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So You Think You Can Dance – The Top 8

I cannot believe that SYTYCDA get a choreographer of the profile and talent of Rafael Bonacela from the Sydney Dance Company, and then give him Carly and Phillipe. I now know the show is NOT rigged. Christ he will never come back. The look on his face at the end of the routine said it all.

This routine just highlighted Carly’s inadequacies as a dancer, and there just did not appear to be any emotional between the pair. I know the judges were positive about the routine, but they were not gushing.

Just a few other thoughts before getting into the recap:

  • Bonnie Lythgoe has a boyfriend, and he is younger. Way to go girl, she is a fit looking woman. Maybe Phillipe is looking or a mother figure and they are getting it on. I would pay that. [UPDATE: @LandyK on twitter said Bonnie is seeing a set designer called Chris, someone she has known for 19 years – ok so Phillipe is still single];
  • What ever Jess S gave up for Lent must have worked, as she was not back in the show due to Jessica leaving. An article in the paper suggested Jessica wanted to stay but the show told her they could not be legally responsible. Also her injury had the potential for it to become a liability to her partner.
  • Natalie Bassingthwaite who has looked lovely all season tonight looked like a decoration you put on top of your christmas tree. They needed to take a 1/2 metre of the grey taffeta off the bottom.

Also I find it vaguely disturbing that I am agreeing a lot with Matt Lee this season. Last year I wrote about him:

I would like him[Matt Lee] to find his judging niche ie. what his role is on the panel. He should provide a point of comparison between the routines or genres, or dancers technical strengths and weaknesses for the layperson, which brings me to my next point.

Now Matt has found his judging chutzpah he is the standout judge this season. By the way I am not having a meglomaniac moment, and don’t think Matt’s more assertive judging persona has anything to do with my criticism or suggestions on this blog.

Nick and Jessie H – Hip Hop Jesse Rasmussan-  Ne-Yo

A cute routine  kind of pop hip hop. I thought Jessie outdanced Nick. Even if she does not win the competition she has a great career ahead of her. The consensus of the judges was that it was a good routine, but I nearly fell of my chair in shock when Bonnie told Nick he needed more sharpness.

Matt Lee thought Jessie needed to watch her face as it gets a little bit cheesy.

Jess S and Keiran – Foxtrot – Trent & Gordana – Michael Buble – Cry Me A River

Speaking of peoples faces Keiran looks a bit like the Michael Buble? Anyway I thought Keiran had quite a strange expression throughout, but I did enjoy the routine.

Robbie and Ivy – Andrew Hallsworth – Cabaret – Mein Herr

Well if Robbie’s back was still injured the V move on the chair would have killed it. I thought this routine  rocked, and thought the criticism of Robbie appearing like a boy dancing beside Ivy as bollocks.  I thought the who purpose of his costume and persona was to come across as a guy out of his depth with this girl.

Bonnie thought the routine  was a touch under. WTF she sits through shite routines for most of the freaking season, and then decides THIS is the routine she is going to nit pick.

Jessie H and Nick – Jason Gilkison – Cha Cha – Orient Expressions – Istanbul 1:26am

I thought my fag hag days were over but I am a little in love with Jason Gilkison. Has anyone ever been eliminated on his routines? Even thought I don’t think Jessie nailed the cha cha movements completely in some points I loved her and Nick in this routine.

Matt Lee thought the hip action from Jessie was lacking for a cha cha. Also Jason said there has been only other person in SYTYCA history that had never put a foot, wrong and you are on the same path. I figure he was talking about Jack Chambers.

Jess and Kieran – Contemporary – Larissa McGowan – Propellerheads – Velvet Pants

I really loved this routine. Maybe the thing that irritated the viewers about Jess was her hair flying everywhere all the time, with it back and not being a distraction personally I think this helped.

Jason said it was very pure contemporary, and gave them a few technical criticisms. I hope we see more of this choreographer before the end of the season.

Phillipe and Carly – Jazz – The Square Division

Now I know The Square Division can be a bit up and down on their routines, but I really liked this Ken and Barbie dance. In fact I preferred Phillipe and Carly in this then the Rafael Bonachello routine they did earlier.

Robbie and Ivy – Jason Bird & Katie Cesaro

A well danced but kind of a simple hip hop routine, not one of the highlights of the night. Matt Lee told Robbie to watch the mouth and for Ivy to get more down and dirty. And yes as sharp eyed readers have pointed out Jason Bird was in Scandal Us that reality TV band formed out of the second season of Popstars.

Bottom two girls – Carly and Jess S

Bottom two guys – Keiran and Phillipe

March 31, 2010   7 Comments

Survivor Heroes V Villains – Battle Of The Alpha Males.

Or maybe I should rename the post the guys who THINK they are the Alpha males.

 The episode opened with the capital A Alpha’s Boston Rob and Russell trying to mind fuck each other. Russell was doing a fake conciliatory chat  to “show” there was no hard feelings, and Rob was trying to ramp up Russell’s paranoia, by telling him people were pissed off that he went searching for the immunity idol and his head was on the chopping block.

Boston Rob also spoke to camera saying that “Russell is not playing with amateurs now”.

Over in the heroes tribe it was James V Colby, with injured James vulnerable, against Colby who has lost his Survivor mojo.

It was a combined immunity and reward challenge, with the bad news being both tribes will be going to tribal council, which meant individual immunity was up for grabs in both team. The good news the winning team got to eat hotdogs and watch the other teams tribal council.

