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My Kitchen Rules – Come Dine With Me in Slow Motion?

“I want more” said Manu Feidel to Gabe one of the NSW team, but unfortunately for her he was talking about her lime cheesecake.

My Kitchen Rules was like a slow motion Come Dine With Me. It lacked the fast pace of the 30 minute  Lifestyle Channel cooking show, and the slightly biting commentary of James Valentine. But having the 60 minutes did allow the viewer to see more of the food prep and shopping.

One thing we did not see much of was the dinner party conversation between all the guests, hopefully they will liven up as the episodes go on. I would have thought that by waiting 90 minutes for their main, they must have been pretty sloshed, and there would be some great comments being vocalised.

The premise of the show is that five teams from different states compete for the title of “best home cook”. The first part of the series is set in each of the teams home where they cook for each other and are scored by the other teams, and the judges Manu Feidel and Pete Evans. And then the top teams from this round will go on to compete in a restaurant environment.

The rules are you have only three hours to prep and cook on the day, and once you have submitted your menu you have to stick with it. So if you get to the fish markets and the barramundi looks old and ordinary, you can not change to blue eye cod.

Here are just a few thoughts about the first episode:

  •   Tanja the Queensland contestant  didn’t know the continental way of kissing, ie on both cheeks, so got a  bit befuddled about it, and told her sister she scored two kisses of Manu;
  • Why did Mossy keep on bowing to the judges?
  • Judges Manu Feidel and Pete Evans clearly have a bromance going on as Pete is not bothering to shave so he can get that one week growth look that Manu has; and
  • Why was it all about Mossy in the getting to know the NSW team montage, I would have liked to have known a bit more about Gabe.

Mossy and Gabe’s menu was  Tumeric Crusted Barramundi with wild Rocket & Tzatziki which was better received then it actually sounded.

The main rib eye fillet with mustard kipler mash, beans, Red Wine Port Onion Jus was their archilles heel. It took 90 minutes to get to the table, as it took Mossy 60 minutes to make the mashed potatoe. What I could not work out was why it could not be made prior and just heated up.

Pete Evans summed it up nicely when he said “it was meat and two veg on a plate.” Also the Victorian boys Clint and Noah complained a bit about the mash to meat ratio. The steaks were on the small size.

Dessert was Baked Lime Cheesecake, Gabe had made two, but one of them was undercooked. She decided she could not get 10 portions out of the one cake, and had to give three diners pieces of the flop. Mel and Paul from Adelaide were not happy when they got the duds. However they did not give them the lowest score of the evening.

Overall they scored a pretty average 22/40 from their fellow competitors, and once the judges scores were added in they received a respectable 66/100 and the knowledge that Pete Evans thought the meal was above average.

At this stageI think the show is enjoyable, but I don’t think the itis as entertaining as Masterchef Australia or Come Dine With Me. The judges are likeable but we are not being shown any repartee between them which might make the more lively.

Tomorrow night it is the Victorian boys turn to face the heat of the kitchen.


1 Injera { 02.01.10 at 10:08 pm }

Is this on every night, or just once a week? Cos I think it’s going to lose out to Come Dine if it’s nightly.

Hate the idea of the other contestants giving marks – clearly they will lowball. It’s worse than Come Dine as the prize is bigger and all diners (i.e. contestants) get to know the score to beat at the end of the night.

They seemed to spend a lot of time introducing all contestants, so I’m predicting an awful (and I mean awful) lot of recapping as the competition wears on.

Still splutter when I hear Pete Evans being described as one of Australia’s most celebrated chefs…

2 Reality Raver { 02.01.10 at 10:23 pm }

Injera – you are so right, I had not even thought about the fact that the other teams know the points to beat. Very unfair.

3 elisabethlily { 02.01.10 at 11:09 pm }

I have to say Come Dine With Me Australia is my favourite new show… and perfect succinct length of half hour nightly. Don’t think I will bother to watch My Restaurant Rules. Maybe only if they get ‘Flipper’ to help out one of the teams…!

