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American Idol The Judges Use Their Save


On American Idol the judges can use a save to keep an eliminated contestant in the competition. They can use it once, prior to the the top Five, and obviously have to agree.

Last night on Idol the judges used it, but did they use it wisely, I think not.

Big Mike Lynche was up for elimination due to a pretty poor  rendition of Eleanor Rigby. However it was his lucky day and he was told that he would be back next week.

With four more weeks to the top five it was a bit risk for the judges to save this guy who has an OK voice, but does not have the potential to win the competition. It also now means that Crystal Bowesox or Siobhan could be at risk of being eliminated in the next couple of weeks and that would be a travesty.


1 Injera { 04.09.10 at 11:10 pm }

I see what you mean about the potential for Siobhan or Crystal to be at risk (although I’m kind of cool on Siobhan recently), but I still would have been devastated if Big Mike had gone home before TIM FREAKIN URBAN, the Poh of this year’s competition. Mr Second Chance shouldn’t even be there, and if it weren’t for a bunch of hormone-crazed teenage girl voters, he wouldn’t have lasted beyond week one.

Oh, and I do love Big Mike. LOVE.

2 CG { 04.10.10 at 12:28 am }

Idol producers did “Big Mike” no favors by having him appear alongside past winner Ruben Studdard last week. Ruben has been of the least successful Idol winners and Mike sorta fits his profile in terms of personality, image, and style of music. In other words, his future as an “Idol” is very limited.

The big problem with this show – like DWTS – and other ‘phone vote’ shows is that the primary demographic controls the eliminations. Idol is clearly driven by two groups: teen girls who love the cute baby-boys in the model of the Jonas Brothers, Jason Bieber, etc., and the Latinos who seem to keep Latino candidates in longer than their talent justifies. So yes, Tim Urban and the long-curly-blond guy will be around for a few more weeks. I suspect a few girls will go next including the young brunette girl and possibly Siobhan.

Agree the “save” has been wasted and should have been saved if Crystal gets the chop. Besides, the save means two persons go next week. So unless Mike has a lot of fans out there who get a wake-up call by his close call, he will probably go next week along with one of the girls.

On DWTS, Republican-bible-belt-stay-at-home mums have kept freakish Kate Gosselin in the comp. She should have been gone after week one but will probably hang on for a few more weeks even though her dancing is woeful.

3 Reality Raver { 04.12.10 at 11:41 pm }

INjera – at least Poh has talent.

CG – I agree with you there is no way Mike is going to be the Idol nor have a big career post the show, that was why I thought the save was surprising, and wrong.

If one of the talented performers go next week it will be the judging panels fault.

Oh God Kate freaking Gosselin, her 15 minutes just keeps on going. I think she is having two reality shows on the boil, apart from Dancing With Stars. Why do the Republican’s like her so much? I don’t get it.
Her ex is just as repulsive.

4 Reality Raver { 04.12.10 at 11:42 pm }

Oh CG off topic but speaking of reality shows with lots of kids, I watched one episode of the Duggars and it made me queasy. It’s a wonder she does not want to knock out her husband everytime he comes near her.