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Australian Idol – Toby Falls On His Sword

Cosima De Vito must be feeling ripped off tonight when she saw Toby Moulton’s exit speech, it was longer than Dame Nellie Melba’s farewell tour.Cosima only got a two minute speech before she was hastily shuffled off stage.

I found Toby’s speech quite sanctimonious like he was taking a bullet for the team so the rest could survive. And AGAIN he played the teacher card. Did he withdraw now because he actually thought he was going to win?

In the past couple of weeks Toby declared that Idol was the place for him  to be, and that God felt he should be there, and he had also left the house where he had been living. So why the sudden change of heart? Anway if you missed the speech a excerpt of it is which gives some of his reasons.

I get the feeling he may think he has a future in politics so wanted to go out on the higher moral ground.

Anyway apart from Toby here are my thoughts on tonight’s episode:

  • Good Charlotte were good mentors as at least they were relevant to their age, but as judges they were very positive, but more so to Hayley and Stan;
  • Marcia who was botoxed and wearing plaits had some temerity to tell James Johnston to act his age.
  • Also Marcia seemed very hostile towards Jay Dee Springbett tonight, something I noticed last week as well, is this stemming from the Jay Dee and Dicko feud, where Jay Dee sent Dicko a lawyers letter for saying on air he was a former A&R Sony executive.
  • I realised I must have spent most of 2000’s in a coma as just about the only song I recognised was the Miley Cyrus one. (I know how embarrassing).

Performances in summary:

Nathan Brake

Good Charlotte told Nathan to man up. Poor bugger he must be getting sick of giving the I am not gay speech. They also said he was perfect for musical theatre. You could tell they were a bit dubious about his pop/rock credentials.

Both of the songs that he sang tonight were good but unmemorable, I think he will make top three but that will be it.

James Johnston

Lucky for James that Toby fell on his sword as he would have been the one to be eliminated. His Rob Thomas song was much better than the first. However his life in Idol must be coming to an end soon. There was no irony in Marcia Hines when she told him to act his age which was a bit pot calling kettle black.

Stan Walker

I definitely am uncool, I missed and original and a remix of the Mario song. I think when Dicko said the moment of the night came from Stan singing the Miley song, just about said it all about how bad tonight’s episode was.

Hayley Warner

I am starting to find Hayley’s performances a little one dimensional, how she roams the stange and uses her hands. I think she is one of the few in this season who will make a career from the show.

However the judges loved her last song in particular.

Tonight was very very dull, apart from Toby leaving, but that went on for so long that became dull. Anyway bottom three will be James, Nathan, and Hayley.


1 kenobi { 11.02.09 at 5:46 am }

I know he wasn’t too popular on this site but Toby could potentially have won; he was the only contestant who hadn’t been in the bottom 3, prior to tonight. Probably made the right call though, and thought he spoke very eloquently about it. Regarding the difference between Toby and Cosima, from memory they copped some criticism for the way Cosima’s exit was handled so maybe they set out to do it differently this time around.

The rest of the episode was indeed quite boring.

2 TDK { 11.02.09 at 9:11 am }

Stan all the way.
James, a pain to watch.
Hayley with her scary right hand gesture.
Nathan, I cringe everytime I see him. Noticed he intentionally left the front bit of hair sticking out of the beanie in the first song. Bad image, very bad.

3 Bruiser Brody { 11.02.09 at 12:20 pm }

Can’t believe I missed the best part!!! Toby’s Warbling Jaw has shat me since day one – quite the artform to Tobify every song so it sounded like a weak theatre performance – never deserved to be there

No wonder no-one’s watching – who’s got a spare 14 hours on a Sunday nite?? Coz I gotta tell ya I cannot believe they ever thought “whats better than 3 useless vapid Judges comments”¦ I know, hows about 5!!! Plus some snide Andrew G, we got ourselves a Telethon!!”

JD trying to be a villain – Marcia on superhypersensitivity alert when she chastised him for using the phrase “Planet of the Apes” (and he’s talking to fn Hayley moran!)

the songs also went for too long – left everyone exposed, except for Stan of course -FTW!

4 Culinary Boner { 11.02.09 at 1:02 pm }

“Australian Idol – Toby Falls On Her Sword by Reality Raver”.
I know that Toby could be classified as a pussy, but do you have inside info Raver that he has a pussy?

5 dmc { 11.02.09 at 3:52 pm }

As soon as I saw those clips at the KFC concert with all those young kids and Toby looking completely out of place and uncomfortable I completely understood his decision. I think that if they allow 30 year olds in the competition which is clearly aimed at and judged by a younger crowd they are going to have the odd one who is not into it.

6 Reality Raver { 11.02.09 at 8:21 pm }

culinary boner – oops typo, his female fans don’t have to panic he is all man.

TDK – To be honest I am not inspired by any of them.

Bruiser Brody – LOL –

Kenobi – maybe the producers let him quit because they thought he was going to win.

DMC – damn I forwarded through the concert

7 Steph { 11.04.09 at 10:47 am }

To be honest, I’m not all that impressed by Stan *dodges bullets*
I think he’s a great singer (although his low register is truly AWFUL) but his voice is just nothing new or special for me. He actually sounds like Guy Sebastian – but not as good.
I liked Toby. I know he wasn’t the best singer in the comp but at least he sang what he wanted to sing and not what was “Popular” because you know what? Most of what is popular is absolute crap.
Now that he’s gone, no reason to watch really. Unless I want to hear more Pink (ugh) or Miley Cirus (blech)… um, sorry, no.