4 CG { 02.01.10 at 11:31 pm }

Ha! I think I like it, I want to like it but this first show was a bit “STIFF’! Agree, it is some kind of strange combo of Come Dine and MasterChef. Some of my thoughts include:

– Why the hell are the men wearing suits! – including sweaty Mossy! Why so formal? The two lads from VIC looked like they were going to a funeral…it all made me tres uncomfortable thru the entire meal. Hopefully everyone will loosen up soon.

– I was thinking ‘wow’ this is going to be a short series – 5 couples, 2 nights a week, we’ll be done in 3-4 weeks…I didn’t see the first few mintues and didn’t know about ’round 2’… I need to understand more about how this works.

– I don’t mind the hour-long format because you do get to see more of the preparation, including shopping and cooking…and at least they didn’t drag the scores over to the next episode.

– I was waiting to see if they revealed the scores to the competitors (vs. just the viewers)…I can’t figure out why they did. Seems very unfair and a huge disadvantage to the first 1-2 teams. As we know, on Come Dine the viewer sees the scores but the participants don’t.

– Also in terms of fairness…I hope ALL teams had to submit their menus before they started. Otherwise, the latter teams will have a huge advantage in tailoring their menu based on the judges’ comments. They already have an advantage in terms of the judges’ tips: ie consistent desserts, types of potatoes, meat-veg ratios, etc. etc.

– Like on Come Dine with me, we need a little more alcohol … or something else to get people to LIGHTEN UP…hope it is first night jitters and things will loosen up shortly!

– Agree Manu and Pete don’t have the “schtick” and banter of the MC trio of judges…you need a real bastard in the mix….or someone like MattP? I thought I saw a commerical where other chefs might come into the mix later in the series???…and what about a female judge??!!!

– As for personalities, I won’t be able to take large does of the sisters from Queensland…very b-o-g-a-n…! the couple from WA are really up themselves..but not as much as the pair of winners from SA…. I am hoping already they (SA roomies) have a little disaster when its there turn to cook.

As a final comment, I thought it was hilarious how Ch7 attempted to blur the sexuality of the boys from VIC. Are they gay or not? “Best buddies”…. but they live together in what is cleary not a rental? And did you see when they did the little bio on each couple that they showed the VIC boys going to the beach…but stuck in some sexy-blondes-in-bikini shots? If they are gay, who cares. Suck it up Ch7…

I’ll watch the series esp given there is no conflict with Come Dine with Me and CDWM seems to be re-run all day Saturday and Sundays as well so easy to get caught up if I miss a few nights. Speaking of which, I loved last week’s group on CDWM..this week, I’m not so sure.

Elisabethlily… no more from Flipper…please!

5 Laura { 02.02.10 at 12:19 am }

I’m going to keep watching… but only for Manu.

I agree with everybody else, Come Dine with Me is better. It is quicker and more fun and entertaining. My Kitchen Rules is so serious, and the suspenseful music is just lame.

Plus, tonight’s episode of CDWM was gold. Nicole is hilarious. I can’t believe she gave him a 9, the highest score ever given in the show so far (correct me if I’m wrong). The food looked awful. Bryan was so funny too. Plus I loved watched James’ reaction to all the weirdos as he seems to be the normal one. I will definitely keep watching this week (I also love that there are several opportunities to watch the ep throughout the evening and on the weekend, in case I miss the first screening!)

6 Jacqui { 02.02.10 at 7:17 am }

I only watched a few minutes so far, but it didn’t seem very exciting! Not sure how many episodes i will watch if they are all as boring as this one!

7 themolk { 02.02.10 at 9:56 am }

Looking forward to watching it (I missed it last night, but did record it to view tonight, after Survivor!). I fear MKR will fade into obscurity without some kind of decent scandal – either contestants ganging up to better their positions and/or dump others, or something else. It all seems/sounds too bland…

8 Jeb { 02.02.10 at 10:04 am }

Random thoughts:

A show that i didn’t want to like. The ads during the tennis put me off.

