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Survivor Samoa – Episode 2 – It Was All Foa Foa Tonight

Jeff Probst was making a big deal about Ben being the first Survivor contestant ever to be kicked out of a challenge, but has there been any other episode on Survivor where the whole episode was based on showing just one tribe?

If the whole episode was based in Foa Foa (yellow team) camp, the person who captured most of the air time was the psychotic Russell.

Russell who I wish I could say was deluded in bragging about controlling the whole tribe, but unfortunately he does. Yes he is more evil then Johnny Fairplay, who was at least amusing. Russell is a psychopathic bully, whose teammates are falling in behind him, and are not rocking the vote as they are seeing that they are the ones that are being voted out. It just reminds me  a bit of real life where sometimes those bully boys or girls are the ones to prosper, because people are too scared to speak up.

What was even more galling was he found the immunity idol. I will give him props for looking everywhere for it.

Tonight there was a combined immunity and reward challenge, and it was a rough one. Three members of each tribe were put in the centre of the ring with the aim of getting the “balls” to their teamates up on platforms to try and shoot goals. Personally I thought the wrestling was far too physical, particularly when they combined the men and women in the ring.

It was like Rollerball without the rules, and in the end host Jeff Probst had to give a warning, Ben did not heed this and tripped someone and he was eliminated. This meant the purple team won easily.

The 30 seconds we did get of the purple team was Shambo using the newly acquired fishing gear to not catch any fish, and breaking the snorkel. To say she was not popular around her camp would be an understatement.

Betsey the police officer was a sitting duck, once Mike was eliminated because of dodgy low blood pressure. For the record he recovered within the hour back at Survivor base camp.

Betsey tried to whip up some coup against Ben, but even though he woke up everyone at camp with his hammering he was still safe and she was eliminated.

Here is an interview did with Betsey on  Digital Spy


1 Injera { 12.08.09 at 10:22 pm }

Russell and Ben are almost making this season unwatchable. Russell for being a tool and… well, Ben for being a tool as well.

Tonight’s challenge just seemed outright dangerous. At first, Jeff was on the sidelines enjoying the fray and probably should have intervened earlier. I think the producers must have had a word in his ear about him being somewhat more than purely ornamental. You’re right, RR, that they shouldn’t have had the guys and girls together given the intensity of the competition.

Betsy might have been the “weakest”, but hopefully the team will wake up and see that they have kept somebody far more damaging, in the shape of Ben. (I hold out no hope that these lightweights will cotton on to the manipulations of Russell. Not because Russell’s a strategic genius, but because the rest of the Foa Foa players seem a bit dim.)

2 Anon { 12.08.09 at 10:43 pm }

I think Russell and Ben are the most vile contestants ever on Survivor. Johnny Fairplay was a douchebag but his tactics were just sneaky (and humorous) and not actually sadistic and nasty. Russell is, as you correctly put, a psychopathic bully. This is a guy who’s not here for the money but to inflict mental pain at people and who actually gets off at the misery of others and you know what? The rest of the tribe deserves everything they get for being blind, gullible, spineless, ball-less, clueless, scared, naive and just plain stupid. Absolute weak-hearted idiots they are for voting Betsy out even though they know that Ben should go.

Ben is also another piece of scum. My god what a despicable racist, bigot, sexist and an absolute pig of a man. Personality zero and just a wanker. Both of them nasty, nasty, nasty and they both need to return to the gutter where they belong to be washed away down a dirty drain so the world can be a better place without scumbags like them.

Yeah… I’m really not liking this season. At least the people in Tocantins and Gabon were likeable. To put two sadistic dickheads on TV is a travesty and the producers should be ashamed.

End rant.

3 sourkraut { 12.08.09 at 10:50 pm }

Laughed at Jaison who said “russell found the idol, that’s a tool WE can use” ….Wot a trusting dope!
Had to laugh at the episode previews. They were made to look like Mike (I’m as tuff as all of them….surely you jest, grow up and act your age. The only old fart ever to do any good was RUDI the ex navy SEAL in Survivor 1) nearly died in the challenge itself and JJAP yelling out stop just to save his life when in REALITY JJAP was yelling stop after boofhead Ben tripped someone (naughty naughty)
Shambles the fisherperoffspring. What a joke. why is it some clod always loses something vital during each season of survivor? and then she caught no fish by swimming in a MUDDY lagoon. DUH. well done!
Oh and don’t start me on Jasmin…another standard stereotype loudmouth etc
And Betsy… if you dont want to go home you have to chant it in yanklish 100 times like a mantra b4 it will come true.
Who will stop the evil Russell?
Will my blondies grow a brain between them?
When will fooey fooey win a challenge?
OH SHIT I’m hooked again!

