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Kris Smith To Host Football Superstar – Another Brit On An Australian Reality Show

Fox 8 announced yesterday that Kris Smith, Danni Minogues partner, and former professional rugby league player, will be the new host of reality show Football Superstar. Lee Furlong will continue to co-host it with him.

Kris takes over from another UK expat, Brian McFadden who has now moved over to Australia’s Got Talent.

Now I like Kris Smith, he is good looking, seems nice, and has some sporting credentials, but are there no Australian male TV presenters who could do the job?

I believe in free trade but it seems that a lot of the roles on our reality TV shows are going to expats.

Currently on TV we have Gary Mehigan and Matt Preston on Masterchef Australia, Brian McFadden on Australia’s Got Talent, Jay-Dee Springbett and Dicko on Australian Idol, and Bonnie Lythgoe on SYTYCDA.

Thankfully antipodean John Torode is Masterchef in the UK, and our Kylie on The X Factor, but I still feel there must be disgruntled presenters and entertainers looking for work in this industry. I hope it is not because of some sort of cultural cringe that these guys are getting the gigs but on pure talent.

April 30, 2010   6 Comments

The Amazing Race – From LA to Chile

It would be the gay guy who would recognise Miss Teen Carolina, and he did a great imitation of her YouTube catastrophe.

Here is the real thing.

Let’s face it the first episode of most series of The Amazing Race are pretty boring, they spend a quarter of the episode introducing the contestants, another quarter getting to the airport, and their is rarely a detour. Also you only get snippets of the contestants personalities.

Tonight the first leg of The Amazing Race was from LA to Chile. But first they had to get to the airport by public transport, a bit of a challenge in LA, but it probably means there won’t be the usual near misses on the freeway as they all race to get on the first flight.

However not that it mattered for this group, as the first plane had mechanical failure and they all ended up on the same flight.

The cowboys Jet and Cord are being portrayed as the dumbasses, but really your at LA Airport and they don’t have Chiliean money, so they get Brazilian. They were a bit surprised once they were not able to use it there.

Brandy one of the lesbian couple is being portrayed as the scrag particularly when she said she was praying for a mechanical dysfunction.

The roadblock was walking across cables, most people were unfazed by it except for Brandy and Adrian.

Caite (teen queen) and Brent were the first out of the roadblock. This pair look a tad thick particularly Brent.

Adrian who is part of the childhood sweethearts who had a fear of heights, fell and could not get back up so he had to start again from the beginning.

The next challenge was painting a part of a house. Jordan and Jeff who were on US Big Brother Season 11 were first to the pit stop. Jordan looks like she could be a liability to the team, but then they did win a leg something a lot of teams don’t achieve.

I was surprised Brent and Caite came in second but they incurred a 30 minute penalty because they did not get the vernicular up the hill.

Hilarious that father and daughter team, Steve and Allie  went inside a house and started painting much to the bemusement of the other painters, and they pointed the wall and then said have you got a clue? Uh oh.

But they were not the only team painting the wrong house Michael and Louie started painting the wrong place as well.

Jordan and Dan also incurred a penalty of 15 minutes because they lost a paint brush.

And back at the cables Adrian fell off again. Phil went and met them at the roadblock and Adrian and Dan were eliminated.

The big surprise was Jet and Cord coming in third, once they get the currency issues sorted could they be a force to be reckoned with?

April 30, 2010   4 Comments

Masterchef Australia – Elimination Challenge – Johnathan V Devon

How ripped off must Devon be feeling? He has been eliminated from the top 24 of Masterchef Australia without even cooking. He lands in the elimination challenge because he seats people an hour before opening time, and then the elimination is about naming eggs, and whisking them.

Maybe he needs to go on The Apprentice, and he may get an opportunity to actually cook. And thanks Masterchef Australia in knocking the best looking guy out of the house in the second week of the competition.

By the way is the Egg Corporation  sponsoring the show? Two weeks in and two egg challenges.

The elimination challenge had three rounds of basic skills tests – one point for each round, first contestant to two points wins. The positive the judges were unable to manipulate who won, but the negative was it was a bit dull.