Contest type shows which don’t start from scratch are weird. It’s like channel 7 has decided upon the exact right mix of contestants, thrust these people onto us and market the hell out of them. I know all the idols, sytycd and mc’s are about the mix but the mix comes together before our eyes.

The state by state thing didn’t work last time on my restaurant rules. Are you suppossed to get behind the home-growns?

No one or couple on the show strike me as endearing, charismatic or even dislikeable. Of course these things develop over time, but my fear is that in the rush to nicen things up masterchef style they’ll remove any personality.

Just before the ad breaks when they preview the next installment they took ever single comment out of context. Therefore they promised drama but it never eventuated. Not a new concept i know but without any drama at all it was a lame ploy. Eg the girl from WA saying “i’m not eating that” about the cheesecake. they played it like she was talking about the cake being unedible not the massive slice she was talking about.

I’ve never seen come dine with me. Any rip off elements are annoying. A perhaps small similarity to masterchef but a grating one for me is the same type of theme music.

Other contestants voting is the dumbest thing i’ve seen in a while. Does anyone think stuff like this through.

Mancrush on Manu.

How do you reckon it’ll rate RR? Massive marketing would have to give it good numbers this week wouldn’t it.

9 Culinary Boner { 02.02.10 at 12:09 pm }

Too much of a hybrid program to work, in my opinion. Really, really BORING.

What seems to pass as creative strategy for reality TV producers nowadays is just a splicing together and rejumbling elements of previously successful shows, as in this MCA/Come Dine WithMe ripoff.

Just like those hideous ‘designer’ dogs that combine poodles with pugs with Irish wolfhounds etc…these hybrid shows deserve to be drowned at birth.

10 Paul { 02.02.10 at 12:41 pm }

IQ’d it last night and whizzed through it.

*Whats with the State vs State thing ? Personally I couldn’t care less where they are from and I am not just going to support the Vic couple just because I am from Victoria. I’m sure others are the same.
* Hate how they are copying the Masterchef judges and going with the ‘niceness’ factor. It just seemed so contrived to me.
* Liked Pete Evans on Masterchef. Don’t like him on MKR. Just seems a bit too try hard to me where as he came across very naturally on Masterchef.
* Manu is good but is wasted on this show.
* Over-bearing number of promo’s during the tennis put me in a negative frame of mind before the show even started.

One thing successful cooking shows have is a ‘learning’ factor. Most people cook and they want to learn how to do things better. Thats why Masterchef was so popular. It taught new dishes in a simplistic and enjoyable manner. Come Dine With Me is similar although there is slightly less emphasis on food and a lot more on presentation. I learnt nothing from MKR.

Like others have said. Come Dine With Me is far superior. I’m shocked as to why a commercial network hasn’t picked it up. It would be cheap as chips to run and has a proven format in the UK. Plus the Australian version holds up just as well in my opinion

11 Reality Raver { 02.02.10 at 12:50 pm }

Elizabethlily and Laura – Agree about Come Dine With Me, I am just watching last night’s episode now. Christ it is a bunch of characters will have to blog on it this week.

CG – agree the characters/personalities need to developed to give the show a bit of oomph. Actually I found the WA and SA teams the most unlikeable. I did not mind the Qld’s girls at this stage, they just seemed a touch naive.
The vic boys are straight they talk about it in this week’s TV Week.

jacqui – I think if the pace does not pick up people will switch channels.

The Molk – will do my best to dish up some MKR scandal. I may have a tidbit for you that will be on blog soon once I get some stuff verified.

Jeb – I think Seven has been smart by starting the show this week. However if there is not more interaction and snappy conversation between the cast people may turn off. We don’t get to taste the food, so we need either the drama of the cooking or the drama or the interpersonal interaction. The other issue is Come Dine With Me is on so we are able to contrast the shows, and CDWM is absolutely hilarious. But then it is only $2000 prize money not $100000 so there is more on the line for the MKR contestants. jeb also agree with your state v state comment. I couldn’t care less where they are from.

Culinary Boner – LOL re: designer dogs, and they always come with lots of problems.

