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Australian Idol – Hayley Warner and Stan Walker Are The Final Two

A rumour is on popular forum Behind Big Brother which says that Australian Idol is getting the axe next year, and about five minutes in I started hoping the rumour was true. My enthusiasm for the show has diminished this season. (Actually it must have put me in such a catatonic state last night I forgot to press the publish button.)

Now I cannot deny that both Stan Walker and Hayley Warner are very talented singers, but with all the filler at the beginning of the show, by the time the contestants actually get to sing (and I am not talking about the group routine) I am really irritated.

By this stage I am in no mood to hear them sing. As they say in the theatre my fourth wall is up and barricaded that they have no hope of breaking through.

In fact I think the two big problems for Australian Idol this year is the format, and the chemistry between the judges. I don’t think the talent is any lower then previous seasons. Yes there was some duds but there are each year, and when you think about it each season only gives the viewer four or five standout performers.

Some thoughts on tonight’s episode:

  • I thought it was great Stan talked about how he was abused. I should add it was not great that he was, but really he has nothing to be ashamed of and if more people spoke about it more kids may see help. And if one kid tonight who was watching decides to speak out that would be such a positive thing;
  • I wonder if Stan’s parent’s in the audience cringe when all these stories come up about the dysfunction in their family, they should be;
  • This is where I don’t understand why Stan wants seven kids does he want to bring them up in the same poverty stricken circumstances as he did;
  • Regardless of whether Stan wins or not he has definitely fast tracked his career by going on Idol with a lot of the overseas mentors saying they would put him in touch with “people”.
  • I did not get the Marcia Hines and Michael Buble “walkout” after Stan’s first song I presume they meant they may as well go home as he has won the competition;
  • All the judges did the traditional final 2 show comments, where they were positive about everything;
  • It certainly seemed they were pimping for Stan to win;
  • I thought Hayley doing the Stevie Wonder the classic For Once In My Life song was a bit outside the box;
  • Both of their singles were ok on first hearing not great but not shocking either.

Out of interest I am wondering if anyone is actually going to bother to vote, are you?

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1 TDK { 11.16.09 at 11:07 am }

Stan all the way.

2 TDK { 11.16.09 at 11:07 am }

Indeed, both singles are average, quite disappointed by that.

3 Tammie { 11.16.09 at 2:51 pm }

STAN is amazing!!!!!!!

4 Jack { 11.16.09 at 2:52 pm }

go Stan

5 charades { 11.16.09 at 3:49 pm }

No voting here.

6 dmc { 11.16.09 at 5:48 pm }

Ridiculous. Two hours is way too long. The judging is sycophantic and emasculated. The talent is variable. The format is stale. Even the guest mentors couldn’t add much. Sad to see a potentially fine show knobbled at the knees.

7 Reality Raver { 11.16.09 at 9:10 pm }

I have got to be honest I may not watch the final.

8 HayleyFan777 { 11.16.09 at 9:17 pm }


9 Chuck { 11.17.09 at 8:50 am }

Personally i don’t get the stan-love…too preachy for my tastes and his low register is atrocious

10 TDK { 11.17.09 at 11:19 am }

RR – you put up with it all season and now not watch the final? You serious?

11 reality raver { 11.17.09 at 11:52 am }

TDK – This may sound strange but for year’s I have found the finale’s to be a bit tedious. Hours of guff before the five minutes where we find out the winner. Though if Ricki-Lee is singing I might watch that.

12 Shawn { 11.17.09 at 9:37 pm }

I only watch this cause it gets TiVod for mum, it’s really kinda pi$$ed me off the way everyone is talking about how Stan just has it in the bag. I feel sorry for Hayley, shes coming in as a way under dog. I noticed even JD mentioned in one of the Womens Day, New Idea, TV Week not sure which one but mum showed me saying how JD wants to work on Stans album.

I rekon the best thing for Stan is taht he loses, he could easily get signed up with someone OS and get a signing bonus. I don’t think he will see much money from Sony as it seems to be story of the year as the winner is going broke or something similar.

His single is shocking as well, atleast Hayleys really suits her.

Nothing against Stan, hes a great singer but I just don’t feel that he’s as amazing as everyone seems to think. I’m not sure what it is, and I hate to say this because I dont want to come off racist but I have trouble understanding alot of the words he says because of his accent, mainly when hes singing deeper / slower.

With that said thought I rekon put a CD out of STAN and it will sound great by the time it gets tweaked. Not that I would buy it or download it.

And on the topic of votes, have never voted in the past not going to start now. I wish Toby was still in it though and Nathan. I hope Nathan has a good career in theater, I saw Anthony Colblahblah(Can’t spell his last name and cbf goggling) in Wiked when I was in Melbourne and he was good.

13 kylie,catherine { 11.18.09 at 4:36 pm }

hi just wanted to let everyone know hay leydeserves to win the grand final of australian idol we didnt watch it the start of it but when we start watching hayley sing she has that special voice for a 17 year old she a fanastic singer and would make a great artist good luck to her on sunday against stan even if he is good singer too she is as just better managed forex trading</a company. Check them.

14 Dianne { 11.21.09 at 4:24 am }

Shawn! You can’t have an ear for a World winning voice. Stan Walker is just amazing, and has a very very BIG future. Hayley Warner, nice girl, but a very limited in Vocal. I simply don’t believe it would be a very long term career for her.