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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 12

Tonight was a great show, with 12 routines to watch. How hard must the dancers have worked. This episode showed how important a good partner is, with both Talia and Loredo, and Amy and Ben looking very strong.

Poor Stephen must be peeved as he was eliminated because of a weak partner.

Kelley Abbey was a guest judge. Can they make her permanent and get rid of Bonnie. Yeah???

Talia and Loredo – Bollywood – Jai Ho – AR Rahman & The Pussycat Dolls.

Just when you think it would be great if Tahlia and Loredo could get a dance in or near their genre they get Bollywood. It was a Ramona Lobo routine which was really enjoyable.

Because the two are such good dancers it was danced well and without the ususal Bollywood kitsch. Kelly Abbey said what we are all thinking that they are a great partnership. I noticed Talia trying to show more of her personality, if she can just start connecting with the audience she might win.

Kat and Danny – Contemporary – Eva Cassidy – Over The Rainbow.

This pair always seem to be getting contemporary, but they do a good job of it. Tonight they were dancing to a Sarah Boulter routine, which she could not teach as she has a newborn baby. Props that she actually made it to the show. I cannot see Danny going as far as Rhys did last year as he does not quite have his charisma.  Did Kat get hit with the fake tan prior to the performance?

Lamb and Timomatic – Hip Hop – Keri Hilson feat. Lil Wayne – Turning’ Me On

I had extremely high expectations for this routine considering both dancers speciality is hip hop.Tiana Joubert’s routine was excellent. Timomatic is an excellent dancer, but Lamb I think still has a few weaknesses. Jason Coleman criticised the unison, but loved the two dancers.

Kelley Abbey was unsure whether the routine got to where it was meant to go.

Gianne and BJ – Jive -Metro Station – Shake It.

Sandro Catalono the choreographer cracked me up when he said BJ needs to be a bit more masculine in his jive dancing. I thought the music was weird for a jive.  Gianne was in her element so really who cares what BJ was doing I could barely take my eyes off her. Bonnie criticised the cleaness of Gianne’s steps, and thought the routine only ok. The other judges loved it.

Charlie and Penny – Contemporary – Damien Rice – Elephant

Penny’s dancing is like a cross between an elephant and a frog. At one stage in the routine she was lumbering across the stage to Charlie to jump into a lift. Is she the weakest dancer left? Debbie Ellis Linert choregraphed this routine. Kelley Abbey said she was transported. All the other judges love it. Personally I don’t think it was as great as they said it was. Penny also seems to have been hit by the same tan can as Kat.

Amy and Ben – Hip Hop – N.E.R.D – You Know What

I am not a huge fan of hip hop but this Vince Calingasan routine made me smile. It did remind a bit of a music video routine, and there were no big moves in it. Matt criticised them, but it was more about the choreography. Jason Coleman thought it was pedestrian thought it was all middle of the road. Will we see Vince back again?

Talia and Loredo – Jazz – Taylor Swift – Love Story

If this routine can be topped tonight that would be amazing. It was magical. Having a decent partner makes all the difference.

Kat & Danny – Pase Doble – Juno Reactor Vs Don Davis – Burly Brawl

The Masha and Aric routine was entertaining, but it was not helped by the weird camera angles. Jason thought Kat did not give the emotion that was needed. Kelley thought it was ok, she was not too enthusiastic. I thought Danny looks better as a brunette.

Lamb and Timomatic – Viennese Waltz – Coldplay – Sparks

I thought the Leeane Bampton’s routine was going to be a death trap for this pair, but it wasn’t . They were really quite good. Tim outdanced Lamb and she was criticised by a couple of the judges for not pointing her feet. Jason was particularly critical saying she had been a trained for 20 years in ballet and jazz.

Gianne and BJ – Jazz – David Loud & Karen Ziemba – Arthur In The Afternoon

I am not sure how much dancing was in this Adam William’s routine, but it was really entertaining. It was meant to be about a Eastern Suburb’s houswife getting it on with her Accountant. It was a little Lucille Ball particularly at the end when she pulled down his jocks.

Penny and Charlie – Hip Hop – 50 Cent – Get Up

I believe that hip hop is Penny’s  strongest genre. All her cheerleading experience perhaps? I think she did a good job. Jason was critical of the unison. And Matt and Keley were critical as well.

Amy & Ben – Mambo – Tito Puente – Para Los Rumberos

Are they cursed they pulled a hip hop and ballroom routine tonight. This cuban dance looked really hard. I loved it. Only criticism was the strange facial expressions on Amy’s face. Pania won’t be happy when Ben said Amy was “Best dance partner ever.”

Bottom three predictions – Lamb and Timomatic,  Kat and Danny, and I have no idea who will be the third Charlie and Penny.


