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Survivor Samoa – Episode 1 – The Two Tribes

survivor tribal council 

There are two things you can guarantee about Survivor, that some contestants normally girls turn up inappropriately dressed, and there will be one team who decide to swim, lie in the sun and not build the shelter. Don’t they realise that in just about every series it rains on the first night. It is like the producers get people to stand above the camps with fire hoses.

Also this is season 19 and you know by now you are stuck with the clothes you arrive in so why would you wear heels or an itsy bitsy dress?

In tonight’s episode the teams had already been decided Galu, and Foa Foa or purple and yellow ( see a list of the cast in this previous blog post), and the first challenge was for each team to pick their leader. The catch they were not able to speak to their team mates so had to vote on what they thought the person looked like.

Mick a doctor was voted chief for the yellow team, and Russel S an attorney was chief for the other team.

Their first role as chiefs were to pick a team on who they thought was the fastest swimmer, the strongest, the most agile, and the most intelligent.

I thought it was interesting that Mick picked the tall black guy, as in previous season’s they have not been the strongest swimmers. Does anyone remember from a previous season the gym junkie from New York that was all brawn but had to be rescued from the ocean because he thought he was drowning?

Anyway it ended up being a very good choice as he played water polo in college and gave them a good lead, and they won fire.

Then for most of the rest of the episode it was all about the other Russell the oil company owner with the crazy eyes. He made alliances with all the “dumb” girls, and also the female cop. So then Russell who at this stage of the game appears to have misogynist tendencies thinks he is “controlling the tribe”. Very much looking foward to his come uppance. Though he would be the one I would want to take into the final two with me.

Anyway the yellow team ended up losing the immunity challenge, and the vote was between Ashley (for being weak) and Marissa (because she insulted Russell), Marissa looked shocked when she realised she was the one to be voted out.

Here is an indepth interview with Marisa from Reality Bites Back she talks about stuff that was not shown on this episode, that must have been shown over in the US, which is a pity.

And another interview with Marisa on Fan Cast which gives some interesting insight on how you get on the show.


1 Injera { 12.02.09 at 7:06 am }

The team picking scene was a hilarious exercise in political correctness, as people tried to identify their team mates without seeming incorrect. “Good looking guy, black suit”, “strong looking guy in hat” etc.

Even Jaison seemed amused that he was picked as the strongest swimmer. Still, his team captain then seemed to revert to stereotyping when he picked Liz as the smartest. Even she seemed to think it was racial profiling!

Russell is already giving me the screaming Jimmy Smits, so even though he’d be great to take through to final two to guarantee a win, I hope he doesn’t last much longer than next week. There’s being an entertaining villain, and being a complete douche, and he’s definitely on the douche end of the scale. Still, his team mates must be fairly daft if they went for his manipulation over Marisa. I mean… what?

2 Wurstsemmel { 12.02.09 at 7:45 am }

Russell gives me the creeps. This isn’t a Johnny Fairplay type approach. There’s something very unsettling about his attitudes towards women and his activities around camp….played up for the show or reflecting his general behavioural tendencies. I hope it’s the former, particularly as he would have had to pass psychological screening (not that it’s infalliable by any means). The best outcome wouldbe everyone catches on to him real quick and boots him off.

But a cracking start to Samoa, followed by a rather wimpy end to Tocantin, don’t you think? I so wanted Taj to win and I don’t believe the winner should be eligible for the additional 100,000. Though to me looks like Stephen’s getting his hands on some of it (indirectly) after all. A bromance or is it about the cash.

3 Reality Raver { 12.02.09 at 9:34 am }

Injera – I thought it could have been the Obama effect, people wanting a black guy to lead them. I must confess I would have picked the asian girl as well, at least you have a better shot at brains then the other blond girls that were left on the team.

I was surprised Russell picked Shambo even though she ended up being quite good at the puzzle. I must confess I really like Shambo – she appears to be fair dinkum.

Wurstsemmel – Russell was probably put on there because he profile showed he was an egotistical misogynist. By the way big fail that Jeff was wearing long pants at Tribal Council. And I must confess I saw none of Tocantins unfortunately.

4 Laura { 12.02.09 at 6:48 pm }

I have been watching this online (I am up-to-date with the US) and it is really, really good. I haven’t watched a full series of Survivor since season 2 but I have been hooked on this one! I’m not going to spoil anything but it is very compelling!

5 sourkraut { 12.03.09 at 1:40 pm }

started off as expected. jiffy jeffy anal probe (hence referred to as JJAP) he of the orgasmic thighs, was doing his impression of king canute in a location cunningly away from the actual breaking waves, but shot to look like it was in the middle of them. Phew. Hope I’m not dissing the girlies hero since fat matt showed his true commercial based colours.
2 teams, galoots and folly folly. yep PC picking of so called expected talents. Will the “leader” be like the Leader in the Simpson episode?
1st challenge. what were the “intelligent” ones thinking by NOT telling their “strong men”to ROLL the b@$#%y logs>?
oh and white guys cant swim?
Russell, creep or cretin or men”s hero. cant make my mind up yet, think its all the above, but I bet he is not an oil millionaire!
Anyhoo reminds me of the mickey mouse club jingle “who’s the leader of the club to fight for u and me ….well I always barracked for Donald DucK.
speaking of disney, didn’t you love russell”s shaggy dog story. who will see through him first. This group of girls does seem to be dumber than the conniving bitches that were on previously, eg parvati etc. JJAP probably thought he’d better balance it out for the male audience with the selection of contestants.
JJAP continues in his role of official tribal council sheissenstirrer. he also demonstrated again his remarkable ability to tally the votes (while i counted the buggers) and surprise surprise when he got to 3 votes each he remarkably intelligently informed us dopey viewers that the votes were tied. oh the tension, the buzz, the atmosphere, the drama, who will go?
fire is life etc, piss off marisa.
great potential here. dont know who to root for,maybe the blondes who will hopefully not turn into one of Injera’s quivering blobs of jelly. OLE

6 sourkraut { 12.03.09 at 1:50 pm }

Your questionairres are always too narrow. You should include some attractive females suchs as Sabrina miss world oz 2006or 7 or wotever, and there should always be a 4th choice, ie who cares(especially if its only the nominated two)

7 Reality Raver { 12.04.09 at 10:14 pm }

Sourkraut – Apologies about the poll I was feeling tired and self indulgent. Though I reckon in the US this poll would have Jeff Probst getting the higher vote. Will change over the weekend.