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The Apprentice – A Double Header and What A Cracker It Was

Sorry for the delay in posting but my computer had a brain explosion last night.

Well in the first episode of the double tonight, the tensions between the contestants were starting to come to the fore which made for very interesting viewing.

Sabrina really does not like Heather, thinking that she is bossy.  Though she also thought that about Mary-Ann as well. Gavin thought Morello always has to be the centre of attention. Just an aside both Gavin and Heather looked a bit tired on day one of the challenge. In the TV Week last week Mary Ann said that Gavin and Heather were the biggest partiers in the house and they did look like they were a tad hungover.

The challenge tonight was for the teams to pick a musical act and record and market them to three record company professionals.

The boys picked a group called Microwave Jenny who had a girl singer who sang soft pop, whereas the girls picked an all male rock band. I really liked Microwave Jenny, particularly the girl. However Morello wanted to promote the group so beefed up the guys roll in the singing department, something that ended up being a bad move. Also he wanted to promote that these two were a couple thinking that my attract publicity. Personally I think he should have let the singing do the talking. If you want information on their gorgeous sound go to their My Space Page

Whilst Morello was ‘producing’ the single Gavin was sent out to shop for clothes from General Pants to promote the Summer theme of the song. He was very confident doing this as he feels he can do anything. I think the problem for Gavin is that he does not have the likeability factor, this is may be due to the way the show is edited, but he appears arrogant and insincere. I am still not sure whether him appearing on the show will stand assist him in his new business enterprise where he is raising capital and giving business advice. Considering the record producers thought their pitch was bit like a used car sales man patter.

The ironic thing was Gavin who’s face is usually expressionless “thought he had never given such an emotional pitch”. Huh. Remind me not to get him to speak at my funeral.

Mary-Ann ended up being project manager for the girls team, even though Heather wanted it. But Heather was probably the most vocal. I am not sure why Mary-Ann wanted to be project manager as she then took a lot of advice from Heather, so if they lost Mary-Ann could be  in the firing line for passing on a lot of the responsibility of the challenge. For Sabrina she did not care who was project manager “as they were both bossy”.

Sabrina again in this challenge was underwhelming, and has flown under the radar the whole of the competition. She was peeved that she was the one sent out shopping, but then was not game to change the clothes from the predictable skinny black jeans (reminded me of Ratcat), to the red chinos. As Mary-Ann said she won’t make a decision.

Heather was having some producer meglomania issues which were starting to piss off Mary-Ann who said “I feel you are not hearing us,” to her. Heather did not comprehend this remark. Heather was also portrayed extremely badly in this challenge, she was shown in a slightly crazy manic way who was just walking down her own path. Likeability factor was low.

Heather’s crazy eyes came to the fore in the board room, as Mary-Ann went for Heather saying she was a control freak. Then Heather went for both of them. She did had a point when she said they don’t get into it 100 per cent.  Also Mary-Ann trying to abdicate responsibility regarding the selection on the band, was a bit naughty, as they were all in agreement.

In the end Sabrina was fired and deservedly so as hasn’t made a decision the whole series was fired. I love the way when Mark Bouris is making a point to her she squints a bit to try and indicate she is listening and taking what she says on board. Oh and I can we get a Royal Commission into the workings of MENSA, as I seriously saw no sign of super intelligence from her.

The boys prize was to get a private show with singer Cassie Davis. To me that felt a  bit weird, and the way they sat there it made it look like they were visiting a private gentleman’s club, which is probably where they would have preferred to be.

The second episode of this double header the teams were swapped with Gavin and Heather paired, and Morello and Mary-Ann were together.

The challenge was to present a segment on TVsn aka the shopping channel. A couple of questions – does anyone actually buy stuff off the shopping channel? And would you buy clothes from there? I reckon it must be late night stoners who go “Dude, I so need those scanpans, storage containers, or make up.”

Gavin was project manager with Heather’s acquiescence, and Morello managed to win the tussle with Mary Ann to lead the team. But Mary-Ann was still wanting to do it, and he then agreed to step aside.