Ame Delves


1 KC { 03.15.09 at 11:42 pm }

I LOVED TALIA AND LOREDO!!!! I loved Talia the minute we were in Top 20 and same with Loredo and I am SO glad they were at least together for 2 weeks cause both weeks they kicked butt! They’re just so good on their own and together and they have chemistry with each other. I thought the Bollywood was alright cause I could see some unison differences but I liked it but man, when I saw their Jazz routine, it further confirmed how much this couple ROCKS. IT WAS AWESOME! Best routine of the night. BJ and Gianne’s 2nd routing actually made me like BJ and I thought it was heaps entertaining but man, NOTHING I repeat NOTHING beat Talia and Loredo’s one. I actually thought it was so far the best routine of the season but maybe cause I’m biased.

Truthfully I thought only 3 couples did well today…Talia and Loredo, BJ and Gianne and Kat and Danny (although the last one is biased cause I don’t really like the other couples as much). I’m guessing it will be Amy and Ben in the bottom 3 with Kat and Danny and Lamb and Timomatic cause Amy and Ben are good dancers but they don’t seem like they clicked immediately and I don’t think they are that great as a couple. They should be but I dunno, I personally don’t see it. They danced well though. But just not WOW. Like Talia and Loredo. OMG I can’t get over it. I GOT TINGLES! The first time I’ve gotten TINGLES in the WHOLE season so far. AWESOME!

2 Anonymous { 03.16.09 at 12:19 am }

Talia and Loredo – awesome awesome AWESOME. Amazing couple. Did not get nearly enough praise.

Penny is the weakest dancer on this show ever, and the inflated praise of her dancing compared to the overthetop criticism of VASTLY superior dancers, is nauseating and destroys all credibility in this show. Can you imagine if she won and went to the US to dance to represent Australia? How embarrassing.

Dude, I disagree that Stephen got kicked off because of a weak partner. He was weak in Ballroom and he didn’t dance in his solo, he entertained, same problem Forever encountered and got cut for.

3 RRr { 03.16.09 at 10:39 am }

I agree with Matt that Talia and Loredo had a moment in that jazz piece…but to me the credit goes to the choreographer who created the “pull on the long piece of fabric to bring Talia to Loredo” move. T and L are better off with the new partnership, but I find Danny and BJ better technical dancers than Loredo.

I was surprised that Bonnie was the lone judge who made a negative comment on the jive. Nigel always emphasizes on the US version that jive is about the kick/flick AND the retraction, and G and BJ weren’t quick with their retractions.

Good top 12 show. My pick to go…Timomatic and Lamb.

4 par3182 { 03.16.09 at 10:41 am }

Considering how brilliant Talia & Loredo were in both their routines the judges’ praise was annoyingly unenthusiastic.

Only criticism was the strange facial expressions on Amy’s face.

Where else would her facial expressions be?

5 reality raver { 03.16.09 at 10:59 am }

Anon – Re: Penny, did you hear Jason C say her technique has improved since she started on the show. How would you feel as a dancer who missed out because of her. Penny will be eliminated next week for sure when the individual votes come in.
You kind of get the feeling they want Charlie to win.

I am starting to think Talia or Ben may take it out.

RRR – Agree the choreography was great. But having better dancers allows the choreographer to do more intricate things.
Also I do agree it is important to have a good choreographer. Amy and Ben got caned for their hip hop dance which was really not their fault. Personally I have seen worse Nacho Pop routines but he appears to be a protected species, a bit like Penny.

KC: Agree Talia and Loredo it was spine tingling. Let’s hope they get contemporary next week.
I feel a bit sorry for Timomatic as I think he is a really good dancer.

6 reality raver { 03.16.09 at 12:04 pm }

Par3182 – LOL good call about the facial expression on face. Only excuse was super tired last night, just noticed other strange things at bottom of post. SYTYCDA had to be delayed in being watched as partner had to sit and watch his footy team being flogged.

7 Anonymous { 03.16.09 at 4:07 pm }

“Personally I have seen worse Nacho Pop routines but he appears to be a protected species, a bit like Penny.”

LOL! So true. Did you see he is named in the 50 Eligible Bachelors competition? Bwahaha.

8 Gabriel { 03.16.09 at 9:18 pm }

Just going to bore you with some trainspotting stuff – that was a New York mambo (danced to a song by a New Yorker of Puerto Rican descent). Mambo is just basically a kind of salsa (some say it IS salsa), but you would get laughed at in Cuba if you danced like that. Cuban salsa is not called mambo (they haven’t danced mambo since the 40s – and it didn’t look much like that then anyway), but casino.
I know I’m always whingeing about the salsa they do, but I’m glad they do it in whatever form – better to have some kind of mainstream profile than none at all. And I’d always rather watch salsa/mambo than ballroom rumba.
Agree about Nacho Pop – do you think they have to give him routines because he does the behind-the-scenes stuff? Maybe it’s in his contract.