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So You Think You Can Dance – The Top 20

Why oh why did they show just about all the top 20 at the beginning of the show, it killed some of the suspense of the episode. Also why when you are doing one of you is going between to people it is usually pretty obvious the person with the low amount of screen time will be given the flick.

Anyway first of all lets have a look at the top 20 and see what we know about them:

 Will is  a 31 year old ballroom dancer  is from Melbourne, and may struggle in the other styles as he has no other training.

Ilona is a 28 year old hip hop dancer from the Central Coast, in NSW. She has had some training in other styles but nothing too formal. She has danced in a Guy Sebastian music clip, and also with Vanilla Ice at V Festival.

Jessica is a 21 year old ballroom dancer from Newcastle. She is also a medical receptionist, math tutor and dance teacher. She also has had ballet training which should help her versatility in the competition.

Doug is the guy who is married to the US girl, and is currently waiting for his visa. He is a 23 year old dance teacher from Perth. He has worked as a professional dancer in Tokyo Disney, and on cruise ships

Jessie – is a 19 year old contemporary/ballet dancer from Sydney. She has danced at Disney World and locally.

Keiran– this 18 year old ballroom dancer from Melbourne is an early favourite of mine even though he slightly looks like Michael Buble. He also has trained in ballet and other commercial styles.

Issi – I thought this pick was a tad contentious, as the 18 year old contemporary dancer from Sydney really stuffed up her last solo. I think she is good but not great. Has she been placed to attract a certain demographic? I am happy to be proven wrong.

Nick – this 21 year old contemporary/lyrical/ hip hop dancer was barely sighted in the top 100 episode so he will be at a disadvantage in the top 20 shows. Oh hang on is this the guy who said he was told to audition by God?

Robbie  the 18 year old from Sydney is a  beautiful dancer. He did a most fabulous solo, maybe that is why Issi has been put through to be paired with him as she is tiny. He can do 10 continuous split jumps in a row.

Heath – who had to pull out of last year because of a broken foot made it through despite a pretty dodgy hip hop routine. The 22 year old dancer from the Gold Coast can dance jazz, lyrical, tap and musical theatre. He has performed in Wicked  in the US, and also in Barney  in Dubai.

ReneeThe 23 year old from Tasmainia works as a barista. She has previously said she does not get commercial work because of her looks. I think her looks are fine.

Donthis BBoy finally got in through after two years got. He has been a long time favourite of mine. He will be very competative helped by having an already established fan base. Don is an 24 year old air con technician from Sydney (Mt Druitt). He has been doing a few jazz and contemporary classes for technique. And bad news girls he has a long term girlfriend called Brooke who is also a dancer.

 Ivy is a 23 year old contemporary, jazz and tap dancer. Previously she was a ballet dancer. When she can’t get professional dance work she waitressses. You may have seen her in a Grinspoon video clip.

 Jess S is a 20 year old lyrical, hip hop and commercial jazz dancer from Sydney, we did not see much of her in tonight’s episode hopefully that won’t be to her disadvantage when the public start voting.

Grace who reminds me of a funky looking Amy from the top four last year is a jazz/contemporary/musical theatre/ hip hop dancer. The 21 year old from Brisbane is a professional dancer and has danced on various TV shows.

Gaz – is a 26 year old BBoy from the Gold Coast. He is a fulltime dancer. He is not new to reality TV as he was a semi-finalist on Australia’s Got Talent. He has completed  year of fulltime dance to learn other styles.

Phillipe  is a cutie even though he was wearing a Ed Hardy t-shirt, when is that designer going to go out of style. The 30 year old hip hop dancer is from Brisbane. He has danced at the Arias with Jessica Mauboy.

MikhealaI was wrong about her NOT making top 20. This 20 year old  Jazz dancer from Melbourne works at Love Machine Freestyling.

Carly – is a 21 year old jazz dancer, from Sydney but has also trained in ballet, tap and contemporary. Her professional dance work includes two Bonds commercials. She says if she was not a dancer she would be an actress.

Matt – a 20 year old is  latin, hip hop, jazz and tap dancer from Sydney. He is also a mechanic. His other claim to fame is being on Nikki Webster’s single cover.