Each contestant has to sell three products each, which the other team mate had to sell. They made a big deal about Mary-Ann picking the infinity dress for Morello to sell (which I thought he did a good job of), but did not have a go at Heather for picking “designer jeans” for Gavin to spruik. The jeans even made the model look fat and dumpy. Who would buy jeans over the TV?

But then what would I know one of their best sellers is a collectible doll.

Mary-Ann’s presentation was really good, and her and Morello worked really well as a team. With Morello feeding Mary-Ann facts and it all went pretty smoothly.

Gavin and Heather decided to do less producer input, and they were just going to not talk to each other through the ear piece. Heather ended up dying on screen, and Gavin just sat there like a zombie not thinking to give her a few lines to say. I think if this team had lost Gavin would have been gone.

Poor Morello had a disaster with the vacuum cleaner when he was doing the demo, as he could not get the vegemite off the rug, something he had practiced and practiced.  Mary-Ann was just pissing herself laughing, which was not helpful. Having said that I was laughing my head off. Funniest scene of the series thus far. In fact I think TVSN should give Morello a job I thought he was pretty good, except when he went back to his trademark auctioneer self with the scanpans. He would also be perfect for those 10 minute infomercials that make up the mid-morning programs.

Then it was Gavin’s turn. I am amazed Gavin didn’t get his shirt off whilst ironing to get a few more sales. At least it would have distracted us from his monotonal patter. Christ if him and Sabrina had a child imagine how the child would speak? It would have to go to speech therapy to learn how to put inflections and emotion in their voice. In the end Heather started feeding him lines to help with his sales pitch.

The boardroom scene was hilarious. Heather said she was affronted by Gavin picking the “young and sexy” make up, but at the time when Gavin told her she was young and sexy Heather seemed to simper with enjoyment.

In the end Eventus made $6831 and team pinnacle made $6924 in sales. I would have loved to have seen the breakdown of those figures to see what products sold the most.

So Gavin and Heather won, which was unfortunate as I would have loved to have seen them throw each other under a bus to save themselves.

In the end Mary-Ann was fired, for not supporting Morello enough when he was smearing the vegemite on the carpet.

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1 Liss { 11.17.09 at 9:35 am }

I think Heather was a correct choice for final three. I don’t trust Gavin and wouldn’t employ him for those reasons. MaryAnn has integrity but lost her nerve, sad to see her go. I hope someone else gives her an opportunity because she’s got potential.

THANK GOODNESS Sabrina is gone. Every sentence that girl spits out is empty, means nothing? Fence sitter is a perfect description.. side-stepper is another one. Only has a real opinion when trying to bring someone else down.

Morello, likeable but too much like a used car sales person.

Heather to win.

2 Helen (grabyourfork) { 11.17.09 at 9:41 am }

rofl at the speech inflection (or lack thereof) of gavin and sabrina’s offspring!

the vegemite scene was priceless! i wonder how much damage control TVSN had to do after their appearances!

3 CG { 11.17.09 at 1:12 pm }

Heather is a real piece of work. Making a big deal of the “sexy” label pissed me off, she was clearly preparing to throw Gavin under the bus. In fact, I think when she decided to help Gavin out as “producer” she also did that to contrast herself with Gavin in the event they lost. Wasn’t it HER (Heather’s) idea for the producer not to say much?

So glad Sabrina is gone, long over due.

Clearly in the second task, not selling the vacuum was the difference in the total $ totals (it was M&M’s highest priced item) and saved H&G.

Agree it would have been hilarious to see H & G fight each other for survival.

Was it my ears…or did Heather not call Gavin ‘babe’ several times during the task? Talk about sexism!

Unfortunately, it is a very weak final three. None of them deserve the win. Morello is the most harmless of the threesome but too much a used car salesman as everyone keeps commenting. I would have preferred Mary Ann for the win….I begrudgingly pick Heather for the win given the final three but really don’t like her or her ‘style’ /type.

Will it come out after the finale that H&G are an item… or H & MB perhaps?! Is MB married / partnered?

4 dmc { 11.17.09 at 1:25 pm }

I hope that next episode he fires all three of them.

