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Aussie Ladette To Lady – Episode 2 – This Show Is Getting To Its Use By Date

Tonight’s recap could have been one word – Yawn. This series has gotten tired, and extremely boring. It is more about emotionally damaged girls rather than ladettes. Where was any ladette behaviour tonight, it  was all about watching quail eggs being peeled, and seeing girls get into cars with their knees held together.

Brat Camp is so much more interesting  for seeing transformations of troubled teens. Mrs Schrager and Mrs Harboard indulging in pop psychology is irritating. They think that they can solve Kayla’s issues about her being in foster care since she was nine. Mrs Schrager gave us this insight “she is scared she will be asked to leave”. I think her issues are a bit more entrenched than that.

However on the plus side the girls do appear to be more motivated about making changes to their lives once they get home. How long this lasts would be interesting to know.

The aim this week is to start their social transformation – for the girls to rein themselves in.

What happened with the girls this week:

Samantha McCleod whose signature party trick is the wet pussy shot, and post party trick is puking thinks that by going on the show and holding herself better will get her a better quality guy. She has a little crush on a gentleman named Charlie. So when she misses out on going on the car rally with him she is not motivated to keep things on track in the kitchen.

21 year old Shari is a construction worker who does not like authority, and but does like flashing her boobs. She got in trouble for failing in her duties as a drink monitor. That is she over poured the gin, and then lied about it. Tear started rolling when she was caught out.

I quite like 23 year old Donelle mine worker, as she doesn’t like “dumb bitches”. Not that she gives us a definition of who they are. The other thing is she does not hold back from whacking a guy when he grabs her on the arse. Not a Mrs Harboard recommended way of handling this issue, but nonetheless extremely effective.

The main even of the episode was a car rally. Three girls were picked to participate in the rally and the rest had to prepare the picnic. The three that got to go on the rally were Donelle, Shari and Jessica.

At this stage the episode got extremely tedious. The girls were late in preparing the picnic. Considering they only had two hours to make meringues, bread, quiche, pork pies, and quails eggs I thought they did well to only run 1 and 1/2 hours late.

Anyway Samantha got in trouble for sitting down at a picnic blanket even though she was invited. I am not sure if it was that breach of etiqutte or the fact she did not run the kitchen properly which was the reason behind her elimination.  Personally I thought it was a bit unfair.


1 Wurstsemmel { 10.28.09 at 8:08 am }

Mrs Schrager and Mrs Harboard indulging in pop psychology is irritating.


Yep. RR. This is exactly why I can’t watch this show.

2 Sooty { 10.28.09 at 7:52 pm }

I’d love a big hug from Mrs Schrager! She has healing powers.

3 Anon { 11.01.09 at 9:59 pm }

The problem with this season is the casting. Rather than attempt casting a variegation of “ladette” they have gone with the most emotionally scarred and hence one ladette is pretty much interchangable with another.

Based on last season’s form my guess is Kayla may ‘win’ .

4 Miss Ladette { 11.03.09 at 6:44 pm }

Yes this show is getting a bit tedious, considering the aim is to turn semi feral Aussie girls into well bred English Ladies with an impeccable pedigree, exchanging well rehearsed pleasantries over cucumber sandwiches or quail egg and dill canapes.

The cultural divide is just too great and who really wants to turn out like Mrs. Schrager and Mrs Harboard at the end of the day ?

Don’t these women ever have a secret Ladette living inside of them bursting to get out or have their original character traits been so reshaped by etiquette, elocution, flower arranging and formal table settings ?

Maybe the next series should be teaching these well bred English roses getting in touch with their inner Ladette, that should be compelling viewing !!!!

5 Miss Ladette { 11.05.09 at 9:36 am }

Oke I watched another episode of Aussie Ladette to Lady (the one with the toast bread sized cucumber sandwiches – LOL and the pretty non descript catwalk fashion show as highlight

I was hoping the Make Over stylists would be able to create stunning girls out of tomboys and bogans to show what can be done with great make up and hairstyles if you have the right basics for glamor without knowing it, but I have to agree with the Ladettes that the new make over hairstyles were HIDEOUS !!

These girls basically all had pretty good hair to begin with, but after the new “styling” by a Royal Hair Stylist no less, the girls hair looked hideous.

I can’t blame one of them screeching: “I can’t go back to Australia looking like this” as she ended up with a 1960’s Leslie Gore hairdo and the hairdo infinitely looked better after she washed it herself, at least it looked slightly more modern !!

The rest of the girls all had some type of layer cuts which were then CURLED, which is a horrible thing to do, especially if there are long whispy end bits.

Every single hair style was a disaster, which didn’t do anything to enhance anything about these girls, but why am I surprised especially if you look at the hairstyles of the “real” ladies , they need to take a good look in the mirror before they touch anybody elses hair for “improvements” and “styling”