12 Reality Raver { 02.02.10 at 12:54 pm }

Paul – Agree re: the state v state thing. I would vote for the team that I think is the best not of where they live. Also what is the point of having State teams if there is going to be NO voting. I presume voting may kick in later on in the series.

I suspect every free to air station is now kicking themselves about not picking up the Come Dine With Me format now. As you said easy and cheap.

13 CG { 02.02.10 at 12:56 pm }

Actually, purebreds tend to have more problems than mutts! Inbreeding. I could make a joke about Tassie and why Tassie is not represented on MKR but I won’t. But Boner, please don’t ever talk about drowning puppies and doggies!

14 TDK { 02.02.10 at 1:08 pm }

This is rubbish, I want to see it fall and crumble like the second Lime Cheesecake.

15 Paul { 02.02.10 at 1:08 pm }

By the way, it rated very ordinarily last night.

9th overall with just on 1.1 million viewers. Considering there was nothing else much on at 7.30pm and the amount of promotion Seven had put into it, you would think they would be looking for at least 1.4m or so (minimum)

As a comparison, the 7pm Project began its first night with just over 1 million and soon went backwards to around the 750k mark.

I’m tipping audience figures of below 1m tonight for MKR (up against the final of Survivor and TBL). If that does eventuate then we are looking at a Homemade type disaster for Seven (in terms of ratings).

16 Reality Raver { 02.02.10 at 1:09 pm }

TDK – your comment just gave me the biggest belly laugh

17 TDK { 02.02.10 at 1:10 pm }

Survivor all the way.

18 Paul { 02.02.10 at 1:22 pm }

Anyone realise the first host on CDWM last night was Bryan Wiseman, ex ‘star’ of Home & Away.

Quite an interesting character if you google him.

Something to remember RR if you do a blog of this weeks show.

19 Reality Raver { 02.02.10 at 1:22 pm }

Paul – I think 1.1 million is pretty decent if it can be sustained. Also last night there was no other show to compete with it. Tonight they will be battling it out with other popular shows who have loyal viewers like Survivor and So You Think You Can Dance

20 Reality Raver { 02.02.10 at 1:41 pm }

TDK – Agree final tonight. Nine has said it will show Heroes V Villians later on in the year. Which could mean anything.

Paul – Thanks for the heads up on Bryan Wiseman, I will definitely be blogging on the show this week.

21 Amon { 02.02.10 at 1:45 pm }

Culinary Boner – Never mind the show, I’m more disturbed by the fact that you think designer dogs deserves to be drowned at birth.

Whether you are serious or not, nobody needs to hear thoughtless, insensitive animal cruelty comments such as these.

22 Wurstsemmel { 02.02.10 at 2:03 pm }

Manu. The only good thing about this show.

Super boring anyway you look at it. I can’t believe I sat through it and I don’t believe I will again.

23 Wurstsemmel { 02.02.10 at 2:09 pm }

PS….even though I said I would watch paint dry if Manu was doing the painting

24 Reality Raver { 02.02.10 at 2:40 pm }

Wurstsemmel – maybe the pace will pick up a bit, I think we are just used to the drunken lushes on Come Dine With Me. Not sure I like Manu’s camel coloured suit.

25 Wurstsemmel { 02.02.10 at 6:34 pm }

RR, you may be right. I’ll tune in to see how the Melbourne guys go.

And Manu? Don’t like the clothes? Easily fixed. Hee.

26 XXXManu { 02.02.10 at 6:44 pm }

Had I have been invited to that dinner party, I would have made my excuses very early on in the evening, and been in a cab straight down to the local pub for a beer and a laugh.
That was one dull looking dinner party!
Obviously it could have been spiced up with Manu helping the lawyer get the 2nd cheese cake out of the oven, whoops it slipped, let me help you out of those dirty…dirty…clothes Manu.
Other than that, total snoozefest

27 Laura { 02.02.10 at 7:41 pm }

I think Come Dine with Me would do very well in Channel 10’s nightly 6pm slot. I’d rather it be on the Lifestyle channel so I have a lot of timeslots to choose from, although if it were on 10 more people would watch so we could discuss the next day.