The first test was identifying six eggs. “I can’t even think of six birds who lays eggs?” cried Johnathan the hysteria already starting to enter his voice. Um newsflash Johnathan they ALL do.

After Devon incorrectly identifies an emu as an ostrich egg,  Johnathan dramatically starts sobbing after he wins round one. “I led my team to defeat and now I have to knock one of my guys out,” he cries.

During round one Fiona added some riveting insight “I can see the boys writing down different answers, and that is a concern because in your mind I am thinking one is right and one is wrong,”.

Round two involved whisking 300gms of egg whites until you can hold the bowl upside down for ten seconds. The producers unsuccessfully tried to create some suspense here, but Johnathan was like a machine and won. So we never found out what round three was. I can only think it was to make an omlette. Anyone else got any other ideas of what it could have been?

The hilarious thing was Johnathan won and he went and sobbed on Devon’s shoulder. I have to confess I started giggling at that point. He is so dramatic, and it continued when he got back to the house.

At the house the red team applauded the members of the blue team that were not up for elimination as they walked in, I am not sure what that is all about, and then they all kind of looked stunned when Johnathan walked in. If he was feeling sensitive this was not going to help, and then he started sobbing again.

“To see Johnathan, a man, cry like that just is heart wrenching,” said Adele.

And to end the blog post I leave you with this quote from Sharnee on Devon’s elimination:

“I realise it is not just about living in a fun house and learning how to cook,” Que? I thought you needed to know how to cook to get into the house.

April 29, 2010   22 Comments

Form Guide To The Top 24 Contestants – Masterchef Australia

On the suggestion of regular commenter CG that a post be put up where we could “punt” on who we think will win Masterchef Australia Season 2 at this stage of the competition. Who at the equivalent time of the show last year would have thought Julie Goodwin will win it?

The blog post will be open to comments until next Friday for people to say who they think will win. So obviously if your first pick is eliminated by then, please have another guess.

There will be prizes for those who manage to pick the winner. Unfortunately the prize won’t be a lap dance from the Masterchef judge of choice, but it will either reality TV or food related. Ok ok I have no idea what it will be but I have three months to come up with something, and it will depend on how many people actually pick the winner.

Here is my form guide to assist or misguide you and also give a bit more general information on them. Anyone who reads this regularly will know that sometimes I get it horribly wrong.

Adam Liaw – the 31 year old lawyer who lives in Japan, will be a contender if he can cook outside his signature cooking style of Asian. Unfortunately we could not get a real handle on how good a cook he is in the childhood meal challenge, as he forgot the rice, but the other flavours in the dish looked great. He was a bit of a child prodigy, entering university at 16, so will have the smarts to play the reality TV game, and excel in the team challenges, when skills other then cooking come in handy.

Expect to see him in final’s week. BTW if you think he is cute, bad luck he lives with his girlfriend in Japan.

You can get to know a bit more about him through his blog (Adam Liaw) or follow him on twitter at @adamliaw.

Aaron Harvie – a 37 year old band manager who likes to wear beanies has a cool vibe about him, but will this mean he can keep his head when it heats up in the kitchen. He postponed his wedding  to former Young Talent Time star Natalie Miller to come on the show so he is focused. Won’t be an early casualty but I think he will falter at some stage.

He would like to open a pasta place which sells high end pasta sauces. You can follow him on twitter @aaronharvie.

Adele Fragnitio – 49 year old hairdresser  is one of the higher profile contestant’s who always looks pensive. But put her in the kitchen and she can cook. She was the lynchpin for the Italian restaurant challenge, and was assertive and organised in the kitchen. If she can overcome her nerves she will be a force to be reckon with. However I suspect an asian food challenge may be her undoing.

Alvin Quah – The 35 year old Scientific Manager is one of my favourites. He was a big fan of Poh’s and even named one of his pot plants after her. He has a high likeability factor, but as I have queried before will the producers allow a gay asian guy win? The other thing against him is that he did not star in his role as team captain last night,  he did not show enough control or give enough direction. I thought he was certainty for finals week, but have now changed my mind.

