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Tiger’s Mistress Jamie Grubb Out Of Tool Academy In Episode 2

GO opportunistically started screening reality TV show Tool Academy last Sunday and promoted it by saying one of Tiger’s mistresses was going to be on the show. Tool Academy is a show where bad boyfriends (tools) go to be re-trained into good boyfriends. On couple is eliminated each episode.

Well Jamie we barely got to know you as she left midway in episode two. Her tool boyfriend Shawn was two-timing her with another long term girlfriend called Aida. I must confess when Aida suddenly made her entrance and confronted Shawn it did cross my mind that they were all actors.

Tool Academy is schlock TV, the winners of the challenges are now getting conjugal rights visits, and the special room they go to has a bed in it with satin sheets.  Oh and they are red.

However it is not the worst reality show on TV at the moment, this must got to I Married A Princess  starring Catherine Oxenberg formerly of Dynasty. If she is on TV the ’80’s are back in a big way. The show is just about her family and it is all a bit dull, as nothing happens, but they think they have  this mad and crazy family.