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Project Runway Australia – Final Three Revealed

We finally have our final three on Project Runway Australia Season 2. Anthony, William and Lauren, with poor Ivana eliminated after making an astonishing comeback after being eliminated in episode two.

The challenge in this episode was to create a showstopping dress to complete J’Aton couture collection. They have 20 hours for the challenge, and $500 to spend at Rathdowne fabrics.

The designers of J’Aton,Jacob Luppino and Anthony Pittorino, who popped up a few times in the episode are known for their dressing of brides, WAG’S, and other red carpet events. Some of the designs are stunning, but a few particularly the one with the slit up to the hip in my mine are just to0 impractical, and dare I say it a bit drag queenish, and who except model’s have the legs to carry that look off?

But they must be popular as the designers are off to New York.

Anyway back to the designers but first special mention must to go to Ivana’s gorgeous cape she was wearing on the first day of the challenge.  She decided to take a risk making a corset for the first time ever, which if this was Yes Minister episode Sir Humphrey would have said “that is a very bold move, Minister.”

William was focused from the outset and he had decided to go for colour, which he thought may make him stand out from others who were using mainly black and grays.

“You two are freaking me out” said William about Anthony and Lauren who kept on changing their mind about what they were making.

With Lauren settling on what I would call a reverse black meringue with black tulle up around the shoulders. Her dress ended up winning the best of the night, which I thought was a bit unfair, as I thought Anthony’s was stunning. But I think Lauren’s was more J’Aton. Whereas Anthony continued to do micro minis along with some amazingly sewn jacket and shirts. I don’t think Anthony plans to design for anyone over 25.

William was extremely lucky he had a very strong body of work prior to this episode, because his pus coloured, stretch satin dress, was bad, in fact it looked like Michael ‘Tresemme’ Finch had somehow entered William’s body and taken over the designing part of his brain. The design was bridalish, and then he used the trademark J’Aton split up to the hip.

The judges both gushed over the intricate design, however did not like the colour nor the fabric. Sarah had a bit of a go about the line of the dress.

Ivana’s design I thought was fabulous. It was a skirt and cape (I think I am in the middle of a cape fetish), however her sewing skills let her down, and she was slapped around for this. In the end it was her and William standing their on the runway wondering which one the axe would fall upon. And it was Ivana whose time it was to leave.

In one way I would have liked Ivana to be in the top three ahead of Lauren, as I think she has a stronger vision, however Lauren may surprise us. I doubt she will take out the title, she is to William and Anthony, what Petrova was to Leigh Buchanan, and Juli Gbrac last year.


1 Injera { 09.05.09 at 10:29 am }

I agree that if the decision had been made on the designs on the night alone, William would have been out. His concept was okay, but it seemed as though his model had her hands on her hips to try to distract from the awfulness of the end result. The button detailing on the back was lovely, though.

Lauren may have taken out the win as a “consolation” for coming so close and missing out over the past couple of weeks and, as you say, her design was probably more “J’Aton” than Anthony’s. His was a-mah-zing, though!

2 Tina { 09.05.09 at 10:47 pm }

I was relieved that the top three was Anthony, Lauren and William. Not only are they the best designers of the season (IMO), but they also clearly deserved it, having competed and survived every single challenge. Although I liked Ivana, it just struck me as odd and unfair that she got to sit out a handful of challenges, refresh and recharge her batteries, and then join the competition near the end and go for the win. Nevertheless, I think all four are talented, and am looking forward to this year’s finale. It should easily top season one.

3 Colls Bolls { 09.07.09 at 3:35 pm }

I can’t say that I liked any of the frocks, I particuarly didn’t like Lauren’s so that says a lot about my fashion sense.

I thought Ivana’s cape looked like a large garbage bag, perhaps she’d had some plastic left over from the hardware challenge 😉

Am happy with the final 3 (although I would have liked Mark there (in my ideal world)).

4 karina { 09.17.09 at 8:21 am }

I am completely blown away that William didnt win why does the the flamboyant Gay allways have to win (Nothing against Gays)but in the real world all of Williams clothes you can wear but Anthonys need to be in the Fancy dress shop why dont they have judges who come from the real world and know what we would wear.