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Ricki-Lee Coulter Wades Into The Jennifer Hawkins Body Image Debate

Ricki Lee Coulter

Former Australian Idol co-host Ricki-Lee Coulter  has spoken out about the controversial Marie Claire cover of Jennifer Hawkins. You know the one where Jennifer was not photoshopped, but still looked flawless. Ricki-Lee in an interview in Woman’s Day that many Australian women would struggle to relate with the Myer figurehead.

The article said:

While remaining complimentary of Hawkins, Coulter said that there was “a big divide” between the model and the average Australian woman.

“Jen looks beautiful on the cover and I applaud any woman who is appeared to appear in print without airbrushing.

But I love the photo of Bianca Dye that shows her sexy killer curves. I think a lot of women will look at her and think this is what a real woman looks like.”

Coulter also said that while being in the spotlight as a size 14 woman can be challenging, she loves her “hourglass figure”.

“I love my body because it’s what I’ve been given. Being too thin is just as unhealthy as being obese.”

And I would have to agree with her, and for the record Ricki-Lee’s photos for the Woman’s Day shoot were untouched.



1 Tania { 01.13.10 at 3:33 am }

I agree that not many people are as beautiful and slim as Jennifer Hawkins but then again, I don’t think its appropriate to have as a title for an article, “Hey Girls, This is what a Real Woman looks like.” Isn’t it kinda doing the same thing by saying to people what a woman should look like? So people who aren’t that size aren’t considered real? I might be taking it a bit too seriously but to me, as long as you are a healthy weight and happy with how you look why would you have to care what a real woman looks like. There’s no rule saying a real woman is skinny or curvy. I know celebs get flack for not being model skinny but I dunno…there’s just something about the whole debate thing that annoys me. Why can’t people just be content with being a healthy weight and not have to worry about celebrities and stuff…Oh my I’m just going around in circles…

2 Wurstsemmel { 01.13.10 at 12:48 pm }

I thought the issue was more about the use of airbrushing…
rather than body size as such. Jen’s coping a lot of flak for being ‘brave enough’ to be on the cover without airbrushing. I think most of us would think ‘what bloody flaws?’ but we have to remember that Jen works in an industry where perfectionism in the order of the day, where a tiny skin fold as shown in her waist would be brushed away….she inhabits a world where ‘molehills’ that you and I wouldn’t even notice because ‘mountains’. I think her intentions were good, I don’t think enough thought was put into it and I think it understandably backfired on her.

Remember the Jamie Curtis story where she went ‘natural’? That had a much greater impact.

I don’t get why Marie-Claire are all so elf-rigteous about it either. If they really wanted to address the issue, they should have used someone people could relate to easier.