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So You Think You Can Dance Australia – Some Tidbits Of Information About The Top 20

The Top 20 shows commence this week, and all sorts of information is starting to flow about the dancers we are going to grow to love over the next few months.

TV Week have kindly written an article which reveals some interesting vignettes of information:

Will the Latin Dancer from Sydney is hiding a famous lover!

“I’m involved with someone with a high profile, so I’m going to keep them private,” the 31 year old smiles cryptically. “all I can say is that I’m with a person who shares my love of the stage and music – but they’re in the acting and music industry, not dance.”

If Will’s partner goes to see him at the live shows chances are we will find out who it is.

Issi fell ill with the flu  the night they all moved in together! “I spent most of the first day in bed; it was really bad timing,” says the Sydney girl. “It’s just so awful being ill in front of strangers – I have to put on a brave face so I don’t make a bad first impression.”

Jessica P is a maths geek. “I just graduated with a Bachelor of Mathematics,” reveals the 21 year old from Newcastle. “I love calculus and cryptology, and can usually be found trying to solve some algorithim. People assume I’m this dumb blonde, but it’s always better when people underestimate you.”

Jessie has been criticised by the judges fro being too insular. “The judges say I’m a bit reserved – and I know that,” concedes the 19 year old from Sydney. “My biggest challenge in the competition will be opening up and showing the public who I really am, so they like me.”

Doug’s wife who lives in Utah due to visa issue, is jealous, but it is not about the other girls. “She doesn’t worry about other girls; she’s very sercure. The only thing she gets jealous of is the experience,” reveals the Perth born hunk. ” “Being a dancer,too, she’d love to be in my shoes – but, at 32, she’s too old to enter the US So You Think You Can Dance because their cut off age is 30″

Grace describes herself as “very much single” and says that there’s good reason for this. “My friends and I often joke about how impossible it is to meet someone in the dance industry,” she laughs. “Most likely they’re gay – or, if they’re straight, they’re either taknen or a bit of a player!”

Phillipe admits there is rivalry between him and Gaz about their hot physiques. “there is a bit of healthy competition between me and Gaz,” says the breakdancer. “We work out together and I push him hard at the gym, saying ,’Come on, Man! You’re not going to get those votes if you don’t have the abs!'”

Carly used to hate dancing when she first started as a child. “I was really shy going to practice when I was three,” reveals the Jazz dancer. “I would cry in the car park and mum would try to convince me that every week could be my ‘last week’ so that I’d go inside! I guess I have have her to thank for me being here now!”

Ilona met her English hubby Simon while travelling in London. “I felt I was stealing him from his family at first,” says the hip hop performer from Sydney. “But Simon loves Australia and Kylie Minogue was his pin-up girl when he was little, so I think he always had a thing for Aussie girls!”

Kieran reveals he initially hid his passion for dancing to avoid being teased by his mates on his football and cricket teams – but the truth soon came out.  “The boys noticed I wasn’t at training and I had to tell them that I was dancing,” he recalls, “but they were actually really supportive!”

Don reveals he met his girlfriend Brooke through teaching at the same studio. “Brooke is the  best she lights up my day,” he adds. “We don’t live together but it’s serious.” Could she be the girl he marries? “Who knows?” he smiles.

Jess reckons she could not date another dancer. “I’ve been down that track before – I need a man’s man!” reveals the jazz student before quickly adding, “Not that dancers aren’t masculine, I’m just not into them. I’m more into tortured musos.”

Nick is getting married to a “cougar”. The 21 year old fiancee is only seven years older than him. He said “I do tease her about it, as do other people, but we laugh about it,” explains the contemporary mover. “Age is nothing but a number, really.”

As for getting engaged at such a young age, Nick say that as always his plan. “I don’t like playing the field,  I like the idea of having a wife, bringing up a family and being a young dad,” he reveals.

Heath is good mates with SYTYCD Au Season’s One winner Jack Chambers. “No only is he a good mate of mine but he’s so down-to-earth and humble,” says the ballet loving babe. “Who doesn’t want to associate with someone wiht those great qualities?”

Renee envisions incorporating fashion into her career in the future. “My friends and I want to start our own clothing line called ‘For Dancers By Dancer’,” reveals the 20 year old contemporary talent from Tasmania. “We want to make funky interesting clothes that young dancers would want to wear – we’ve already come up with some designs and patterns.”

Ivy confesses to having a girl crush. “Jess S is divine! She’s so gorgeous and hot,” reveals teh 23 year old jazz dancer from Victoria. “I’ve spent a bit more time with her than the others and we get along really well.”

Robbie was very close to backing out of the initial audition. “At first, I wasn’t going to try out for the show because I was 17 at the time and didn’t think I was mature enough,” he explains. Luckily, his family believed in him and pushed him to achieve his dream. “My mum and dad were constantly assuring me that I was ready,” tells the now 18 year old ballet dancer from Sydney. “And thank god they did!”

Gaz hates being single. “I’m looking for a girlfriend,” confirms the 25 year old. “I like being affectionate and I need someone there that I can care for.” So who is his ideal girl? “I just need to get on well with them, I don’t have a physical type,” he reveals. “I hate it if a girl bites her nails, though – that’s disgusting!”

Also Matt and Mikhaela say they aer just good friends.

Matt says “Mikhaela is a great looking girl and being, and Aussie bloke, I am a bit partial to blondes. But she has a boyfriend and, besides, it’s more a sibling vibe. She’s just like a sister – I let a burp out and she laughs. Even if she and her bloke broke up tomorrow, I don’t think it would go any further between us. It just feels like we’ve known each other forever.”

Mikhaela says ” There’s absolutely nothing romantic going on; it’s purely fun. We connect as friends beyond our imagination.  If I didn’t have a boyfriend, would he be my type? No, he’s like my older brother. We actually fight and have arguements so already we’re like brother and sister. My boyfriend isn’t jealous – I’ve always been one of the boys, so he assumed I would naturally gravitate towards finding a guy as a friend.”


1 Retro { 02.08.10 at 9:28 pm }

Maybe Will’s ‘famous’ lover is Chris from MasterChef

2 Reality Raver { 02.08.10 at 9:37 pm }

I didn’t know he was into music, christ is he going to turn up on Australia’s Got Talent soon?

3 Street Dance { 02.09.10 at 2:39 am }

‘Just good friends’- we’ve heard that before 😉

4 par3182 { 02.09.10 at 2:53 am }

Shouldn’t there be an inkling of a showmance – or even an episode of the show – before denying one?