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Australian Idol’s Kate Cook Runs Off With Ex-Lovers Sister


Holy shit and I thought Chris Badenoch was going to be the sex scandal of the year, but Kate Cook might end up taking out the title.

Women’s Day this week have an article where it states Australian Idol’s extremely likeable country crooner, Kate Cook, dumped and girlfriend Kerry Scrivener, and has now taken up with her sister, Susan!

WTF?? How damaging is this going to be for Kate’s post-Idol career? She has always been open about her sexual preferences which was a great thing, but breaking up with someone to go have a sexual relationship with the sister doesn’t show a great deal of sensitivity. Also Kate think of the children? She was a step mother to Kerry’s four kids who must be totally confused.

The article states that Kerry found out she had been dumped by reading it in the Courier Mail.

If Kate’s publicist can spin this into a positive yarn, they deserve a pay rise.

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1 Reality Raver { 11.14.09 at 8:50 pm }

On request I have removed comments from the blog. Again I found them confusing, but the parties involved must understand what was in them.

I must say all these news stories must not be helping Kate’s post Idol career.