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Australian Idol – Big Band Night – The Top Seven

Kim Cooper gets my Rexona performance of the night when she put Australian Idol judge Jay Dee Springbett well and truly back in his place after he was quite insulting towards her. But more on that later.

Firstly I just should point out that I know they get all gushy over Big Band night on Idol, but I absolutely hate it. Year after year I sit through bad performance, after bad performance. And it is not even amusing bad performances like Disco night (yes I am looking at you Damien Leith). This whole genre is irrelevant for every Idol contestant except for Carl Risley.

Anyway Harry Connick Jr was the special guest judge tonight, and I had gotten myself confused earlier and thought he was going to be the mentor as well, but this role was handed to jazz musician James Morrison, who did a fine job.

Harry really did not add very much to the judging panel. His comments were just generic nice guy ones. He did not add much on technique or performance. But then again he is probably a bit scared being on panels on Australian TV shows. I also thought Dicko’s Hey Hey comment was completely out of context, and felt like he had been waiting all night to make some sort of crack about it. Dickothe joke is not on Harry it is on us. However Harry Connick’s profile in the US is probably now at an all time high.

Oh a highlight in a dull evening Scott Newnham was eliminated. My crystal ball predicts the last time we see him sing in public will be the finale night. He will attempt to get a band together but it will never eventuate. Hey at least he will have some interesting stories to tell his kids.

Kate Cook – Hit The Road Jack – Ray Charles

 A song that she would have connected to the lyrics to as she dumped her girlfriend over the past few weeks. Again a country twang to the arrangement. Toby Moulton gets criticised a few weeks ago for picking the same type of songs, but Kate can add a few twangs to any  song and it is fine.

Dicko thought it was great, I thought it was forgettable. She could go bottom three next week as the opening spot is proving lethal, which may mean people still are not used to voting during the show.

“If Dolly Parton and Frank Sinatra had a love child you would be it,” said Jaydee Springbett.

Stan Walker – Single Ladies – Beyonce

Stan dedicated his performance to his good mate Scott, but then he got straight into giving a really confident performance. It was a clever song choice and he delivered, he will be safe for another week.

Harry Connick Jr thought it was awesome and liked his version more than the original.

Dicko said ” I love your vision.”

Kim Cooper – The Man I love – George Gershwin

Sorry Kim I really like you but I found this really boring. Ok I have to confess I fast forwarded the second half of the song.

Though I must confess I think I might give her a vote for bitch slapping Jay Dee for asking whether she wanted to be a celebrity or an artist. She shot it right back at him when she said she wanted to be an artist and that was why she was working so hard each week. Also she pointed there were 200 other ways she could become a celebrity. He then got petulant and said “I heard you only turned up to the auditions to support a friend,” and she spat back “I have always wanted to be an artist but was wondering whether Idol was the avenue to do it.” Oh and yes that put Jay Dee well and truly in his place. Kim – 1, Jay Dee – 0.

Oh just the one time you want Marcia to be kind to an obviously shaken Kim she lays the boot in.

James Johnston – Fever

Great song choice, nice but a bit underwhelming performance, and the judges loved it.

Hayley Warner – Tainted Love – Soft Cell

I have heard this song one million times, so really did not hear it one more time. Hayley is currently flavour of the month on Idol. They are obviously angling for a Stan and Hayley top two.

I agree with Dicko when he said he did not like it that much. But thanks Dicko for interpreting the lyrics for me.

Harry thought she looked desperate and betrayed and Dicko said she was grinning all the way through. Oh and Dicko was right. Did anyone else get the feeling that Harry Connick Jr did not want to be there? I mean he could have shaved.

Nathan Brake – It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing – Duke Ellington

Thank you Nathan, someone who actually had the chops (to use Marcia Hines term) to sing a big band song. Why didn’t they just let him sing seven songs and put the audience out of our misery. Most entertaining performance of the night.

Toby Moulton – My Way – Frank Sinatra

Oh god it was like I was stuck in a elevator and the musak was being pumped through. Seriously James Morrison should never allowed him to do such a fucking dull and tedious rendition of this all time classic .  Only interesting thing was watching his veins pop and face go red. Simon Cowell would not have even given it the insult of being “cruise ship” or “hotel lounge” singing.  He was also over annunciating the words.

“Sometimes your performance is a bit gray…. but tonight you pulled it through,” said Jay Dee Springbett.

“You sung it like an introverted teacher…… I thought it was beautiful,” said Dicko.

“Such a humble sophisticated…that’s who you are,” said Marcia.

Clearly I am living in a parallel universe. Dicko thinks Toby has a singing career post Idol, I don’t.

Bottom three predictions: Kim Cooper, Kate Cook and James Johnston

“Vocally it was a bit dreary and a bit one dimensional,” said Dicko


1 Anonymous { 10.11.09 at 10:41 pm }

Kim backchats to the judges more than Sabrina ever did, she never takes negative criticism well at all, yet Sabrina was roasted for merely bantering with the judges and talking too much. Kim’s attitude was crappy even before the judges comments.

