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Posts from — February 2010

Reality Tidbits

Dicko Interviews SYTYCD Au Choreographer Jason Gilkison

Former Australian Idol judge Dicko interviews sometime So You Think You Can Dance Australia judge Jason Gilkison about his Burn The Floor stage show on Vega FM.

Farmer Wants A Wife Host Natalie Gruzlewski Is Dating Again

Natalie Gruzlewski, who separated from her husband last year is now dating again. She is dating a younger guy who is a millionaire called Jack Ray. You go girl. (Source: Courier Mail.)

Project Runway To Premiere On 22 March

Finally we will get to see some Project Runway from the USA. On Arena starting from 22 March a new season will commence. However it is not the latest one now being shown in the US, but the season prior to that. It will kick off with an Allstar Challenge so some old favourites will be seen battling it out for the title. Then the following weeks will see the first ever Project Runway filmed in Los Angeles.

Masterchef Australia’s Chris Badenoch’s Beerimisu Recipe

For those who like the sound of Chris’s Beerimisu well A Table For Two has cooked it and says it is delicious. He also has the recipe on his site.

Popular Amercian Idol Contestant Arrested

Chickizie who was pretty popular in last year’s Idol series has been arrested for Identity Theft. He was using a credit card which did not have his name on it. (Source Bump Shack)

American Idol Rigged By Judges And Producers

USA Today has an interesting article on what tricks the producers and judges pull to manipulate the voters. I always knew performing last was the ‘pimp’ spot ie more likely you will avoid elimination. But I did not know the tricks with the lighting.

Simon Cowell Does Have A Heart

In an interview with Piers Morgan, Simon Cowell, chokes up as he discusses his father’s death says the Daily Mail. Also it appears the rumours are true and Simon is engaged to Mezghan Hussainy. Teri Seymour would be pissed off.

Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres Are Not Getting On

So this is the reason they are at opposite ends of the judging table. According to the Vancouver Sun who took the story from TMZ Ellen and Simon do not like each other.

Interviews With The First Four Eliminated From American Idol

hPeople has a short interview with each of the four singers eliminated from American Idol this week.

Bachelor Couple Get Married

It’s official you can find true love on reality TV shows, with news Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney from The Bachelor have wed. (Source People)

Matt Corby Will Be Playing At The Toff in The Town in Vic

For more details go here.

February 28, 2010   3 Comments

An Australian Version Of The X-Factor Likely To Premier In 2011

It would appear Australian TV channels will be putting more money into Simon Cowell’s pocket with Channel Nine and Seven both vying for the rights of The X Factor.

Executives from both channels met with Simon Cowell to discuss the show an article in the Daily Telegraph reveals.

The article said:

“Seven made a very aggressive play for it and Channel 9 was very interested but were more conscious of the cheque they would have to write – but one way or another, expect it to be on air around February next year.”

X Factor aired here on Channel 10 in 2005, but was a ratings dog.

Don’t expect Kate Cebrano or Mark Holden to make a reappearance on the show. I suspect either Channel will make a play for Danni Minogue to be a judge/mentor.

February 26, 2010   41 Comments

My Kitchen Rules – Cakegate

Ok I have been known to beat stories up but nothing to compare with this My Kitchen Rules yarn. Apparently there is controversy over the chocolate mousse recipe the Victorian boys Clint and Noah cooked. Apparently the recipe on the official My Kitchen Rules was wrong and people who are cooking it are miffed they spent a lot of money on ingredients when it was a flop.

The Daily Telegraph says people are wanting compensation from the website. They cannot be serious. Plenty of times I have cooked recipes from cookbooks and the internet they have been duds, I have never thought about asking for my money back.

Apparently there is also some controversy about the marinated prawn recipe that Manu Feidel gave 10/10. I had a look but could not work out what it was.

February 25, 2010   5 Comments

American Idol – The Top 24 Guys

Apparently Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson have been talking that a girl will win this year’s American Idol, and on tonight’s boy’s night I think they might be right. There were a few good performances, but a lot that were completely forgettable.

