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Survivor Samoa Starts Tonight (Tuesday) On Channel 9 at 7.30pm

Channel Nine at the start of non-ratings period has decided to finally put on a Survivor series on at a decent time.

They have screened Survivor Gabon and Survivor Tocantins on their new GO channel, something I did not receive until last week, so I am really looking forward to the new series. It has been a while since have heard host, he who wears shorts, Jeff Probst say “the tribe has spoken”.

Survivor over the past few seasons has appeared to have gotten it’s mojo back, with the producers pulling all sorts of stunts to ensure alliances cannot become too fixed.

One of the early twists in this series is the tribes have to pick a “chief” who will be the sole decision maker without even caucusing, ie they cannot speak to each other to decide who to vote for.

I will be recapping episodes for discussion on the blog.

But first let’s have a look at the twenty cast mates, if you have a spare seven minutes look at the above YouTube clip of Jeff Probst discussing the cast. And for the Australian readers, root in the USA means to cheer for, it does not mean that he has turned gay.

A list of the cast members is below.

Ashley – 22 year old from Maple Grove, Minn.; works in spa sales

Ben – 28 year old from Los Angeles, California; Mixologist

Betsy – 48 year old from Campton, N.H.; Police Officer

Brett – 23 year old from Los Angeles, California; T-Shirt Designer

Dave -37 year old from Los Angeles, California; Fitness Instructor

Elizabeth – 33 year old from New York, N.Y.; Attorney

Erik – 28 year old from Ontario, California; Bartender

Jaison – 28 year old from Chicago, Illinois; Law Student

John – 25 year old from Los Angeles, California; Rocket Scientist

Kelly – 25 year old from Los Angeles, California; Hair Stylist

Laura – 39 year old from Salem, Oregon; Office Manager

Marisa – 26 year old from Cincinnati, Ohio; Student

Mick – 33 year old from Los Angeles, California; Doctor

Mike – 62 year old from Marina del Rey, California; Personal Chef

Monica – 25 year old from San Diego, California; Law Student

Natalie – 26 year old from Van Buren, Arkansas; Pharmaceutical Sales

Russell H. – 36 year old from Dayton, Texas; Oil Company

Russell S. – 42 year old from Glenside, PA; Attorney

Shannon – 45 year old from Renton, Washington; Sales

Yasmin – 33 year old from Los Angeles, California; Hair Stylist

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1 sourkraut { 12.01.09 at 1:43 pm }

hope this is more iteresting than the amaborezing race!
anyhoo i can hardly wait to see jiffy jeffy anal probe in shorts and hear the fire is life life is fire jingle again. i also look forward to jiffy say “i’ll go tally the votes,” every time he says it i cant help myself saying ….yeah you do that and i’ll count the boogers! Then after he has used up several digits counting said votes he helpfully tells us that ” that’s 2 votes for a@#$E licker and 2 votes for numbnuts o knackerwhacker and just in case you are not smarter than a fifth grader he will advise us that that’s 2 votes each.
oh goody this will be fun
Reality Raver, do you know the sir names of the contestants. i want to pick the winner.

2 Captain Fantastic { 12.01.09 at 1:48 pm }

Two law students and only one Oil Company? I do like how Survivor casts the usual array of metropolitan office workers. It’s fun to watch them realise that their university degrees will never teach them basic survival skills, such as eating bugs faster than the other team or growing a beard.

3 Wurstsemmel { 12.01.09 at 1:53 pm }

And the finale of Tocantins tonight AND The Amazing Race (no recap, RR?)….It’s a full night’s viewing.

I wonder why the rush for Samoa before Tocantins is finished…and why back to 9?

4 Reality Raver { 12.01.09 at 1:59 pm }

Sorry about lack of recap last week Wurstsemmel I was seriously buggered. Thought the double episode was a bit dull.

Sourkraut – no I don’t know the surnames if I find them I will post.

Captain Fantastic – LOL I think that is what makes the show entertaining.

5 Injera { 12.01.09 at 2:29 pm }

Excellent – looking for something to watch on Tuesday nights! This will definitely fit the bill. I hope Nine keeps the timeslot and doesn’t fanny about with it if it doesn’t get blockbuster ratings in, oh, the first 15 minutes or so.

6 Izobel2 { 12.01.09 at 5:20 pm }

Hi there. This is my first comment! You guys are classics! Having watched Gabon & Tocantins recently I’ve missed not having Survivor recaps on the RR site. I’ve become addicted to getting my daily fix of all my fave reality shows (such as Apprentice, Amazing Race etc). PS does anyone know why the Survivor contestants wear such crazy outfits that they get stuck wearing for up to 39 days? Like Taj with her orange dress that lasted 5 seconds?

7 Reality Raver { 12.01.09 at 11:25 pm }

Izobel2 – thanks for commenting. You may not be aware but I only got GO through Foxtel a week ago so missed to whole series of it. I was not happy.
Agree about the crazy outfits you would think you would go as practical as possible, but maybe they are not allowed to.

Injera – hopefully Survivor will find a whole new audience.