And I think the way she treated James Morrison was twenty times more offensive than anything JD said to her (I think what he said was valid, btw. She does not strike me as an artist – her voice is contrived and she tries to mirror her idols of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry rather than create a sound of her own. If she is working hard then it’s not really showing imo. Her singing is consistently pitchy and lacks musicality).

I hope she leaves. 😀

But YAY for Scott’s elimination. Finally!

2 kim at allconsuming { 10.11.09 at 10:44 pm }

The whole series this year is snore snore snore.

I haven’t watched it at all because whenever I do I get about half way through the first song, or half way through the predictable and uninspired judges’ comments and want to stick pins in my ears.

So disappointing.

And whatever you think of Kyle Sandilands and his recent shock jock antics, he certainly did bring life to what is a tired and predictable show.

Well, will you listen to me all opinion and huff this evening.

3 Reality Raver { 10.11.09 at 10:59 pm }

Kim at allconsuming – christ struggled with tonight’s episode.

Anon – I thought Jay Dee was extremely disparaging towards Kim, and I thought she was extremely articulate back. I don’t think she thinks she has the strongest voice, and she doesn’t but hell that does not stop many a person putting out a record. For example and I know I always use this one alot but Kylie Minogue. Actually Madonna voice is not the the strongest in the business either.
Also I love the way they trot out the line that Australian Idol is about discovering artists. What does that mean? Is it different from discovering a performer, an entertainer, or a singer?

By the way this is not meant to sound like I am snarking back at you. By the way Kim should have also said to Jay Dee – that last year’s American Idol winner David Cook only turned up at the Idol audition to support is brother and went on to win the show. Personally I think the motivation a person turns up with at the audition is irrelevant to judging their performances.

If that is his view, then what about when you take a job just for what you think is a short term whilst you look around for something else, then you decide you are staying and go for a promotion should you not get it, because your motivation at the time of starting at the company was not kosher? Does that make sense.

Look I don’t think Kim has a fabulous voice but I also don’t think she is the most unentertaining one there. There are a couple of untouchables like Kate and Stan. And then Kim is a bit of whipping board. Considering the two people the judges wildcarded in had pretty fucking weak voices and no charisma, I think their judgement is completely up their proverbial…

4 Anonymous { 10.11.09 at 11:20 pm }

Eh, I don’t know… I really didn’t think JD was that offensive at all. We barely even got to hear him finish what he was saying because she decided to spit the dummy and cut him off completely. If she wants to be an artist so badly, why doesn’t she actually develop her voice instead of deciding to fake it? Honestly, I think he’s always been spot-on with her throughout the entire competition. Her attitude has always been poor – I’ve noticed that she constantly talks back when anything negative is said, it’s not just tonight that I’ve had issues with her.

Bottom line? If someone else, like say Sabrina, had acted the way Kim did tonight, people would be burning her at the stake.

When you have a world-class musician like James Morrison saying that your attitude is shit, then you know you have a problem and you should actually face it rather than be a rude, self-entitled, whinging diva.

5 Reality Raver { 10.11.09 at 11:32 pm }

Anon – I wonder if she would have been put through to the top 24 if she had not been so attractive. I found Sabrina kind of disregarded any advice the judges gave her. Whereas I thought she was taking it on board. Is Kate Cook’s or Toby Moulton’s voice that much stronger than Kim? Maybe I just misinterpreted things the wrong way. He should ask every other Idol contestant on there whether they want to be an artist or a celeb. Scott Newnham would have said the latter for sure.

6 Reality Raver { 10.11.09 at 11:33 pm }

Anon – I could be standing by myself on this one. It will be interesting to read what other commenters think.

7 Anonymous { 10.11.09 at 11:52 pm }

Definitely agree about Scott! Personally, I think Toby’s voice is MILES ahead of Kim’s. I think Kate’s voice is marginally better than her, especially in terms of pitch and general control of breath, dynamics, musicality, soul. By the way, I don’t think you’re standing by yourself with it. Everywhere I’ve read people seem to be mostly divided. Me, I was firmly on James Morrison’s side before JD even opened his mouth.

8 Anonymous { 10.12.09 at 12:10 am }

lol, just heard from a friend who was at the taping that when Kim left the stage she said to one of the producers/behind-the-scenes staff: “fuck him, how dare he say that to me”. What a diva. Atrocious.

9 dmc { 10.12.09 at 7:38 am }

Kim’s voice is pretty poor. Even Marcia got in on it last night. JD’s comment was a bit out of line but I guess he was just bored each week of saying how crap her voice was. Her low notes were especially bad.
Very average this week. Stan was fine and Hayley was at least individual but Toby and Kate are pedestrian and Kim’s not up to it. Nathan and James were okay (in fact, considering their ages, they may have real futures) but it’s a lot to ask teenagers to handle this kind of material well. I actually found myself wishing Sabrina was still there last night to bash one out….

