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Survivor Heroes V Villain’s – Sandra Wins- Did She Deserve To?

Well what would the kiddies have learnt from this undeniably fantastic season of Survivor, that to be a baddie will get you further in the game, with the final three all being from the villains tribe.

However as Rupert said the lines were blurred between the two groups.

I wasn’t unhappy with a Sandra win, and I think they edited the show to make sure we were satisfied with the result. She showed that she tried to make strategic moves to get rid of Russell a lot of times, but no one came to the party. She said everytime people were running off telling him. Something we saw Candice do.

She also said to Rupert they could get Russell off just the two of them but not let Colby in on the plan, because she had been done over so many times. Her plan was to give Rupert the immunity necklace she had found.

I think if that move had panned out she would not be sitting there with a million dollars.

Russell was always going to be taken to the final three as who wouldn’t want him sitting there with him. His social play is far too poor and it is an important part of the game. Also his strategic play is a mixture of intimidation and lies, something that does not really garner much admiration.

However to be fair to him, he did play back to back Survivors and when he was on Heroes V Villains he did not know whether he had won or not as the Samoa live finale had not occurred. He may have thought he had been put on the subsequent season because he had won. Therefore why he looked so disappointed when he lost that time.

In Jeff Probst blog on the  final episode he said if he had been on the jury he would have voted for Parvati. She had a strong case to win,her tribe had wanted to vote her off week one, she gave away two immunity idols, and she is a strong physical player. But she had aligned with Russell which made her halo slip somewhat. I don’t know why Russell thought by telling her he was taking her to final three and then blindsiding her was going to make her vote for him.

But at least Jerri did not win, as I thought she did not play any strategy at all, and really did ride Russell’s coat tails. And Colby was pretty mediocre, and I am not sure whether Sandra’s theory that he was doing badly on challenges as a strategy was true. He just never looked like he was mentally or physically in it.

JT won the dumbest move in Survivor history for when he gave Russell the idol, and surprisingly Russell won fan favourite. Which for some reason gave him some validation that he was the person that should have won the season. In fact Russell came across as a complete egomaniac at the reunion show, and did not look like there would be many people wanting to stay in contact with him.

The other person in the running for the $100,000 was Rupert, and I was glad he did not win. He seems to start believing the hero crap and what a great guy he is. His game playing was not fab except for putting the rock in his pocket to pretend he had the idol.

Survivor is the third highest rating show on TV here with over 10 million viewers, so there will be another season and it will be in Nicaragua, which will be hard to live up to this season.

May 25, 2010   18 Comments

Survivor Heroes V Villains – Is Russell Going To Be Able To Survive

Tonight on Survivor it looked like Russell Hanz was in the middle of a physical, emotional, and spiritual breakdown, will he be able to overcome his paranoia and survive?

For someone who thinks he is the greatest player of Survivor ever, tonight he proved he will never win as his social game is just so poor, and that is an important element of the game.

But first I don’t think I will ever be able to watch another series of Survivor again, as I cannot see how they can top this series.

Each of the eliminations were just so left field.

Firstly Rupert whose position was exceedingly perilous at the start of the episode became even worse when he had a fight with Russell about his integrity which meant he was going to be eliminated at the next tribal council if he did not win the immunity challenge.

And he did not as Parvati won it in the balancing on a block whilst your hand is in the air tied to a large bucket full of paint. Think the green gunge at the Nickolodean awards and multiply the colours. Apparently when Parvati had previously done the challenge she last six hours. Something which made her go up in my estimation. But this time she did not have to last that long, as Jeff Probst was using food temptations to get people to step down.

I found it interesting that Sandra was so secure with her position that she stepped down in less then a minute for biscuits and milk. Russell also stood down.

In the end it was Rupert desperately trying to hang on but he slipped and Parvati won.

The Jeff revealed there was another immunity idol back around the camp. I must say I am starting to get over the immunity idols, however this one could prove to be very interesting, maybe because Russell did not actually play it.

Sandra found it and points to her for not standing around trying to read the note with it, and just shoving it into her pocket, and not telling anyone.

Then Rupert for once decided to play some games and pretend to have the idol by putting a rock in his shorts. It was pure gold when Russell starting to begin his freaking out stage said to Sandra that he was sure Rupert had the idol.

I am really starting to like Sandra. She is assertive to Russell and her other tribemates. On the alert to make a move, but sensible enough to pull her head in once she worked out her plans were not going to work out. Also managing to survive without any firm alliances.

Once the rumour went around that Rupert had the idol, the girls decided they wanted Candice out, because if she flipped on her tribe last week it meant she could not be trusted not to turn again. So it was decided that half were going to vote for Rupert and half for Candice. At tribal council with Rupert and Colby also casting votes for Candice meant she was eliminated. That was gold. I never could understand why she flipped on the heroes when Sandra was about to turn.

Anyway Karma is a bitch.

Then the second elimination for the night just when you thought Rupert was going to go again, Russell started flipping out about the closeness of Danielle and Parvati. I don’t think he likes it when he feels that the girls were actually more in control of the game then he is.

So he decides he needs to split them now, but he does not realise that this pair are not as stupid and Jaison and Dr Mike from the Samoa series.

He tells Danielle that Parvati wants her out, he then tells Parvati that Danielle wants her out. Then Parvati tells Russell she will be discussing this with Danielle, and that’s when he starts flipping out. “No you cannot do that” he screeches.

