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Interview With Juli Grbac Winner Of Project Runway Australia

Juli Grbac Winner Of Project Runway Australia

Juli Grbac Winner Of Project Runway Australia

In season one of Project Runway Australia Juli Grbac used her amazing talent, her huge work ethic, and her sparkling personality to win. The Brisbane fashion designer was one of the show’s more popular contestants.

The show has now given her a national profile which should take her business Grbac to even greater success.

She was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to answer these questions about her time on the show, and it would appear to be camera ready on a reality TV show you have to get up very early.

Reality Ravings:  On the show you always looked so beautifully dressed and made up, as it appeared to be very early starts. What time were you getting up in the morning to make sure you were ready for filming? 

Juli Grbac: 5am. We never knew when the camera crew would arrive, so I would always be prepared. I wake early normally so it was easy.

RR: To me you were always quite cheery and nice, except when you thought Mark had sabotaged you with the pink polyester fabric. Do you think the way you were portrayed on the show was an accurate reflection on who you are? Does Juli Grbac have a dark side?

JB: It was very accurate. What you saw is what you get. I smile alot through frustration, it’s the only way to combat it. Staying positive even when your feeling negative is a talent in itself. As far as a dark side, I have no idea, my husband on the other hand may have other thoughts!!

RR: What was your favourite outfit you designed on the show?

JB: They are all favourites, even the disasters, but the dress I designed for Kelly Rowland is a stand-out.

RR:  What was your least favourite?

JG: I wouldn’t say I have a least favourite piece, but the experience of being in the bottom two was difficult. Although as they say, “What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger”.

RR: Congratulations on your marriage, he seems like a great guy. How are you finding balancing the work and marriage scenario? Are you spending more time with him since Project Runway finished or is life still extremely hectic for you?

JG: Life has never been more hectic, and fortunetly for me my Husband, Paul is an incredible support. He understands the business and respects the fact I require time to pursue it. We have an incredible marriage and I am blessed to have him in my Life.

RR: Any tips for any would be next season’s contestants?

JG: Expect the Unexpected and Manifest everything you desire!

RR: If you could go on any other reality TV show, other then Project Runway, what would it be?

JG:”The Rachel Zoe Project”. Just to watch her in action would be awesome!

If you want to see her finale collection again here it is.

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The full series of Project Runway Australia will shown on Arena TV on Australia Day.

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