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Ladette To Lady – Interview With Winner Nicole.

Who Magazine has an interview with Nicole Mitchell who was crowned the winner of Ladette to Lady. In the interview she reveals how Ladette to Lady has changed her life. She says she will not be going back to her previous profession of stripping and is currently studying horticulture.

I liked Nicole she had a certain vulnerability about her and I was glad she won. But maybe to shed her ladette image she may need to dump her boyfriend who is currently in jail for armed robbery. (Rolls eyes).

TV Week also has an interview with her.

Here in TV Week is an interview with Skye where she says her english gent will be coming out in August. Also she says she said she was arrested the first night she was in England. Why did we not see that? Also she says that she would not pose for Zoo mag, I could swear she is on the cover this week. I will check it out.

Also Here is Kristyn’s who was the runner-up of the show. We did not really get to see much of her on the show, and really the interview is probably just as boring.