5 Steph { 11.17.09 at 1:28 pm }

Huge LOL @ Morrello trying to get the vegemite off the rug! i don’t blame Mary-Ann for laughing at all. She’s only human!

6 Wurstsemmel { 11.17.09 at 1:42 pm }

It is a weak final three but then I never thought any of them had any huge amount of potential. I had picked Mary-Ann for the win but I have to say her inconsistency bugged me a little. She should never have insisted on project managing the first project…to quote Sabrina ‘sometimes it’s a sign of strength to let people with the knowledge handle something’ – well, words to that effect – of course, in Sabrina’s world that translates to handing over everything.

I loved when Sabrina was indignant to be told she was ‘good at shopping’. I’m damned if this series has shown us anything else she’s good at except reminding us of her Miss World Australia win and being a member of Mensa.

With the voice and the doe eyes to Mark Bouris, I’m glad to see the back of her.

I thought there was some tangible flirting between Gavin and Heather so your suggestion, RR, that they’re an item looks spot on.

I loved Microwave Jenny. Unfortunately, Morello’s changes did no one any favours and the summery, couple shots on the grass – well, they looked more like a couple of corpses. I had to laugh at Mark Bouris’s indignation about the tight trousers – quite how that was visible from the CD cover I’m not sure – I feel there had to be a little bit of fill in on that count from somewhere.

Throughout this whole thing Heather reminded me somehow of Heather Graham in Bowfinger. Out of the three, she’d have to be my choice but it’s not a good one.

I thought the emotional content of Gavin and Morello’s pitch was so corny. Talk about laying it on with a trowel. Did the record executives really buy into that?

I’m sure this show is manipulated. Some parts of it simply don’t make sense and, really, I can’t see how Mark Bouris would really hire any of this lot.

7 Miss Apprentice { 11.17.09 at 2:52 pm }

I missed most of the musical episode, but did witness Sabrina getting the flick, so I got to my t.v. just in time then (!!)

Am I mistaken or are Gavin and Heather “an item” so to speak ??

They seem to be all smitten and starry eyed in each others company and did I really hear Gavin call Heather “babe” at one point ???

A lot was made of the make up range having the word “Sexy” in it as in reference to Heather herself and why was that suddenly such a big deal to Mark Bouris ??

It was much more entertaining to see Gavin quickly denying he initially made this reference to Heather and the Make Up range himself – LOL.

It was hardly relevant what this make up range was called anyway as Heather couldn’t promote it to save her life.

It was a TERRIBLE presentation and not being helped by Gavin wanting or willing to save her life either as he just let her struggle what to say next.

Gavin of course needed to do some of his ironing on the shopping channel as that appears the only thing he is really good at other than looking out for himself and himself only and even made mention ironing is done from right to left, which must have been a selling point as why does that deserve a mention any other way ????

Maryanne did extremely well in her presentations with Morello giving her the right guidance just at the right time, which is the idea in this type of marketing, so that was a very good presentation on their part and I had high hopes for Morello and his presentations as this type of selling would have been right up his alley but he was stuck with an awkward womans dress and the dreadful Vegemite disaster.

I couldn’t work out why in other demos the Vegemite came out of the carpet straight away and this time it didn’t.

Apparently Morello had the wrong gadget on the vacuum cleaner and Maryanne just kept laughing instead of somehow trying to save the poor man !!

I must admit I was laughing too, but I wasn’t the Team Manager or Morello being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

It was an utter shame as I had high hopes Maryanne and Morello winning this competition as they were far more deserving than Heather and Gavin who completely lacked in originality and presentation.

It would have been much more exciting towitness Heather and Gavin battle it out in the Boardroom as that would have been the end of the romance at the same time and they would have thrown each other under the bus as a result.

THAT would have made good television, rather than see Maryanne get the chop and Morello so deflated as that was really quite sad for both of them…….

