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Confirmed Project Runway’s Kenley Collins Is Nuts.



The news coming out of New York that Project Runway’s Season 5 star Kenley Collins has been charged with assault of her now ex-fiance Zak Penley. This only confirms my previous post  that Kenley has a touch of the crazy’s.

Apparently Kenley threw her cat at her sleeping fiance Zak Penley head. No I am not going to get into pussy on face jokes ok.

She was arrested and spent the night in the clink. She was released Wednesday morning without bail on charges of assault and criminal possession of a weapon the cat.

If convicted, she faces a maximum sentence of seven years in prison, authorities said.

According to a police report, the violence erupted at 7 a.m. Tuesday morning, while Penley was sleeping.

After throwing Arlo at his head, Collins proceeded to pelt Penley with whatever she could get her hands on, cops said.

Anyone who watched series five of Project Runway will know Kenley was a controversial figure, and basically ended up isolating herself. Therefore she was great reality TV material.

The New York Post got some great quotes from the winner of Series 5 Leanne Marshall who had  this to say about Kenley.

This should put a clear answer to the question I am most frequently asked, “˜Was Kenley really that awful, or was she just edited like that?'”

“When she got angry, I knew to keep my distance. Clearly, she needs therapy.”

“I feel a little sorry for her that she can’t control her emotions and behavior, but on the other hand, absolutely nothing excuses physical violence and throwing a poor, defenseless kitty at someone who is sleeping. I feel bad for the cat, the bruised apples and Zak.”

Full story on Starcasm.

Tim Gunn has now waded in on the Kenley sanity issue, and said this in an internet TV interview on Apartment 34

“If the audience saw and heard as much of Kenley as I did people would have turned their televisions off. The editing is really kind to everybody and had the editing not been very deft with her, it would have been the Kenley show. As I was making my rounds around the workroom she’d laugh inappropriately when I was talking to someone else. She’d yell her own comments out. And on the runway during the question and answer session with the judges she would laugh inappropriately during most of it.”

See interview below: