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Undercover Boss Australia – The Southern Railway Corp

Well tonight’s Undercover Boss Australia will be the first and last episode of the series I will watch.

Why? Well it was just too formulaic, and it was great that the employees were all fabulous on the railway however that does not make great entertainment. It would have been good if one of them at the end had asked him for a payrise on national TV. Or if the cleaner had wiped out the toilet then wiped down the handbasin.

Obviously the deal in the advertorial for The Ghan and the Indian Pacific is not to show anything negative. OK there was a blocked toilet but that appeared to be easily rectified.

I am not sure it was a great advertisment for the two iconic railways. They kept on saying how expensive it was but their house sparkling was Seaview, and the beer was VB. Nothing about the episode made me want to go and buy a ticket.

The show followed the the CEO Tony doing all sorts of different menial jobs throughout the company. The reason they give for the cameras is that he is re-entering the workforce. Then at the end of the episode he see each of the employees and reveals who he is and then gives them a nice present, usually a trip.

The show is a good premise however it is just all a tad predictable after you have watched a few episodes.

September 12, 2011   4 Comments

Channel Ten Renews Junior Masterchef And Undercover Boss

It is no surprise that Junior Masterchef and Undercover Boss have been renewed by Channel Ten. Both of these shows have been a ratings hit for the station.

One show they have ditched is Don’t Stop Believing the Glee type talent show where groups compete against each other. The show bombed in the ratings in the UK. Wisely Channel Ten have decided not to take the risk with it here.

November 15, 2010   5 Comments

Undercover Boss Coming To Channel Ten

I thought I had my finger on the reality TV pulse but clearly not.  Channel Ten have announced they have secured the tape and format rights to a reality TV show from the US called Undercover Boss.

Ten are claiming this reality series made the highest rating premier of any TV show in the US. They state in its first episode it was watched by 38.6 million viewers. They don’t advise whether that figure was maintained. UPDATE: after a bit of a Google I found out only one episode has been screened in the US.

Anyway I have never heard of this show, but I vaguely remember something similar on Lifestyle Channel from the UK.

The show follows high-level chief executives as they slip anonymously into the rank and file of their companies.

Companies involved have been Waste Management, Hooters, and Seven-Eleven. Well I hope the Hooter’s boss is a female as they may have a problem fitting in with the rank and file of the organisation.

Channel Ten have not announced a screening date yet, nor whether an Australian version will be made of the program. called it phony, manipulative and entertaining. Oh yes I will be watching it.

February 10, 2010   2 Comments