4 sourkraut { 12.08.09 at 10:52 pm }

I get the impression you have a mild dislike of Ben and Russell?

5 Anon { 12.09.09 at 1:13 am }

Sourkraut – who knows, maybe they’ll grow on me? 😛

6 Injera { 12.09.09 at 7:00 am }

Sourkraut, you’re right about Rudi. He was amazing – would like to have seen Hatch and Rudi on an allstars Amazing Race! Mike had no business saying, as his parting words, “I showed that an older man can still be a contender” because… no, he didn’t! He didn’t even make it to Tribal Council Two, due to lack of fitness! And the only reason he made it past TC1 was because Ben and Russell are complete twats.

7 Wurstsemmel { 12.09.09 at 8:02 am }

Actually I think Ben is much more of a concern than Russell. There’s an innate nastiness about that guy, a sense of pride in that and a seemingly total lack of anything resembling emotion. It really gave me the creeps when he did the ‘gun shot’ gesture on dismissing Betsy.

Yes, Russell is a nasty piece of work too but I think Anon’s totally on the ball when they say the tribe get what they deserve. Russell thinks he’s smart but in reality he’s not that clever. A couple of people have already cottoned on to him, they just failed to communicate that clearly to the rest of the tribe, facilitating Russell turning it around on them. The rest of the tribe have to be somewhat lacking in emotional intelligence though not to pick up on this themselves.

Johnny Fairplay was a scumbag but in the end he did little but manipulate emotions and was a villain you loved to hate. Same with Rob (of Rob and Amber) who I loved. Whole different ball game to the current nastiness.

The challenge was out of control. There should be strict rules about bodily contact and the challenge should have been stopped a lot earlier. It isn’t appropriate for men and women to come up against each other like this – physically, there’s no match.

Best season of Survivor yet? I don’t think so. Turning out to be the nastiest, ugliest season but maybe that’s where it’s come to keep the ratings up.

8 Reality Raver { 12.09.09 at 12:36 pm }

Well it is not going to be the best survivor ever if Russell or Ben win. I doubt that Ben will last long, as Wurstsemmel said he shows a definite lack of emotional control – probably the reason he was cast.

Sourkraut it would appear that you concur with Russell that you think the blondes are dumb and malleable?

Anon- Unfortunately I missed Tocantins and Gabon. Agree with you about Johnny Fairplay as I do think of him with a certain amount of fondness, and was bitterly disappointed when he decided to leave Fans v Favourites.

Injera – I think Betsey was not the weakest in physical terms, as have not seen the blond chicks doing much. Mike was a dud. If you are physically weaker, you have got to use your brains.

Look at the black woman (Cherise?) who was back in fan v favourites. In the both series she was on played the game right from the start and became the crucial swinging vote.

9 Laura { 12.09.09 at 1:23 pm }

I think Russel is funny! Maybe I’m just sadistic?
I do hate Ben though.

10 sourkraut { 12.09.09 at 3:35 pm }

This group of blondes does appear to justify the stereotype.
I wonder if some of the hate above towards Russell (who I ALSO think is an unmitigated ARSEHOLE) is not coming because he is manipulating the women instead of the other way around like in the previous 3 series of survivor, especially that skank parvati!

If something like that grew on me I’d have it surgically removed!

Spot on re Mike. Rudi was great, would have loved to see him win Alas! Also Rupert was another of greatness (but lacking common sense in buildings)
Are you referring to snot blob rob? (Boston Rob) He was one of my all time favorite hates!!!!!!
I think you mean funny peculiar, not funny ha ha. N E hoo he’s given us all someone to hate, and for that reason alone, you can guarantee JJAP will keep him on the show right till the end when he will be duly . ow you zay?….CRAPPED ON!