Carrie Johnston – the 34 year old human resources manager was made redundant just before she came on the show. She is originally from America, and would like to become a dessert chef. She claims she is a perfectionist, which will be interesting in the team challenges, but she did turn out good pizzas last night. We have not seen much of her cooking but she looks like she is very focused. One to watch.

Callum Hann – the 20 year old is the youngest in the competition, he is starting to think he would like to be a chef. He may be young but I like his attitude. He was rejected by My Kitchen Rules so instead of hanging with Manu is he with Gary and George. He would have been teamed up with his long-term girlfriend Chloe. Masterchef Australia is a much better forum for him to showcase his skills, and he looks like a good technician. He won’t win but he will get a good apprenticeship from it, if he wants it.

Claire Winton-Burns – the 31 year old lawyer is already one of the most talked about contestants, due to her being extremely enigmatic. Her cooking skills are definitely some of the best in the competition, but she is starting to look a little nervy with a lot of tears in the last few episodes. She has said she is shy, but wants to change her career to involve food, a cafe attached to a winery. She is certain to be in the mix in the final week.

Courtney Roulston – a 29 year old bar manager from Sydney would like to get into catering. She is definitely stunning and some commenters think she looks a bit like Debbie Harry (which is a positive thing). I don’t think she will be in the mix, however will gain a lot of fans.

And boys sorry to break the bad news but she is currently seeing a woman. It will be interesting to see if Gary and George give her the favouratism they give the other good looking girls.

Daniel Auslebrook – applied for Masterchef after being made redundant. I wonder if applying for a reality TV show means you meet the Newstart requirements – it is kind of like looking for work. Anyway I have not seen anything of this guys food, so who knows what he can do. Since we saw nothing of him in the top 50 week, I am guessing he will be an early casualty.

Devon Headland – the 30 year old builder’s head is currently on the chopping block as he is up for elimination with Johnathan. I expect he will be early collateral damage, which is a pity as not only is he good looking but nice as well. He would like to open a restaurant. He has an understanding girlfriend, they postponed their wedding in February for the show.

Dominic Corrigan – the 46 year old started cooking when he was made redundant from an investment bank, he is currently a CEO of a Charity. He has had his ups and down with a stint in rehab for alcohol addiction. I really liked his style in last night’s challenge, however being picked near last for the teams would indicate he is not the strongest cook in the house. Won’t go the distance.

Fiona Inglis – the 24 year old teacher will get a lot of loving from George as she is stunning, however being picked last in the teams even after Kate, would be a sign that she is not going to win the competition, but she may get a gig presenting cartoons or on V Channel.

Jake Bujayer – I know the 29 year old cement renderer is not going to win, but there is something I really like about this guy. He looked like he was keeping his cool in the kitchen for the blue team last night. He may need to learn how to cook a bit faster and multi-task, unfortunately don’t expect to see him in the final week. If you do think he is cute he has a girlfriend.

Jimmy Seervai – the engaging 31 year old has had a love of food which meant he had to lose 65 kilos. He will be fantastic with asian flavours, and I thought he was going to be a contender, however after last night I changed my mine. I did not think he was assertive enough in his role as front of house manager. I think a tricky challenge will see him gone. Again I think the Asian style cooks will find it difficult in the more traditional cooking styles.

Johnathan (no last name) – the 33 year old IT consultant is shaping up to be portrayed as the tool of the series.  Alvin appointed him as the other team captain to avoid him being on his team. Johnathan has done work experience in Gordan Ramsay’s restaurant Petrus in London. If he can get through tonight he should hang around for awhile.

Joanne Zalm – the 37 year old mother is like Sandra of this year’s Masterchef. Attractive with two kids, and her aim is to get children to eat healthier. I am taking my time warming to her. I don’t think she will win as it would be a mum winning two years in a row. I know I know I am a cynic and the best cook should win. However, her cooking has looked solid so far, so will stick around for awhile.

Kate Nugara – the 30 year old teacher has copped a fair bit of flack due to her dreadful chicken potato pie. Apparently her cooking specialty is Sri Lankan. But I am still not convinced. She does appear to have a nice personality, but if she wins I won’t have to worry about prizes as no one will pick her.

