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So You Think You Can Dance Australia – And The Winner Is…..

SYTYCDA Winner, Michael Dameski 2

Michael Dameski has won the latest series of So You Think You Can Dance Australia. The 18 year old from Yagoona, Sydney wins $100,000. He also has a choice of one of three dance career opportunities including an international season with  Burn The Floor created and choreographed by SYTYCD judge Jason Gilkison or being in a contemporary ballet Body Torque with the Australian Ballet. There was also an opportunity to do some classes with a contemporary dance company from Berlin. 

Lauren Seymour was also in the final two with Jay and Renelle the first two eliminated.

At the beginning of the show before voting closed Lauren and Michael were lucky enough to do a contemporary dance whilst Renelle and Jay had a ballroom routine. Later the girls danced together as did the guys.

One of the highlights of the finale was judge Aaron Cash tap dancing for the first time in 19 years with his Tap Dog dance mates. They looked like they were having a lot of fun.

There was also a group dance to a medley of Paula Abdul’s greatest hits and she looks like she has not aged a bit. A special mention should go to the tutu like dress she was wearing. Also Paula Abdul in the Daily Telegraph gave Kylie Minogue a tickle up about not paying dances for her video

The finale was entertaining and very high end television. Will it come back next year? Highly unlikely which is a pity but the viewers were not there.

May 1, 2014   10 Comments

So You Think You Can Dance Grand Final Tonight On TEN (UPDATED)

The So You Think You Can Dance Australia grand final is on tonight with Lauren, Michael, Jay and Renelle are in the running for the grand prize.

You would have to think that Michael or Lauren are favourites to win particularly after Michael’s spectacular solo dance last week. Have to say I am surprise Jay managed to make top four.

Paula Abdul in an interview with TV Tonight says she would love to come back to Australia for another season, however chances are it won’t be renewed as the ratings were not great. Having said that launching against MKR and The Block was what could only be described as a bold decision.

Go to TEN Play to see the opening of the finale tonight and it is slick, slick, slick.

So You Think You Can Dance Australia on TEN tonight 7.30pm.


May 1, 2014   3 Comments

So You Think You Can Dance Australia – The Elimination Change Was Interesting


SYTYCD Top 20, Zoey Black

Last night on So You Think You Can Dance Australia the male and female dancers with the lowest votes were eliminated. There was not bottom three dance for your life. So Australia decided who went.

Unfortunately for Zoey and Patric they were the two that were sent home.

However what was more interesting was they revealed all of the scores from highest to lowest.

No surprise that Lauren received the highest number of vote from on the girls side as she has been promoted since the start of the series. Eden who had was barely seen in the top 100 was second highest gaining fans from her consistent hight quality dancing. Then it was Renelle and Ashleigh with Zoey at the bottom.

In the males Blond had the highest number for the boys, which was interesting as he has been three times in the bottom three. No surprise that he was followed by very popular Sam, Jay was ahead of Michael and then Patric Kuo.

It will be interesting to see how this voting revelation effects the outcome next week. Will fans of the dancers at the bottom vote more, will fans of Lauren and Blond think they are safe and vote for others or not vote as many times? Fans of Big Brother know that this was what occurred when Ben Zabel was voted out, where people just assumed he was safe.

Who is your favourite on this year’s So You Think You Can Dance Australia?

April 11, 2014   14 Comments

So You Think You Can Dance Australia – Paula Abdul Showed Why She Was Hired

It was a smart first live show on So You Think You Can Dance Australia, with the dancers being able to perform in their own genres giving them a chance to shine. As some of the top 20 were not as well known as others due to limited screen time it gave them the opportunity to gain some fans before being placed in a dodgy ballroom or hip hop routine.

Also it meant there was not a lot of male/female pairings which was an advantage for some of the dancers, as who needs those pesky lifts when there are first night nerves to combat.

Also Paula Abdul showed why she is worth the pay check. For me she was underwhelming in the top 100 week, but last night she and Jason Gilkison shone with articulate and knowledgable feedback.

First out of the blocks was a all male routine which was choreographed by Matt Lee. It was great and also showed that Blond the Asian hip hop guy is going to go far in the competition.

Renelle and Lauren were the first to do their routine which was a contemporary jazz routine choreographed by Stephen Tannos. Tannos was a former contestant on the show who had been an unfortunate early casualty. His routine was a nice start and he had two strong dancers to work with. Rennelle, who I cannot remember from the top 100, was also having to deal with not being there for her husband whose father had died the previous week. Cue bringing the emotion to the routine.