Each tribe’s competitors had to compete amongst themselves for immunity then the winner of each team competed to see who would win the reward challenge.

For the heroes the injured James was leading at one point, however Candice ended up winning  individual immunity.

It was Tyson, Russell and Boston Rob battling it out in their challenge with Rob showing who was the Alpha male in this situation. He then beat Candice to win hotdogs for his team.

And then the scheming was on. The villains wanted to force the idol out of Russell.

Coach was his usual flip flopping self. I don’t know why he thinks he is such a ethical person, he has had his foot in both alliances.

Rob was a bit obvious with Russell about the idol and the blind side. And obviously  someone must have tipped them off that Parvati was on the chopping block as he decided to give the idol to Parvati, and vote Tyson out.

However Rob had done the maths and said write down three and three.

However Russell told Tyson he was cutting strings with Parvati and was voting for her and looking after himself. And Tyson bought it.

I thought it was interesting Parvati was saying Tyson is funny and charming – which is interesting as we have barely seen any of him on the show. In fact I find him to be a little dull.

 After the vote Russell took out the Idol and gave it to Parvati. Tyson at that point realised he had been fucked over by Russell, but funnily enough it was Tyson did it all to himself by switching his vote from Russell to Parvati. Karma baby karma.

As Tyson said “Oh man, I have nobody to blame but myself,” and  “I was the victim of my own stupidity.”

Rob looked confused when he realised four people had voted for Parvati when there was only meant to be three.

Anyway Coach did vote for Parvati which meant Rob was the last person he spoke to  before they got to tribal council.

I think to be fair it was Russell -0ne, and Boston Rob -Zero in this week’s contest, but hopefully that will be rectified soon.

The villains then got to watch the heroes tribal council whilst eating hot dogs, and just to rub it in it was raining and the tribe was getting soaked. Sometime it is tough being a hero and they must be wanting to merge soon.

On the other team Colby  was being magnanimous about being voted out. But there was a bit of groundswell to get rid of James because of his leg injury, and his lack of banana etiquette. Also Colby’s heart had appeared to have gone out of the game.

It looked like James had convinced everyone he was good to keep in, but in the end it was unanimous and he was voted out, and looking at the voting footage, by James body language it appeared he knew he was about to be eliminated.

Here  is an hilarious exit interview with Tyson where he reveals why and when he decided to switch his vote.

And here is an interview with James.

March 30, 2010   11 Comments

Tool Academy (season one)

It would be tempting to say that MTV keeps a special time slot for trashy reality programs, but that would be to deny the bulk of their programming. It’s more accurate to say that the 1.30pm trash timeslot is the only one I’m able to stomach, although I’m sure that Tool Academy is set to test that theory1.

Channel 9 first gave TA a go when it emerged that one of Tiger Woods’ (many) lovers had been a participant with her “tool” boyfriend. Classy of 9 to think that screening this would rate on the back of the golfer’s scandal. It’s surprising, but heartening, that it didn’t.

I’m joining TA a few episodes in. I’ve no idea what the structure is, what the reward is, what the entertainment value is… but I’m determined to get something of value out of it.

[

March 30, 2010   3 Comments

Reality Tidbits – Ricki-Lee In Court, Project Runway, The Amazing Race ETC

Ricki-Lee Coulter To Face Court On Driving Charge say Ricki-Lee will be face court for driving an uninsured and unregistered vehicle.

Project Runway Season 6 – Exit Interviews

Ari Fish was the first designer eliminated from Project Runway, here is an elimination interview from Blogging Project Runway and Reality Wanted where quite frankly Ari sounds like a twat.

And let’s face it Michael Kors was right it did look like a soccer disco ball.

Padma Lakshmi Not Interested In Reconciling With The Father Of The Baby

However he is more interested in getting more “liberal visitation rights” says Celebrity Gossip

Latest Amazing Race Still Has No Screening Date On Seven

TV Tonight quite rightly points out that Channel Nine are rocking it with Survivor Heroes V Villains, as it is now uptodate with the US, and Channel Seven are being slack and have not announced an premiere date for the latest series of the fabulous The Amazing Race.

March 30, 2010   1 Comment

Julie Goodwin’s Cookbook Release Date Is 1 April

Masterchef Australia’s winner Julie Goowin’s cookbook Our Family Table will be released on 1 April 2010. It has been published by Random House and should make them a motza. The release date is nicely timed to ensure it can slipstream into the Masterchef Australia Season 2 publicity.

The Random House website states:

Julie says: ‘In this book I’m not just presenting recipes but exploring the role of food in families and communities. I want to get people back into their kitchens and promote the joy of food and family. OUR FAMILY TABLE is full of lovely stories and recipes and feasts, with a strong focus on good old-fashioned tucker. ‘

Some recipes are heirlooms passed down in Julie’s family through generations, while others were given to her by friends and neighbours. There are lazy weekend breakfasts to enjoy with the family, weekday and special occasion dinners, barbecue and camp cooking, and cakes, biscuits and puddings galore. Julie also includes recipes she created on MasterChef – such as her now famous lemon diva cupcakes and her passionfruit ‘puddle’ pie.

The final section of the book is Julie’s favourite: a beautifully designed ‘blank’ chapter with pages for the reader’s own photos, clippings and hand-me-down handwritten recipes from family and friends.

With a foreword by Australian culinary icon, Margaret Fulton.

Will you be buying it?

March 29, 2010   21 Comments