10 Anon { 10.12.09 at 8:41 am }

Kim comes across as a snobby bitch who doesn’t want to listen to anyone. James Morrison obviously thought so, he made a point of saying that on the video for the whole country to hear. Obviously JD doesn’t respect her either and he called her out on her bullshit. She shows up to support a friend, she wasn’t going to dane to audition for Australian Idol, she was gonna make it big on her own. And now that she’s been given the opportunity she can’t even show her appreciation by listening to the professionals who’ve been doing this for years. She would never get anywhere on her own because her voice is just not that great. Get rid of her. Her performance last night was shit. Go back to Townsville! And Harry can fuck off back to America!

11 Sooty { 10.12.09 at 10:47 am }

I think Kim showed her true colours last night.

And MAJOR pitch problems throughout the song.

Her voice is weak, she has zero timbre, she can’t sing in tune, she’s petulant and has an attitude problem unless she’s being larded with praise.

“How was I supposed to know that!’
‘How dare you suggest…’

JD was on the money calling her out – there are gracious ways to refute and stand up for yourself – (eg Toby’s example week after week) and for once hooray a judge mentioned the shocking pitch problems.

Toby has beautiful vocal control, and yes he blushes and is a bit awkward in his staging, but he can sing. He is also one of the few this year who doesn’t have many pitch problems.

Tim, James, Nathan could/can reliably sing in key. The rest – it depends on the night.

I wouldn’t say anyone else there has or had a weak voice – except Kim and Scott. But Scott could take criticism on it.

12 Steph { 10.12.09 at 11:49 am }

If Kim was offended by Jay Dee’s very honest question, I was extremely offended by her “Fake it til you make it” remark. I had time for her until last night. Very childish and very disrespectful. If there are 200 other ways to get famous, go do them. Don’t waste my time.

Meanwhile, Nathan was a star last night and Toby’s performance actually brought tears to my eyes.
I agree that they’re angling for Hayley and Stan to make it. I think they’re both very talented although Hayley gets extra marks for originality. :)

13 Anonymous { 10.12.09 at 3:24 pm }

And Harry can fuck off back to America!

A little off topic…

I really don’t get why HCJ is copping so much crap over his reaction to the Hey Hey blackface incident. You’re right, RR, the joke is on Australians. Talk about a cultural cringe…no wonder the rest of the world thinks Australia’s about 30 years behind the times. Hey Hey is a crappy, appeal to the lowest common denominator show and this episode just proves it.

Back to Idol…also disappointed HCJ didn’t have more to add. Token big name that’s all.

And the Tainted Love version? Bleurgh. Why am I still watching this show?

14 Anonymous { 10.12.09 at 4:18 pm }

I flicked on after elimination last night, and even after seeing the voting lists and performances, couldn’t work out for the life of me who got eliminated. Shows how memorable Scott was.

I would have liked to have seen James doing some judging. He told it like it was in the mentor sessions, which was great, as I agreed with most of what he said.

15 Nick { 10.12.09 at 4:34 pm }

James was clearly the best of the night vocally, even if his actual performance wasnt that exciting. Nathan’s ‘du-waping’ was overdone and downright annoying, completely ruined the song, he was nowhere near as good as some ppl are raving. Toby was boring as bat sh** as usual, Kim wasnt as bad as people are saying (and her comments back to JD were fine by me), Stan was cringeworthy, Hayley performed well considering how far out of her comfort zone she was (and she was the only one to really ENTERTAIN as always), Kate was only ok – think its time for her to go. Bottom line is, anyone other than Stan and Hayley making the top 2 would be a farce.

16 Reality Raver { 10.13.09 at 12:20 am }

I would guess that the chances of Kim being eliminated this week are very high.

17 TDK { 10.13.09 at 3:35 pm }

I missed Stan’s performance to judge, although he’s my favourite and only reason why I’m still continuing watching the show.
Agreed on Nathan’s “du-waping” being annoying.

18 Anon { 10.14.09 at 5:32 pm }

Harry Connick Jnr was on the show and the drama he caused after Hey Hey was brought up by Dicko and it was mentioned in this blog. So how is talking about him off topic??

19 Anon { 10.16.09 at 1:25 am }

There is no way Kim Should leave she is da best outta da rest & da best lookin one…she was great wen she sang family portrait…honestly there is abosoluty no way dat she is or she should leave… cus its rly unfair 4 da girls…all da girls were gettin eliminated rly easily…twasnt fair…Kim Should atleast got up 2 da top 5. they shud balance da girls & guys 4 da top 6 atleast…it’ll be quite a record 2 c a fair amount of girls & guys…My Next person who shud get out is Toby…But Nathan would probably go home

My Top 7
01. Stan
02. Kim
03. Hayley
04. James
05. Kate
06. Toby
07. Nathan

08. Scott
09. Tim
10. Sabrina
11. Casey
12. Ashleigh

20 Anonymous { 10.25.09 at 8:15 am }