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Ladette To Lady Australia- Season 2 – A Bit Formulaic

The girls better be skanky this series, because in the first season the Australian girls were not as skanky as the ones in the UK version, they are just out of control.

I found the first episode to be a tad formulaic – the girls were the “worst the teachers had ever seen”, all the girls had drinking problems, and then to liven things up alcohol was introduced. I think some of these girls would do better on Celebrity Rehab or at least enter the twelve step program.

A lot of the show tonight felt set up particularly the opening scenes in the airport car park, and on the bus to the school.

However Letitia needing to go to the toilet did appear genuine. Letitia whose vices are drinking (naturally) and fighting, became justifiably agitated. It appears she did not wet her pants, but I would have thought it was lady like to stop the bus to allow someone to relieve themselves.

The week started off with a de-metalling of the girls, with some the girls taking out so many piercings I am surprised they got through the metal detectors. Piercings these days appears to have morphed into some sort of body mutilation.

There were the usual classes elocution, etiquette, and flower arranging given by post-menopausal women, who even though they are “ladies” appear to not very happy and extremely uptight.

After finding out the girls are going to be hosting a garden party, they then had a lesson in how to make a delicious punch. Yes you can see where this is going.

The lesson was hosted by a very hunky Viscount Harris. One thing I noticed this time was the lads were a bit better looking, I wondered if it was the economic times in the UK, and they needed to supplement their trust funds.

Needless to say Mrs Harboard then left the girls alone in the room after the lesson to clean up. Yes this was standard Ladette To Ladies fare. They skulled drinks, and hid booze. Letitia took the fall for one of the missing bottles and had to clean two bathrooms.

At the garden party Jessica a 19 year old who is a stripper with an exhibitionist streak managed to score a lad. In forty minutes of TV she managed to show her breasts, flash her butt, suggest lewd things with a phallic symbol to the Viscount, snog a guy, and cry twice. This girl will be on the show for awhile. NW last week stated that Jessica has changed her ways since she returned home. She is now living with her parents, has broken up with her girlfriend and has been in a movie. If she has gone from ladette to movie star those wannabe actresses in the Beauty and the Geek House will not be happy.

We were also introduced to Kaila who is a drinker as well as unemployed whose misdemenour was chatting back in cooking class.

Donelle is a super fit girl who likes drinking and getting aggressive she seemed to be not taking it too seriously and managed to get in trouble a few times.

Shari  a hard drinking construction worker who likes taking off her clothes, managed to latch onto a lad at the garden party, and was caught jokingly flashing her underwear at him. NW said that this former private school girl has dated two men at once without either of them finding out about it. Gosh if that is ladette behaviour, half of the girls in Sydney would be sent to Eggleston Hall.

She was another one who broke down in the elimination interview. Which are not really interviews but just the teachers telling you how awful you are.

We were not “introduced” to all the girls tonight so hopefully they will get more screen time next week.

Letitia was the one to be eliminated, and she was pretty non-plussed about it.

The first episode of the show was not enthralling however they did manage pique enough interest to ensure me tuning in again next week.


1 Anon { 10.21.09 at 1:02 pm }

Hi Reality Raver-Glad you are covering Ladette to Lady (aka Bogans Abroad).
Felt that this episode was a bit too blatantly contrived. Would love to know how far the girls were encouraged by the producers to misbehave on the bus as it was a bit over the top.

Can’t help but suspect the portrayal of the girls has more to do with the potential UK audience need to feel culturally smug to their antipodean counterparts.

Agree-some would be better off in a twelve step program rather than learning how to make cocktails from the aristocratic bartender. Yep”¦GFC really hurt those trust funds.

Hopefully, one of the girls will tell where Mrs Brewer to go this season”¦

In a parallel universe Mrs Schrager (can’t spell”¦sorry) on Celebrity Masterchef could be fun”¦serving quail eggs to George”¦

2 Miss Ladette { 10.22.09 at 10:24 am }

Not so sure if I like this show anymore as it looks like half of these girls are behaving badly for the benefit of the Show and CRY on cue at their assessment (!!)
They are supposedly the toughest and worst behaved girls in Australia and are completely uncontrollable at home, yet have a flood of tears and remorse when told they behave appallingly by an insipid and matronly woman in England.

Also don’t tell me the young Viscounts, Earls and Lords don’t want to be around these girls ??

Come on now guys are guys, since when don’t they like to be accosted, groped, licked and whatever !

Oh yeah and when you have a group of uncontrollable men crazy girls with drinking problems, you leave them alone with booze and guys (!!)

This show is getting boring !!

3 Sooty { 10.23.09 at 8:52 am }

Very upset to see they are no longer at Eggleston Hall. The narrator mentioned the new gaff several times but I’ve forgotten it – Beresford? The decor and paint colour at Eggleston was one of my favourite aspects of watching the show. I still Love Mrs Schrager and her friend the head lady-tamer, Mrs Harbord. They give old bats something to aspire to.

Calling these women ‘post-menopausal’ is a bit much, RR. But then breeders think in those terms, I guess! I would never think of a woman as ovulating or consider it a descriptor.

4 Reality Raver { 10.23.09 at 11:00 am }

Sooty – well spotted on the not Eggleston Hall, as I completely missed they were at a different place I will watch out next week.

Fair call on the post-menopausal comment from me. I take note. I suppose I used it to describe their age and attitudes. I know it is a TV show, but the way they abdicate any responsibility of male behaviour. It is the woman’s responsibility to set the limits, the tone etc. Hopefully we have gone beyond that. I think Nicole in last series said it well when it was thought to be ok for an older man to make a lewd comment to the girls. I suspect most of these boys are not aristocrats but from some sort of casting agency.

Anon- it does have Big Brother aspects to this show, when it gets boring send in the booze.

Miss Ladette – I think this will be the last series of the Australian version if it does not fire up

5 mikl { 10.23.09 at 6:27 pm }

This mad world

6 Tisha { 11.03.09 at 12:30 am }

YUP me needing the toilet was genuine and they wouldn’t stop for me. and also i was the only one that didn’t cry! i would of made the show had i got to stay on but noooooope they booted me first. OH well!!

7 nikki { 11.19.09 at 2:23 pm }

i know one of the girls and she actually is well behaved unless she in front of a camera they need to cast proper ladettes this is a fucking joke