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The Real Housewives of NYC – Is Kelly Bensimon A Complete Scrag?


Now The Real Housewives of NYC is one of my favourite reality TV shows, but I don’t give it enough love on this blog probably due to the fact I watch it very late at night and am too tired to blog on it.

But this week’s episode was another cracker when they finally gave New York Housewives newcomer Kelly Bensimon some significant onscreen time. And what a scrag she came across to be. 

She seems to have a over inflated sense of her own importance, and is completely self involved. She is clearly a social climber and is extremely superficial. Also is she that attractive? Yes she is tall and thin in that model way, but the hardness of her face to me does not make her beautiful. Nor the bad acid peel she has had which has left her with a red face. For more on her go to her wiki page here.

If there is going to be a fight between Bethenny and her I am on Team Bethenny.

Kelly’s misdemeanours last night included:

  • Flirting a few years ago with Bethenny’s boyfriend at the time right in front of her;
  • Saying she had only met Bethenny twice, whereas Bethenny thought it was like 95 times;
  • Also her whole self-importance with her “writing” I must try to check out what she writes about;
  • The whole charity meeting was just plain rude, both the time she arrived and then left, and also how she talked about a 16 year old girl saying she was cute and adorable.

In other NYC  Housewives happenings, Simon tried to take on Ramona and lost. I mean seriously he is in his mid forties why would you care if Ramona like you or not. Get over it – just avoid her. I thought Alex looked pretty peeved at him.

I thought it hilarious in last week’s episode that Simon and Alex hooked up online when they were both looking for casual sex.

I do think it is a bit rude how the rest of the cast look down their noses at Simon and Alex, but also the editors play up to that eg the small house in the Hamptons compared to the huge mansions the others own.

Anyway it is a great season two so hopefully it is rating well enough for a third season to be filmed.

UPDATE: They are currently filming the third season now.


1 CG { 09.17.09 at 11:24 pm }

RR: I love HWNYC as well. I tried to watch the others: Orange County and Atlanta and hated them but for some reason I’m intrigued by the NYC gang. Simon and Alex are so cringeworthy but I sometimes wish they got more airtime… Really, who are they? Their white-bricked Brooklyn “townhouse” is so hilarious and tacky and they are just such wannabes it is pathetic…but entertaining, esp given Simon’s Aus connection! As for Kelly, she is strange! I thought the epi with her two daughters was so weird…so disconnected from them. Fascinating stuff. The only sane one in the bunch IMO is Jill.

2 charades { 09.17.09 at 11:56 pm }

I feel hag, bag or scrag would be a fair description of kelly for me.
Can you believe Romona is 52 ?????
Nice to see Kelly is being charged for beating her boyfriend and ….. it is nice to see she is being sued by the REAL creator of the owl jewellrey.
Somehow, this all seems to be how I see her :)

3 Reality Raver { 09.18.09 at 12:16 am }

CG – Kelly did seemed pretty bemused when Jill Stuart was talking about her life consists of her work and family. I don’t think Kelly can relate to that. I like Jill, and Bethenny. Also sometimes I don’t mind LuAnn.

Charades – I did not realise she was that age. All those treatments must work. Did you see the Ramona body building photo of her?

4 Laura { 09.18.09 at 7:04 pm }

Ramona is 52?!?! Wow!