8 Sasha { 11.17.09 at 3:17 pm }

Last night was the best episode by far of the apprentice! Agree that Mary-Anne lost her composure but I must admit I was laughing my head off, pricesless moment, I think that Morello and Mary-Anne worked extremely well together and Mary-Anne was trying to regain some of the group she lost in the band debarcle… I read on another forum that there was quite a lot of “editing” as in the bad episode Mary-Anne threw Sabrina under the bus but saved heather by saying that Heather should not be fired, she should be becuase Heather onyl made bad decisions becasue as project manager she didnt make them! (when asked by Mark B… interesting!!!) On facebook there is a comment from Morello and Mary-Anne looks like there is no hard feelings, and think that ma was glad to get home knowing she was pregnant.. Regardless I think that the competition will now be with Morello and Heather, Gavin is too much of a tosser and I think Heather is lucky to be there… I am going for Morello!!

9 Jamie { 11.17.09 at 3:18 pm }

Looks like we are starting to see the outsides of the “romance” that was happening in the house… very VERY friendly calling him Babe etc. I am sure sitting at home with their families would have been cringe worthy… if that was my MRS she would be in deep shit with me!

10 Kaylen { 11.17.09 at 3:59 pm }

The final three are a disappointment. There’s really no other way of describing it.

Gavin, well, Mr. No-Personality-and-All-Pecs-Dude failed totally through-out the whole thing; in both challenges. Ms. Crazy-Eyes-I’ll Flirt-With-Gav(Babe) Heather would have done well if she had support from Gavin, I’ll admit to that. Other than that though? I think we finally saw her personality this episode – the type of person to kick you under the bus as it goes by.

Morello is… the most likeable of the three left. Though I think I would personally tire of him after a few days of his personality – as has been mentioned, too much of a used car salesperson for me.

Mary-Ann was, I think, the better contestant – unfortunately she also slightly started to annoy me in the way she decided to follow Heather’s lead and throw everyone else but herself (and never taking responsibility) out to dry.

Always take responsibility for what you do wrong – she did have a loud voice in choosing the band (which she denied) and she did have a negative effect in not helping Morello out during the Vegemite disaster – which she then turned around and blamed Morello for. While yes, he was at fault for not checking – she’s at more fault for not being supportive and would be the one held responsible for TVSN more than likely losing that brand from their lineup (after all, on live TV it was just proven to not work! No one is going to care that there was a reason for it; at the time it seemed to be the products fault. Would you want them selling your stuff after that? I wouldn’t).

I think that either Gavin or Heather should have gone (especially with the way Heather spoke to Mr. Bouris after he told her it’s not a smiling matter), but unfortunately I have to agree that out of Mary-Ann and Morello…. it was the correct choice, no matter how much I feel the final three is about as week as could be.

Disappointing to the extreme. The only redeeming factor was seeing the last of Sabrina… until they showed the preview for next week, and she’s back!

Cry, sob, etc.

11 Chuck { 11.17.09 at 4:00 pm }

Can’t believe that this is the final 3 we ended up with (even though they were the best of a bad bunch).

There weren’t any web entrepreneurs better than the clowns chosen? They all seem to think Marketing 101 is the key to the win.

12 Sheila Black { 11.17.09 at 9:36 pm }

Jamie (comment 9) – very interesting and I agree- if that was my partner they would be in deep trouble with me.
Sabrina – she complains that she had shopping assigned to her but she couldn’t even master that as the lead singer’s clothes didn’t fit..

13 Miss Apprentice { 11.17.09 at 9:46 pm }

Oh yeah forgot to mention Gavin tried his lawyer thing on Mark Bouris and that didn’t go down to well.

I believe he asked Mark Bouris to qualify a question and Mark really let him have it.

I can’t see Gavin being an employee in Marks Company as they would lock horns in a New York minute, but I think Mark has a soft spot for Heather, considering he went so over board about being sexy as being detrimental to her future image (!!)

Honest to God, is anyone going to remember Heather for anything, let alone think of her as “sexy” ?

I therefore think the outcome of this episode was rigged as Mark wants to keep Heather close, but maybe I’ll be eating humble pie after the last episode – LOL !!