A few thoughts on the show:

  • Todrik’s version of Kelly Clarkson’s version of Since You’ve Been Gone  was a bit strange, but it was kind of likeable. Randy cracked me up and he had a point when he said the song was a hit and you obliterated it and it was unrecognisable. The reason it was a hit was because people liked it.
  • How Aaron Kelly got through to the top 24 after completely blowing is final top 100 performance is beyond me, and tonight’s country ballad song did nothing to make me change my mind – clearly I was alone in my opinion as the judges gushed, even Simon Cowell was positive.
  • Jermaine Sellers voice was a bit cracky and pitchy, but his voice has some interesting tones, I would like to hear him sing again before I press the delete button on him.
  • Tim Urban who got a last minute call up for the top 24, has a cute pop look, his vocals were weak, and he over annunciated his words. I might be twisting the knife, but Simon plunged it in.
  • Joe Munoz did nothing for me in his preview interviews, but on stage he turns into a little cutie and a lot of appeal. Lucky for him there is a high hispanic population in the US so should be safe. Simon was not feeling the love for him.
  • Tyler Grady was the first contestant who screamed star. However Simon thinks he is a rock star cliche, and the rest of the judges agreed. Ellen thought he lacked charisma. Maybe I am a sucker for the Jim Morrison/Michael Hutchene.
  • Lee Dewze was smart and picked the popular song from Snow Patrol, I liked it. But he got a 50/50 split from the judges.
  • John Park song was extremely dull, I will be surprised if he is NOT eliminated.
  • Michael Lynche Maroon 5 was a good song choice but I thought the guitar playing was superfluous.
  • Alex Lambert grew on me once I got over his dreadful mullet, I am not sure if he will make top 12 but he has an unusual voice.
  • Casey James who I have been a bit ho hum about, changed my mind a bit with his performance, not sure why Kara is so hot to trot about him.
  • Andrew Garcia’s performance was entertaining, and I think he got hit with the “we have high expectations of you” stick by the judges.

February 25, 2010   3 Comments

So You Think You Can Dance Australia – And Now There Are 16

HELLLOOOOO the gorgeous Pascha from the US So You Think You Can Dance is in Sydney dancing with Jason Gilkison’s Burn The Floor. Where is he staying, as I need to stalk him.

Speaking of the Gilkison, he is offering one of the new choice of contracts to join Burn The Floor for the 35 week tour of the United States.  I bet the winner takes that prize. Far more exciting then hanging out in Adelaide. No offence to my Adelaide readers.

Yet again there was a shock in the bottom three of Heath and Jessica who had done a nice contemporary routine. Maybe Jessica’s self doubt affected the voters and they were ambivalent about voting for her. Or maybe people didn’t care for the Anthony Ikin routine.

Matt must of been happy that he was safe as he would have been unable to do a solo and would have been turfed. I am very suprised Issi and Don were not in the bottom three, as that Foxtrot was very ordinary.

The Nacho Plop curse struck again with Mikhaela and Robbie in the bottom three with their lacklustre boogaloo routine. I see they are sending him on a roadtrip again, the dancers will be happy about that.

And Gaz and Ivy also hit the bottom three for their superhero hip-hop routine. Maybe the it was the hex of the new choreographers hitting as Alvin DeCastro was also a first timer.

All the men’s solo were amazing, I actually pity the judges.

I thought Jessica’s solo really cute, and she did a great job considering it is hard to shine in solo’s as a ballroom dancer.

Mikhaela’s solo was really ordinary and confirmed for me that she should not have made the top 20. But I think Ivy was lucky that Mikhaela’s was bottom three otherwise it would have been her walking the plank as her solo was not fabulous. It was no surprise Mikhaela was eliminated.

I was not surprised Gaz was eliminated. He was devastated, it was like in his mind this was last chance saloon for him. But he should not panic, as Matt’s foot may not come good and he may have to come back into the competition. Also the men are so strong this year.

Just realised Robbie’s new partner is Ivy – Oh Vey!  Also Mary Murphy is going to be a special guest judge next – she always brings some life to the judging panel.

February 25, 2010   10 Comments