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So You Think You Can Dance Australia – Melbourne Auditions

In Melbourne  I thought there was a bit of tension between judges Matt Lee and Jason Coleman with Jason pulling rank a few times, but maybe that was just to create added drama to the show. One thing I am loving about the Australian version of the show is that in audition episodes they don’t put through too many joke dancers, so we get to see proper dancers for the 90 minutes, and Melbourne produced some real contenders.

I have also noticed this season that the contestants who have a sad story to tell seem to get through to the top 100, while others on a similar level get sent through to choreography. I think next season there are going to be auditioners doing a Johnny Fairplay and making things up just to give them a better chance to get to Sydney.

Ivy a former ballerina was the first to be auditioned in Melbourne. Her career ended when she grew into her body ie boobs popped and she ate carbohydrates. Matt Lee thought she needed to lose the pole up the bum look. I thought it hilarious when Jason said why don’t you explain what you mean to the viewers at home. One thing I do enjoy about Jason is his ability to explain technical dance terms in plain english.

Mikheala said she was there to get to top 20, personally I don’t think she is going to be good enough. She is very athletic but not a lot of emotion. However after choreography she made it through to Sydney and she deserved to.

Michael Australia’s version of bikini girl in his silver jocks  and his bodybuilder body was not the joke I thought he would be. I thought his dancing was original, entertaining and quite good, but I suspect choreography will be too challenging for him. I was wrong he did much better then expected but they did not put him through. And in a strange way I was disappointed.

Bonnie was pretty excited by his six pack. In fact I think Bonnie could become the pin up girl for Cougars. She certainly is very fit and attractive, she could definitely pull a forty year old.

Matt Lee also did not want to be distracted by him in the choreography and told him to put some clothes on.

Alvin who had a sad story about his mother dieing  was an ok hip hop dancer but was put through to top 100. I thought Alvin should have been tested in choreography.

Nick a contemporary dancer is very special he has God communicating directly with him, and this year God told him  to audition. By the way Nick informed us God is a he. For only five years of training, I thought he was pretty good. Because he was wearing socks while he was dancing Matt Lee wanted to see him dance in shoes and wanted to put him through to choreography.

Jason was prepared to put him through straight to Sydney. Bonnie as usual went with the easy decision and put him through.

Rose the ballet dancer had a really nice aura, as well as being a beautiful dancer. I thought Jason and Bonnie thought family welfare should have been called because she went to live in Paris at the age of 12 without any family. That was pretty amazing, but I got the impression it was what she wanted, and not something her parents pushed her to do.

Tim who did some weird helicopter thing with his arms looks like if he gets through to top 20 he could be very popular.

Matthew the 31 year old dancer kind of did stripper moves interspersed with dance moves. Apparently he worked with the Australian Ballet, and Moulin Rouge. Jason told him “Jazz ballet doesn’t exist anymore, jazz ballet we left behind in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s” which made me wonder what I am actually paying for in my daughters jazz class each Saturday. 

Anyway Matthew provided a “dramatic moment” with him tearing up and getting uptight about the criticism of his upmarket chippendales routine. Bonnie was schizophrenic with him telling him to “stop being condescending” but also telling him “she got him” which I found to be condescending.

He also revealed he had come home from Moulin Rouge because he had been sick, that illness was never explained. He did not get through to Sydney.

Mauro who is a self taught dancer was freaking amazing. He has only been working on his technique for six months. Jason Coleman and Matt Lee were about dubious about his no training claim, and also queried how he could be so flexible.

They wanted to put him through to choreography, but he said he could not make it as he had a flight to catch to Sydney. The judges said see you later. I got the feeling Jason did not like him at all, which would have made for some good TV if he had made it through.

Andrea who is cultivating a dumb blond persona, looks like she should have spent money on a math tutor rather then dance lessons. She will be a polarising contestant if she gets through. Last year she had a brain explosion in top 100 week, and she wants to prove herself this year.

Keiran was great doing a ballet/ballroom routine and he had great like-ability, he made it straight through to Sydney.

Elley-May was gushed over by the judges and will be one to watch throughout the competition.

Sid the dancing lawyer entertaining, but was it technically great?  The judges liked his crumping and he received a ticket.

Bonnie loved Dean and wanted to send him straight to Sydney. Jason and Matt were less enthusiastic and made him go to choreography. They did not like his attitude but put him through.

Ashley whose dancing career ended when she was 27, seems very unhappy, and was searching to get her self back post baby. Though I did like her comment of “being a 16 year old dancer in a 28 year old’s body”. She was well excited when she got put through to the top 100.

Tomorrow night things will start to get very interesting with the top 100 episodes starting, with all the drama and tears that will entail.

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1 Injera { 02.04.10 at 2:37 pm }

Have only watched one episode so far and from that I figured that the only reason they didn’t call it So You Think You Can Dance But You’ve Suffered A Trauma Which Set Your Chances Back However We’ll Give You A Chance As Long As You Agree To Open Some Raw Emotional Wounds For Us was because it would’ve been unwieldy. The worst one for me was the girl whose father had died. Clearly the judges know the backstories – they refer to notes constantly – so Jason pushed her to talk about it and then did the big “oh, love, you need a hug!” when she completely broke up over it. Dick. I was so upset for her that I didn’t even notice whether she went through or not.

Might tune in later in the season once those shenanigans are all done.