14 Reality Raver { 11.17.09 at 10:07 pm }

Wurstsemmel – I am not sure if Gavin and Heather had a fling, but a commenter said there was an article in the Herald Sun now some week’s back. I think carmen may have been quoted. Probably the week after she had that huge barney with Gavin.

But Heather has been on ACA with her family a few week’s later.

CG – you are right Heather was saying babe a lot.

If I was Bouris I would pick Morello. I think he is willing to listen and learn. From last night’s show I got the feeling that Heather, and Gavin were a touch arrogant, but then again that may be what is required in the job.

15 Chrissie { 11.18.09 at 1:11 am }

LOL at the mono-tone babies comment!!

Sorry to see Mary-Ann go, but she did well to get this far. And too beat Sabrina (who should have gone weeks ago).

From the start I thought Gavin was a chance to win (he even looks a bit like Mr Boris don’t you think?!) but he has really come undone the last few weeks. But as for being a bit manipulative (as per last episode) perhaps that could be an advantage… if used for good not evil. 😉 LOL

Morello is the underdog…..infectious high energy personality, however I think whilst I think he really has good potential perhaps he has fluked/got lucky with some of his wins??

I think Heather is likable, has good business sense, energy, balls (as in brave and stands up for herself!) and and a willingness to learn. She has made some clever decisions over the season…and learnt from her mistakes. So she is my favourite – would be great to see a female win too!!

Oh, and to whoever said above that it was Heather who wanted to say less during the TV challenge, I’d like to disagree – I really believe that was Gavin’s choice (unfortunately a bad one)!

Go Heather!!

16 fortunate { 11.18.09 at 2:00 am }

this week’s episode showed the undenying affair between heather and gavin. i think that MB slammed Gavin and through inference Heather about the “young and sexy” range of products b/c he was disappointed that this has been going on- the affair despite the fact that she is married, and the amount of editing that had to be done in the last challenge to cut-out their smooching etc. Think the editors may have accidently missed out on cutting “babe”, sexy man etc which we all picked up on. MB would’ve seen it many a time in his career- smart, attractive woman throwing everything away including family to play with the big boys. MB seems like the new kinda boss where old school rules no longer apply, and perhaps he lived in hope that Heather who had the most potential to be his right-hand apprentice would not be a stereotype. At least not on national TV. Perhaps, just perhaps he slammed Gavin for choosing a product which would do Heather more harm than good- ie pigeon-holing her and he was disillusioned with Heather for proving to him that she will just sleep her way to the top. Perhaps MB he expected better of Heather, and her flirtations with Gavin was just a major professional disappointment. There is NO WAY that Gavin would even get a look-in at the final gig. In fact this show was career suicide for him. Perhaps Heather was the most promising, and MB was giving her a fatherly “you’ve got so much to offer, don’t let people remember you for the wrong reasons, don’t screw it up with something below you”…

PS- who ever he selects, they won’t last. Let’s not forget what he told Sam when he was fired- when this series is over, come back to me and we’ll talk. In 6 months we’ll find out that Morello has accepted a gig with Gerry Harvey, and Sam is The Apprentice…

17 CG { 11.18.09 at 2:49 pm }

Chrisse, since you are such a big fan of Heather what do you think of her so-obvious flirting with Gavin, calling him “babe” several times…and what do you think your … oops I mean “her” – husband thinks about his wife behaving like that on national television? Women like Heather who feel the need to use their looks and sex to get ahead are a blight on all hard-working and deserving women in the workplace.

18 sourkraut { 11.19.09 at 1:35 pm }

If someone is such an idiot to not connect the right doover to drive the wet hoover he should be fired for gross incompetence. All he had to do was check it once b4 he started!!!!!!
Anyhoo if Boris wants to hire one of the 3 leftovers, in place of Mary-Anne (hard worker, competent, good manager,) then I can only wonder at how he amassed his vast vast fortune (as Mr Burns would say)
Still cant work out how Mr pecs survived the art debacle boning and the comment about the two “suits” (laurel and hardy ) brought on an attack of prostatic symptoms, so i’m thinking of suing for a new carpet, or maybe i can get one of them to come round with the wet hoover- doover properly attached to clean up the mess!
Hooray. the mensa is gone. no more simpering submarining
Since when is manipulativeness ever been used for good?

