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Lisa Mitchell Again Distances Herself From Australian Idol

There is no doubt that Lisa Mitchell is a talented songwriter and performer, anyone who watched Australian Idol the year she was on it could see here was a girl with a bright future.

She signed with an independent record label and went to London to learn her craft. In great news for her and women in the entertainment industry as well she won the Australian Music Prize. It is a $30,000 prize with artistic support, and it is the first time a woman has won the prize.

It is unfortunate that she is embarassed by her Australian Idol past, something that has given her a high profile and has made it easier for her to gain media stories.

The SMH article states:

An emcee at the Museum of Contemporary Art said Mitchell had ”thrown off the shackles of Australian Idol, which is no mean feat”. Indeed, the show is often pilloried as yielding overnight but fleeting fame and next to no credibility.

But English-born Mitchellwas not fazed by references to her past on the TV talent show – she placed sixth in 2006.

”I just hope that people can take my songs just for my songs, not for anything that has happened in the past,” she said.

Considering American Idol contestants tend to embrace their road to fame, it is something the Australian ones are still not particularly comfortable with. Matt Corby appears to be slightly embarassed by his time on the show as well.

This year on American Idol appears to be the year of the alternate girl with Crystal Bowerstox and Siobhan Magus looking to be front runners.


1 Wurstsemmel { 03.14.10 at 8:44 pm }

While she may have talent, if it weren’t for the exposure Idol gave her, it might still be a case of Lisa who?

2 Person-with-ears { 03.14.10 at 10:40 pm }

Lisa Mitchell is not talented in the slightest. She would be nothing if it wasn’t for former judge Mark having a wierd obsession with her. She is positively awful, and can’t sing.

3 Jeb { 03.14.10 at 11:35 pm }

RR – isn’t your headline a bit misleading? It doesn’t seem that Lisa Mitchell is distancing herself per se, but rather just something the emcee at the award ceremony said. Admittedly I didn’t read the whole article.

Maybe it could be construed as the “credible” music scene trying to reconcile their current liking of LM with a dislike of idol. On triple J the announcers are very quick to tell us when a band was ‘unearthed’ but LM’s background isn’t often mentioned and i get the feeling that when it is, it makes the announcers uneasy. Similar to when Dom from Muse was on triple j and requested lady gaga. Loved it just imaging the triple j alternatives cringing. btw i listen to and love jjj.

4 Anonymous { 03.15.10 at 4:35 pm }

I do think that Lisa distances herself from Idol – maybe not neccessarily in this article, but I’ve definitely heard her criticising it on JJJ… It was during an interview. I believe the word sh*t was involved… Haha.

I think she is a very talented songwriter, but not a good singer and a REALLY bad performer. I think the award should have gone to someone else entirely. She deserves kudos for her songwriting, though. But then again… She writes songs with musicians she never would have been in contact with had it not been for Idol.

5 dmc { 03.15.10 at 5:22 pm }

While I agree that there’s more than a little bit of biting the hand that feeds you, it wasn’t long ago that we were saying how rubbish the standard on Idol was.

6 Reality Raver { 03.17.10 at 1:35 pm }

Jeb I should clarify and I did not make it clear, apologies for lazy blogging, but I have read somewhere else that she wanted to distance her Idol past.

7 dani { 11.19.11 at 10:55 am }

Sorr Lisa, I am still waiting for you to hit the high note.Seriously..prove us wrong and sing a song in key! I have never heard you sing from the muscles in your stomach…why haven’t you been asked to sing the Australian anthem..because they know you won’t manage the notes. Julia stone, Sarah Blasko also sing like you in that stupid baby voice because when it comes down to it they also struggle with a strong note. You people have only done well because you can write music. Please loose the baby voice!!!

8 T Pickett { 03.17.14 at 10:18 pm }

She’s a real songwriter. Engaging, original, brave and fun. Her songs are amazingly well-written.
Yes she got her start by being on pop idol show. Songwriters have to take whatever chance they see.. And good on her. Doesn’t change the fact that pop idol shows are shit tv, perpetuating a soulless shitty exploitive business..