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A Harold And Maude Moment On Britain’s Got Talent

OK this is actually one of those inspirational clips with Paddy a 79 year old lady who dances with Nico who is about half her age. Paddy is quick to say it is a purely professional relationship, but there is one lift that veers into Harold and Maude territory!

What looks like it is going to be a joke audition but quickly turns into this is frigging amazing.

Also I want Paddy’s legs.

Don’t expect moments like this on Australia’s Got Talent as the show has been axed.


April 16, 2014   18 Comments

Australia’s Got Talent – Gonski

Channel NINE have chopped Australia’s Got Talent from their schedule. After acquiring the show after SEVEN dropped it, the ratings did not do as well as they hoped.

The network invested in the show with expensive salaries to pay for Dawn French, Kyle Sandilands and Mel B. I am going to presume Rookie judge Timomatic’s salary was not as high. However viewer interest waned during the series.

Mel B will still be seen on NINE with her being signed up to be a judge on The Voice Kids. Hopefully Timomatic will get another chance at a reality show as he was refreshingly entertaining on screen.

Source: Mumbrella

April 6, 2014   3 Comments

Grant Denyer Denial Of Meth Addiction Is Unravelling

Grant denyer

Grant Denyer this week denied he was in rehab for meth addiction and said he would be taking legal advice concerning the story in this week’s Woman’s Day.

However Woman’s Day decided to fire back quickly with what looks like the knock out blow, with a person claiming to be at the rehab centre at the same time as Grant Denyer and his wife.

The article has Askin Karahan telling the magazine he had been at rehab with him. He says:

“Arriving at the rehab centre in Thailand was a blur for me. I was there for help with my drug addiction and didn’t know what to expect.

It was the following day in a roomful of people in group therapy I saw Grant Denyer and his wifestand up and say they were addicted to meth.

Was I shocked to see him? To hear that? Of course I was. I knew him from the weather. I think anyone would have been shocked, but that’s the thing about drugs. It takes over the best of us. Role models, actors, sportspeople, musicians, your next door neighbour…

Last year was hard for me. My mum passed away and I’d started going out a lot with my friends just to forget about it for a while. Eventually partying wasn’t enough and I started taking cocaine.

It just sort of numbed everything but my family knew what was going on and they were worried about me.

It’s not really about my mum, though – I don’t want to play the victim here.

Plenty of people lose someone and they don’t turn to drugs. That was my choice and I know I’m not blaming anything.

My family told to me get my life sorted out and a friend suggested The Cabin drug rehab, so I called them.

I spoke to their psychologist and they said their success rate was high because of their 12-step program, so a couple of days later I went. My family helped me with the $14,000 fees.

I recognised Grant as soon as I saw him. I didn’t expect him to be there – would anyone? But now I understand that ice is pretty big in Australia and a lot of people are users.

Like all of us, Grant had tried and failed to get clean before.

Everyone tries and fails, but his main reason was that drugs in a relationship doesn’t work. It’s too unstable, so of course they wanted to get clean to save that. That’s what they said.

Full story on Woman’s Day website.

Grant Denyer’s threats of legal action might have made it into a bigger story then it was. It is a bit like Craig Thompson whose life has now imploded since he decided to sue the Sydney Morning Herald about using his union credit cards to pay for the services of sex workers.

Interesting that Grant Hackett’s father is not allowing him to be in denial about his prescription drug addiction and has been in the media saying it is true after Grant said he was in the USA at treatment centre to take some time out.

February 26, 2014   50 Comments

Grant Denyer Denies That He Had An Ice Addiction

Grant Denyer has come out swinging at the article in this week Woman’s Day which claims he spent a month at a rehab clinic to beat an addiction to methampehtamine. The former Australia’s Got Talent host and Sunrise weatherman is obtaining legal advice on what is a sensational article.

Grant Denyer in a statement to said:

The Denyers admit that they did spend time at The Cabin, however strongly deny the magazine’s reports that it was for drug issues in a statement released to

“Claims that the couple have a drug addiction and that Grant recently lost his Channel 7 contract are both false,” says the joint statement from Grant and Chezzi Denyer, released by the former Sunrise weatherman’s manager Titus Day. “They are currently taking legal advice on what action can be taken against the magazine.

“Grant and Chezzi Denyer are saddened by the highly defamatory article in this week’s Woman’s Day Magazine. The couple have been under immense stress in recent months due to Grant dealing with chronic fatigue brought on by exhaustion and an ongoing unknown stomach illness. Chezzi has also been dealing with PTSD and anxiety issues resulting from Grant’s condition.”

The statement continues: “The wellness centre they attended in Thailand specialises in the treatment of PTSD and exhaustion and they spent four weeks there to finally address these ongoing health concerns. With their conditions now under control they are healthier and happier than they have ever been.

The program director at The Cabin in Chang Mail also told  that “Grant and Chezzi Denyer were both in treatment at The Cabin Chiang Mai for work exhaustion, executive burnout, anxiety, and PTSD”.

“They were both highly motivated during treatment and the episode resulted in a successful outcome,” the statement read.

The Woman’s Day article claims that Denyer and his wife had a $200,000 year drug habit and sought help for the addiction at rehab. Their two-year-old daughter’s grandparents looked after her for the month they were at The Cabin Chang Mai which states on its website it is Asia’s best and most respected drug and alcohol rehab centre.

What some people might find even more scandalous is the Woman’s Day claims that Grant was paid $750,000 to host Slide Show.


February 24, 2014   17 Comments

Magic Is A Thing In 2014 And It’s Popularity Can Be Linked To Reality TV

A few years ago the thought of a night out to go see an magician would have evoked thoughts of cheesy tricks involving doves and women in sequin leotards being chopped in half. OK so maybe the women being butchered remain because let’s be frank THAT act never gets old,  however these days the tricks are far more sophisticated and the popularity of this genre is on the rise.

Reality TV can be thanked for this particularly the Got Talent franchise where each week a magician is beamed into our lounge rooms and leaving us asking “how did they do that”?

This year two magicians, Sam Powers and Raymond Crowe, made the Australia’s Got Talent finale voted in by the viewer. Both are established professionals however this exposure helps push them from the corporate gig circuit into the mainstream.

Raymond Crowe this January is an Australian magician at the Sydney Opera Houses show The Illusionists 2.0 which includes a line up of top international magicians who ironically have also all been on their countries Got Talent franchises. Which does raise the question is why are most magician’s male?

In an article in SMH  the magician’s  acknowledge the link between the shows and the increase in their profiles with James More saying “I didn’t appreciate how big a break television gives you, just an incredible amount of exposure where you wouldn’t be seen otherwise”.

This show is the follow up from from last years very successful Illusionists show, where the ethos is there is not one star of the show. Which is the reason Australia’s best known magician Cosentino was not on the bill in the inaugural season as he wanted special billing.

However I am sure he is not crying into his weetbix nor has his ego deflated as this year he has had highly rated television specials and won the latest series of Dancing With The Stars. Channel SEVEN have grasped onto the revival in this traditional genre and have declared themselves the Home of Magic with the Network announcing they have secured the rights to hit new British series The Happenings and Tricked, which will join a fourth series from Dynamo: Magician Impossible in primetime in 2014. Oh and expect Consentino to turn up at some point.

For tickets and more information about  The Illusionist 2.0 go here.

Are you a fan of magic? Do you watch it on television? By the way what is the difference between a magician and illusionist? Nothing that is just an illusion….

December 23, 2013   1 Comment