Of course Danielle and Parvati work out what Russell is up to and tries to stop the people from voting her out. As Rupert and Colby will vote for anyone but themselves. Russell had the immunity idol so he could not be voted out now that he had basically threw a grenade through the villain’s alliance.

Jerri who swore to Danielle she would not vote for her, turned her vote at tribal council and sealed Danielle’s fate and she was gone. Rupert and this stage could not believe his luck, and the previews from the next episode shows that he may make a deal with the devil – Russell to continue to advance in the game. However the issue is that Russell could be safe as I know who I would want to take with me into the final three, as he would get no jury votes!

By the way in the US on the official website you get to see what occurs at “Ponderosa” the place the jury members stay once they have been eliminated. Needless to say no one spoke to Candice when she arrived.

Here is Jeff Probst’s blog on the episode, and it is a very interesting read.

Also here is an exit interview with Candice, and here is an exit interview with Danielle. The issue of Parvati knowing something about Russell prior to the series is also raised, and they plead the fifth.

May 12, 2010   7 Comments

Survivor Heroes V Villains – Parvati and Russell Still Survive

I have to be honest I thought this episode was going to be a cracker but it wasn’t, OK we got to see Russell’s paranoia in full swing, but there was little suspense and enough of the immunity idols there used to only be one, now it appears there is alway one in play.

Some of the highlights of the episode were:

  • Russell’s petulance over Parvati’s giving away the Idol was entertaining he was like a lover scorn, however I could understand him being pissed as he had given her an Idol previously which had saved her.
  • Danielle and Amanda wrestling over the immunity idol, Colby must have thought the girls were trying to tittilate him while he lay there and watched;
  • I thought Colby was piss weak by not supporting Amanda, the immunity idol was on the floor, as far as I was concerned it is anyones.
  • I loved the way Danielle embellished about how she had to “wrestle Amanda” to get the clue back off her.
  • Everyone following each other around so they could work out who was voting with whom.
  • Candice (well she was actually a low light) with her swinging to the villains alliance, I am not sure why she thinks Russell would take her to the top three.
  • Sandra trying to make a move, but when she realises it is not going to pan out pulls her head in and sticks with her alliance.
  • Also Sandra not giving a damn that Parvati gave her an Idol the other week and was still prepared to vote her out.
  • Colby finally manning up and winning a challenge.
  • Former alliance partners in all stars Parvati and Amanda being up for the vote on the same night.

Amanda lost and was eliminated, but did not seem to mind.

May 5, 2010   9 Comments

Survivor Heroes V Villains – Game On

“There has been a reason why I have been doing Rupert’s strategic play thus far, as he needs to be told how to vote by someone he really trusts and let that be done,” boasts JT after Rupert was telling his fellow hero tribemates about what Sandra had told him about Russell, and how in fact it was him was leading the villains tribe and not an all girl alliance.

Personally I don’t think the two words strategy and JT really go together, he was concocting all this crap about how Russell and Parvati both played the immunity idols and then that is why Courtney went home. I also don’t get why JT so firmly believed Russell was on their side. Maybe because he was in complete denial about how dumb it was to give Russell (someone not even in your own camp) your immunity idol.

I agree with Rupert anyone that swears on their kids lives is a douche and should not be trusted.

Oh by the way if you did not watch the episode the merging of the tribes occurred tonight, so it is seriously game on.

Also how dumb is Amanda? Pavarti told Amanda she had an immunity idol, and she doesn’t twig that would mean that Parvati had not actually played the Idol at the previous tribal council as they had been told.

And I agree with Parvati, Amanda was obviously lying to her.

I would liked to have known why Russell wanted to vote JT out, was because he thought once he realised he had been taken for a fool he would become a target.

Tribal Council was a cracker. Parvati played to immunity idols, one Russell gave her and the one she found. Jerri will be forever grateful to her I am sure. Sandra probably won’t be as she is really starting to play the game and I am really starting to admire her strategy.

Next week it appears she makes a big move it will be interesting to see if it pays off.

Russell looked put out when Parvati played the idols and dolled them out to Sandra and Jerri, hopefully off camera to him she said “I am nobody’s bitch” just to let him no she was not “riding on his coattails”.

It was a gutsy move by Parvati.

Anyway JT was voted out as Jerri was now safe. So he was eliminated because of his own stupidity I had no sympathy whatsoever.

I cannot wait to see next week’s episode. Will Russell and his ego turn on Parvati? Will Amanda and Parvati have a scrag fight? Will Rupert be saying I told you so? And who will Sandra be aligning with?

Here is an exit interview with JT from UGO.

April 28, 2010   14 Comments

Survivor Villain – Russell Hantz Arrested


Infamous Survivor villain Russell Hantz has been arrested for Battery according to gossip website TMZ.

And no he was not having a rumble with Boston Rob to find out who really is the alpha male.

TMZ said:
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Russell Hantz – the runner-up from “Survivor Samoa”– was partying at the Festival International de Louisiane, when he allegedly “shoved” somebody to the pavement.

Cops say Hantz was immediately arrested by Lafayette City Police — and taken to a nearby jail.

Hantz was eventually released.

He is currently one of the contestants on  Survivor – Heroes V Villains which is shown on Channel 9 on Tuesday nights.

April 24, 2010   2 Comments