19 Anth86 { 11.19.09 at 4:11 pm }

Morello – I actually think Morello improved in the last two episodes. At least he tried to adapt his approach. In the music episode he made some good decisions, took a few risks and didn’t show that “hard” selling technique that he usually does. However, I must say that the presentation to the music execs made be squirm. Morello was Ok (he was trying to adapt) but Gavin was horrible. The “emotion” that they were trying to show was so obviously fake and if that’s how Gavin “wears his heart on his sleeve” then he must really be a “robot” as the TVSN employee outlined. Presentation skills don’t come easily, but it just seemed so phoney.
It’s something that Morello will need to work on if he is successful; definitely needs to find a balance between auctioneer, used car salesman and phoney. Can he do this?

Gavin – I agree with past comments. I honestly don’t think Gavin has his heart in it as much as Heather or Morello. I don’t think he’s as willing to put himself on the line. Perhaps this is because of his “alpha male” personality and how he thinks he will be perceived. Also, some cringe worth moments with Gavin included: some of the lines when ironing – “I’m a guy and I iron my shirts everyday”, his presentation “style” to the music execs – “do YOU want to hear Microwave Jelly?” – Ok serious do we really need the rhetorical questions? – and the selection of “Young and Sexy” makeup products. I don’t this was such a big deal but his reason behind selecting them was similar to – well she’s a woman, she can sell makeup. It’s kind of a simplistic thought process. Agree?

Heather – For some reason Heather appeals to me. She seems hardworking, to have a good business sense, some degree of intelligence and is more adaptable than Morello. Her likability factor seems to be a bit low at the moment, but hey, this is a show to find an apprentice, not someone who the viewers love. I think the question Bouris has to determine is whether she would clash with other colleagues? I think in a less competitive environment she would flourish. Also, we have to question whether the editors are only showing the “worst” parts of her. The interview with Carmen suggests that there are many sides to Heather…

In the end I believe it will be between Heather and Morello. Don’t really care who wins if that’s the case.

20 Tom { 11.19.09 at 10:40 pm }

Good viewing, but I wouldn’t want to have to pick one of the final three to work for me. I wonder whether there will be a Biggest Loser style reintroduction of previously eliminated contestants. :)

21 Veritas { 11.20.09 at 9:57 am }

If this was a popularity contest I have no doubt that Morello would win. Who cant like him? but its not, its big business and you dont hire someone cause they are popular. I think the top three are spot on. Gavin is so professional and rock solid. Heather, so passionate and energetic, Morello, will do well and has a lot to learn about business. As to G & H having something going, what a joke. In a house full of tv and people get over it! I am so glad there is no ‘underdog’ in the series. i am so over underdogs getting the win, when those that work hard and are ambitious lose out. Good luck three amigos.

22 sourkraut { 11.21.09 at 10:23 am }

How can the top 3 be “spot on” when you admit that you dont hire someone for being popular? As to who can’t like him, count me in, the whole sales thing and mannerisms of people like that are a huge turn-off for me. It reminded me of a trip I made to Turkey many years ago and the ULTRA friendly carpet salesmen would try out all the standard lines used so far on the apprentice, and after about the third one it more than grated!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyhoo….INCOMPETENCE is still INCOMPETENCE and if people really think that that deserves a reward, then I hold my head in sorrow for this country.

23 Vanessa { 12.07.09 at 1:55 pm }

Am i the only one that likes Gavin? I mean yeah he is a little bit insincere and arrogant but you know this is business. Hes not someone to mix business & pleasure or personal problems together. Hes someone you know that is solid and you know will get the job done, like Veritas said its not a popularity contest yes Morello is well liked and Gavin hated so to speak but Morello seems like the kind of guy that would breakdown if an issue happened, personal or professional whereas Gavin would probably not let it show, he maybe not very likeable but he certainly gets the job done. To me MB certainly should have had a lcloser look at things.

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