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Celebrity Come Dine With Me Australia – Best Episode Ever?

The latest episode of Celebrity Come Dine With Me Australia involving Gretel Killeen, Kate Waterhouse, Charlie Alibone and Pete Morrissey is a cracker.

Compared to the Christmas special with Simone Warne, Myf Warhust, Kouta and Steve Price where there was no chemistry, this episode more then made up for it.

All of the contestants were likeable and they all appeared to get on. The conversation was entertaining and there was also repartee helped by Pete Morrissey and Gretel who did not shut up. Charlie was charming and witty and Kate Waterhouse was all class. Kate’s apartment was divine and she clearly took the show seriously as she practised her Italian menu which did look amazing.

She even brought back a pasta machine from Milan. Not only did she have the best menu she made it look effortless.

All of their good conversation gave a lot of narrator James Valentine and the writers a lot to work with. It was hard not to smile the whole way through the episode.

If you have missed it last night have a look at it on catch up. After the first ten minutes you will be wishing you were at the dinner party as well. Oh and the food was mainly edible as well.

Celebrity Come Dine with Me Australia on Lifestyle Tuesday’s at 8.30pm.


January 8, 2014   28 Comments

Celebrity Come Dine With Me Australia – Open Post

Celebrity Come Dine With Me Australia kicks off tonight on Lifestyle. Unfortunately I misplaced the preview disc  (sorry Lifestyle) so am unable to recap the first episode. Please discuss the episode here.

I am just about to go on holidays to the USA. Orlando in fact as my partner seems to get sent there each year for a conference. Helloooo Disney. The blog will proceed as normal as possible. The pro’s of having young kids mean I am unable to party and they need to be in bed early…. So no wild nights out in bourbon bars for me.

Thankfully I have the preview discs for Celebrity Come Dine With Me for episodes two and three so will recap those.

I will be out of contact for the next 15 hours flying to LA. Will check in then!

Happy New Year and hope 2014 is a great one for all of you.

December 31, 2013   32 Comments

Celebrity Xmas Come Dine With Me – Simone Callaghan Is An Upper Middle Class Bogan

So Simone Callahan has a top of the range kitchen but she cannot cook. And her palate is the equivalent of a six year old. She says she does not eat cooked vegetables except potato and also thinks you can never have too much cream. How does she stay so thin?

The celebrities of Simone, Steve Price, Myf Warhurst and Anthony Koutsafidis had to cook a Christmas menu for each other.

Simone’s menu was chicken sandwiches for entree, a souvlaki wrap and chocolate ripple dessert she got the recipe off the back of an Arnott’s biscuit packet. Suffice to say the other three were pretty unimpressed.

There was not a lot of chemistry between the four though by the end of the week Myf and Steve Price were starting to have a bit of repartee. Steve Price reveal what a rude person he was. He just whinges he does not have any witty putdowns. Interesting that most of his criticisms occurred when he was alone with the camera.

Also the celebrities were pretty polite about scores even Simone’s footy match meal was given sevens.

However at least she made it all herself unlike Koutas who had his mum over helping cook. I would put that under the cheating category. He/she made gnocchi and for main it was chicken wrapped in prosciutto. Though Simone thought it was bacon. Also the house was not Koutas either which he revealed when he handed over a manky looking pepper packet.

Which means was Simone’s house rented for the show, and Myfs definitely was. It does explain the lack of personal touches to all of them.

Anthony made tiramisu and it was nice and Simone had not had it before. Interesting because I thought KFC had a version of Tiramisu in the ’90’s. For someone that has travelled and stayed in five star hotels her culinary tastes are very unsophisticated. She must have been sharing the baked beans that Shane had sent to India.

Myf made Prawn cocktail but Simone did not eat it as she does not like prawns though she did eat the turkey. Her dining companions were whinging about the time it took her to serve up the main however they were happy with the result. Myf’s downfall was her trifle did not set.

Steve after his moaning about people using packets made his dessert of trifle out of packet jelly (that’s how you get it to set Myf) and a store bought cake. He did do a nice lamb on the rotisserie and his entree was thought to be nice as well.

In the end Steve Price won the $2000 for his charity which is probably less then his appearance fee on the show.

What did you think of the food dished up?

December 2, 2013   17 Comments

Celebrity Come Dine With Me Australia Kicks Off With A Christmas Special

Celebrity Come Dine With Me Australia is back and there will be five glorious episodes starting off with a Christmas special.

Shown on the Lifestyle Channel on December 1st Myf Warhurst, Simone Callahan (Warnie’s ex), Steve Price and Anthony Koutoufides will be battling it out for the ultimate dinner party host. They will win $2000 for their chosen charity.

The one-hour format covers all four dinner parties, with the winner announced at the end.

The rest of the series starts on January 7 and the celebrities include:

Former-Olympian Lisa Curry,Brisbane Bronco’s captain Sam Thaiday, Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham and fitness guru Tiffany Hall; iconic fashion designer Peter Morrissey; landscape designer Charlie Albone; outrageous comedians and glamorous showgirls Maria Venuti and Carlotta; broadcasters and TV presenters Luke Jacobz, Sophie Falkiner, and Gretel Killeen; musicians, and stars of stage and screen James Morrison, Christie Whelan Browne, Red Symons and Mark Holden; and journalist and Lifestyle Channel ambassador Kate Waterhouse.

Fans of the show will be happy television and radio presenter James Valentine is back on board as narrator

Celebrity Christmas Come Dine With Me Australia episode that will air on Sunday, December 1 at 8.30pm on the Lifestyle Channel.

The rest of Celebrity Come Dine With Me Australia series starts on January 7, Thursdays at 8.30pm on Lifestyle.


November 11, 2013   11 Comments

Now Casting: Come Dine With Me Australia Looking For Applicants

It is not official that we will see another season of Come Dine With Me Australia, however they are currently looking for applicant.

The show is where you cook a meal and it is judged by the other dinner party participants and if you get the highest score out of the four then you win $1000.

The format changed last season with all four dinner parties seen in a one hour episode.

If you can cook a little but also just want to have a bit of fun go here to apply. You have until the end of of August to do so.

March 23, 2013   5 Comments