Nadiah, Blond, Jay, and Joel were up next dancing to a Christopher Scott routine to the song Do You Love Me by The Contours. Blond was really allowed to shine with all his tricks which meant the other boys faded a bit into the back ground. Nadiah was cute but there was not a lot of technically difficult dancing from her. However she has received a lot of airtime so expect she will be safe.

I like the serious non-ditzy Paula Abdul and she told the dancers it is important that when in a group that you have to be able to pull focus. Jason Gilkison thought it borderlined on cheese, but singled out Blond for praise. Aaron loved it because there was tapping on stage.

Jordan, Maddie and Eden were anointed the strongest technical dancers in the competition by their choreographer Sarah Boulter.They did a lovely routine to Heart Cry by Drehz. Paula gave some great feedback telling Maddie that she needs to maintain her core as she said when you are that flexible sometimes you have to reign it in. Eden is another dancer who has not had much airtime was praised.

Kathleen and  Thabang the ex-lovers danced a ballroom routine choreographed by Gleb and Elenya. They danced to Where Have You Been by Rhianna. Thabang was working it hard and showed why he has a shot of being the first ball room dancer  to take out this competition. However he was criticised for overdancing and taking the focus off the girl. True he was far better to watch and disagree with Jason Gilkison that he should dim his dancing switch. This is a show that relies on the public vote to get you further in the competition, making your partner look good at the expense of yourself is going to see you eliminated. Also as Jason G said Kathleen was a bit sloppy with her moves so watching her is not going to get her votes. I expect her to be an early casualty.

However one person who was not letting twenty dancers on stage over shadow his performance was Robbie Williams. He may not have the strongest voice but he knows how to perform and oozes sex appeal.

After Robbie, it was Sally, Yukino and Patric all hip hop dancers turn to perform. The choreographer was Tiana Canterbury who choreographed a routine to Talk Dirty  by Jason DeRulo. Patric took is time on stage and grabbed it even though he was not technically perfect and Yukino was a cute dancer.

Ashleigh, Zoey, Chris and Stephen danced a jazz number to a Marko Panzic routine. The song was Mamma Knows Best by Jessie J.It was a sassy routine which was performed really well. The only downside for the dancers that it would be hard to single  anyone of them to vote for as they all morphed into one. Zoey was great but I barely remember her from the top 100 week. It will be a travesty if one of these four get the bullet tonight as they did dance very well indeed.

The highlight of the episode were 18 year olds boys, Michael and Sam, who danced to a Debbie Ellis routine. The song was Brother by Matt Corby and it  was the performance of the night. Carrie Bickmore was crying which does not bode well for her when she has to eliminate dancers she could turn into a basket case. Having said that she is doing a good job as host as she is keeping the focus on the dancers and the judges and not herself.

The final number was by the girls in a number by Christopher Scott to Lana Del Ray’s Young and Beautiful. It was mildly ironic that ten attractive girls were doing a routine about the pressure the media puts on women to look a certain way.

If I had to guess who is going I would say Sally and Joel.

The 7.30pm time slot did not bring them in big ratings, but hopefully if they keep it there it will start to build. It is a great show and deserves to get viewers.

The elimination show is on tonight at 7.30pm on TEN.


February 24, 2014   14 Comments

So You Think You Can Dance Australia Live Shows Moved To 7.30pm

Fans of reality TV will be happy that TEN has moved So You Think You Can Dance Australia to the 7.30pm timeslot on Sunday night.

This will mean viewers can get their fill of My Kitchen Rules or The Block and then move onto Dance. Yes I know there is the ABC and other channels but it also means it gives the viewers something different from 60 Minutes and Sunday Night that are on the other commercial free to air shows.

The So You Think You Can Dance Australia live shows start tonight and there is definitely going to be some major talent as well as a live performance by Robbie Williams. Also expect a cameo from Modern Family star Jesse Ferguson Tyler who has been a judge on the US version of the show. It is a smart move by TEN and hopefully they will get more viewers because of this decision.

So You Think You Can Dance Australia on TEN at 7.30pm Sunday and Monday nights.
Here is a old routine from the 2010 series featuring Issi and winner Robbie.

February 23, 2014   12 Comments