breaking. But Bianca did say her lamb was perfect.

For dessert they made Almond Honeycomb Chocolate Bar Pete said it was a hat trick and he loved it even though the honeycomb did not work out.

Manu ate the Apple Tart with Rum Raisin Ice Cream and Butterscotch Sauce and he was underwhelmed. He thought the ice cream was missing the kick of rum and the apples were a little undercooked and their worst sin was leaving the silver bottom of the tart tin on the plate.

The scores were:

  • Ash and Camilla – 7
  • Bianca and Drasko – 7
  • Eva and Debra – 7
  • Jac and Shaz – 7

Which is a 28/40.

Manu scored a 9 for entree, a 10 main, and a 4 for dessert.

Pete scored a 9 for entree, a 10 for main, and a 9 for dessert.

In total they scored 79 which rockets them to the top of the leaderboard and next they are off to Mt Isa.

April 23, 2015   118 Comments

My Kitchen Rules – Eva And Debra Cook Up An Asian Banquet

As the season of MKR goes on and on it is Eva and Debra’s turn to cook. They probably felt confident after the measly 51 points Bianca and Drasko received in the previous episode.

Their restaurant was called Spice Market and it was Asian food. Eva and Deb had to offer up two dishes for each course with each team having to select one of them.

Grilled Scampi with Sambal Beans, Pete thought it was “bloody delicious”. Chinese Braised Beef Ribs, Manu loved it. Steve thought there was a lot of heat in the scampi and Camilla thought the samba overpowered the scampi.

For main they made red duck curry with lychees  and Steamed Barramundi. The girls were deluding themselves that they thought their thick pieces of fish would completely finish cooking out of the steamer.

Pete loved the duck and he said they made a mean curry and it was phenomenal. However he said he would have preferred if they had used a leg an cooked it long enough to fall off the bone.

Manu had the steamed barramundi and he said he could not fault it except the fish was undercooked. I would have thought this was a big issue considering it was the main component of the dish.

Their dessert was Singapore Sugee Cake with Orange Ice Cream and the other one was Pandan Ice Cream with Coconut Jelly and Kaffir Lime Syrup. There was problems with the consistency of the Pandan Ice Cream so instead of serving on the side they put it in with the coconut jelly. Pete said he liked the flavour but

Manu thought the Sugee Cake was a bit dry compared to his mother-in-laws version.

Then it was time for scoring:

  • Shaz and Jac scored a 6
  • Ash and Camilla a 6
  • Steve and Will a 6
  • Drasko and Bianca a 5

A total of 23.

Pete scored the entree a 7, main a 9 and for dessert a 4.

Manu scored the entree a 9, main a 6 and for dessert a 5.

Their total was 63 so Bianca and Drasko are still at the bottom of the scoreboard.


April 21, 2015   118 Comments