What do you think of the top 20? Do you have a favourite?  Do you think they got it right?


1 par3182 { 02.05.10 at 1:23 am }

So that’s a Jess, a Jessie and a Jessica? I so hope they’re all up for elimination the same week.

Glad Don finally made it, but what happened to his brother?

Favourites – Gaz for the hotness, Heath for the prettiness, and Robbie and Kieran for the dancing.

2 Wurstsemmel { 02.05.10 at 7:53 am }

Have always had a soft spot for Don and so really happy to see him make the grade. He’d be a favourite but, at the moment, I’d go for Robbie for a win.

Like you, not sure why Issi is there. I think she will go early.

3 josie { 02.05.10 at 9:44 am }

Favs so far Ilona,grace, heath and don

4 akris { 02.05.10 at 10:31 am }

Favourites so far is Don and Keiran, and I am looking forward to seeing Robbie do a whole routine.

Disappointed that Mikheala got through and even Issi.. but mostly Mikhaela.. especially over the likes of Rose (the beautifully simple Ballerina).. it makes me feel like other than thinking about the mix of dance styles.. they also have to have a ‘mix’ of looks.. ie. must fulfill criteria of 50% blonde bombshells regardless of dance ability.

Also, i think Jess S was Hilton’s girlfriend in Season 1. She got to the top 40 then as well.

5 Bee { 02.05.10 at 12:19 pm }

Is Don the brother of Demi from season 1? Or somehow related to her – same “crew” or something?

6 par3182 { 02.05.10 at 1:03 pm }

No, Demi’s brother was Carlo. Plus she’s from Melbourne and Don is from Sydney, so probably not the same crew.

7 josie { 02.05.10 at 1:37 pm }

I also really like robbie…just watched his solo again in full and he is just brilliant

8 KC { 02.05.10 at 8:18 pm }

I don’t know why but Jess S looks SO familiar…I think she reminds me way back of Hilton’s (SYTYCDAus Season 1) girlfriend who didn’t make it in the end…Its not her right?

9 John { 02.06.10 at 2:55 am }

Yeah I don’t know what to think about Issi, I liked her in the group performance ( I am glad Alvin got told to try out as a choreographer) and her original audition, but after rewatching her final solo it was a bit poor. Still, one mind blank and some pretty good dancing, i think the one thing she has going for her is a half decent knowledge of pretty well all dance styles, may give her an advantadge.

10 Reality Raver { 02.06.10 at 8:14 am }

Par3182 – I agree all the jess’s is going to get confusing.

Wurstsemmel and Josie- I reckon there is a bit of luck in who you get partnered with. But all the dancers this year are extremely versatile. Personally I would want to be partnered with Keiran as he looks like he is good in all genres. Also Don I think will be good as well. However if Robbie can pull it together with the lifts he could be ok but he is small.

John and Akris – I think Issi got through because she is petite. She will be partnered with Robbie. A lot of the girls this year appear average or above average height. And the choreographers love doing those lifts.

KC – I think you might be right, does anyone know if I get time today I will go and have a sticky beak on the official forum.

11 Reality Raver { 02.06.10 at 8:16 am }

Bee – no he is no relation. If Demi auditioned in the last two seasons chances she would not have been top 20 as the standard has definitely gotten better.

12 John { 02.07.10 at 4:22 am }

Yeah I guess that is probably why. thoguh i think she will be very popular with the public, I don’t think she will go anytime soon.

And yes, I would like to see Robbie do some lifts and I guess issi was probably the best dancer of that stature.

Saying that, if they weren’t going to pick her, I would be annoyed being the next best girl who didnt get picked cause she was too tall for the small guy to lift.

13 Laura { 02.07.10 at 8:04 pm }

Jess is Hilton’s girlfriend in Season 1, but I don’t know if they’re together anymore. Probably not or they would have exploited the relationship (Hilton was at the audition with his sister).

I really like the Top 20 this year :)

14 KC { 02.09.10 at 12:44 am }

Wow…I can’t believe I actually remembered 😀 I really wanted her to get in in first season but I’m glad she got in this season because it looks SUPER awesome. Like Season 1 was awesome but this season looks even more awesome 😀 Although Talia is still my fave winner…even though there’s only been two 😀