Marion Grasby – the 27 year old former ABC journalist is reality TV gold. Good looking, knows how to speak to camera, AND she can cook. Acquitted herself under pressure last night, and has not put a foot wrong. Has to make the final week, and ticks the boxes as a possible winner ie Gen Y, female, no kids, and articulate. Also good at Thai, and but technically strong in the more traditional cuisines.

Matthew Caldicott – the 21 year old accountant wants to swap careers much to his parent’s disapproval. He was the first picked by Johnathan so this could indicate some solid skills. He would like to train in France before opening a restaurant. Too young to win, but could make top five. For my younger readers he is single.

Peter Kritkides – the married 29 year old lawyer does not expect the show to give him a new career. He leans to cooking Greek, which will make it difficult to stand out with George Calombaris judging him. I don’t expect him to there at the end.

Philip Vakos – another greek guy, this 27 year old auditor now wants to become a chef. I am not convinced about his cooking skills, and really would have been eliminated if Andrea had not had a nervous breakdown and left the competition in the farm to kitchen challenge. His risotto was ordinary and will find it difficult to stand out from the pack.

Sarah Carmichael – Scratched.

Sharnee Dawson – the 21 year old law student that does not want to do law seems to be having a charmed run. She is getting a lot of camera time, plus got into the top 24 without completing an essential component of a dish. I doubt this favouritism will continue and she will be eliminated way before the top ten. She needs to realise that just because you have a law degree it does not mean you have to practice it.

Skye Craig – the 35 year old describes herself as a bit of a hippie and a yuppie. She is into organic raw food which could mean she is weak in cooking challenges. But she did get through the BBQ challenge which had the potential to trip her up. She is definitely attractive so could get a future career with her raw food cooking. But I don’t expect her to be on that plane to London.

Ok so take you pick in the comment section below, and you can only pick one contestant, it is not like the Melbourne Cup where punters pick half the field.

My selection is Marion to win.

April 29, 2010   50 Comments

Brian McFadden – To Be Kicked Off Australia’s Got Talent?

What is it with Brian McFadden, and his bad temper? We had the tweets with his ex-Kerry Katona, which really did not make us want to get on Team Brian, and now this –  telling a 50 year old contestant on Australia Got Talent to fuck off.

An article on Nine MSN says that Brian may have put his employment at risk because of his comments.

The article says:

Irish singer Brian McFadden may be kicked off Australia’s Got Talent after he allegedly told a comedian appearing on the show to “f*** off back to England”.

In an exchange cut from the Channel 7 show, McFadden swore at 50-year-old comic Anne Ferguson-Howe after she criticised fellow judge Kyle Sandilands about a radio lie-detector stunt gone wrong, the Herald Sun reported.

Sandilands reportedly began the war of words when he mocked Mrs Ferguson-Howe’s weight after her routine had bombed on the talent show.

British-born Mrs Ferguson-Howe then struck back by asking Sandilands “when was the last time you had a chat about rape?” — a reference to the judge’s controversial radio stunt last year.

McFadden then reportedly told Mrs Ferguson-Howe to get off the stage before she replied “Listen pal, if you’re going to dish it out, you’ve got to learn to take it back.”

McFadden then reportedly removed his microphone, climbed onto the stage and said to the woman “Why don’t you f*** off back to England?”

“I’m a thick-skinned woman of 50 who loves a laugh but if it had been a 20-year-old girl the size I am with low self-esteem, I think I would have gone home and shot myself,” Mrs Fergson-Howe said afterwards.

She made up with Sandilands after the show but received no apology from McFadden.

“I’ve got no problem with Kyle — we shook hands,” she said.

“Brian, I tell you, I’d spit on him.”

Channel Seven told the Herald Sun the exchange was edited out of Tuesday’s show.

I mean seriously why does Kyle always attack women on their weight, but he seems to think it is ok for overweight guys to be on TV. And really Kyle Sandilands can defend himself.

Maybe Seven leaked the story to get some media in the Masterchef Australia glut, but I don’t think so. I know I normally say all publicity is good publicity, however Australia’s Got Talent is very much pitched at the family market.

April 29, 2010   7 Comments