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Matt Preston Gives His Grumps List For 2014 But Others Were Grumping About Masterchef

At this time of year there are lists with best of 2013 and trends for 2014 for the record the Pantone Colour of 2014 is Radiant Orchid. In The Australian they had Grumps of 2014 with Matt Preston giving his list.

However it was a tad ironic that a couple of other people who were selected to share their gripes alongside Matt had a bit of a whinge about Masterchef.

Matt Preston who is a judge on the show grumps were:

I don’t want to drink: Caffeine drinks dressed up in the can like they’re trying to join an outlaw motorcycle gang. Overpriced Australian wine. When a bottle of my favourite gin costs less than a bottle of good pinot you’ll find me drinking negronis in protest.

I don’t want to hear: Sommeliers that talk so much about their “amazing wine choice for this dish” that your food goes cold while they are rabbitting on … Honestly, I don’t care about whether it’s from the Left Bank or Right – just pour me something good that enhances the food.

Expensive food that’s all about the concept and the art but totally forgets about tasting delicious. It’s a restaurant, not a gallery, lads!

Those dreadful “gourmet burgers” that aren’t as good as the originals and are all about twee marketing concepts.

Enough with all the ash in fancy restaurants! It was fun when Copenhagen chef Mads Refslund first made his “burning fields” root veg dish five years ago, but now it’s just another ashtray.

Muffins – they are usually nothing more than a dense formation of chaff, and just as appetising.

I don’t want to read: Vindictive and anonymous reviews online. Online reviews should be the vanguard of reviewing. Their value comes from telling us about somewhere good and undiscovered rather than just retreading the same ground of John Lethlean et al.

Over-excited food criticism that oversells a nice new place as the future of dining. Relax guys, the fact it’s a nice new place is enough for me to want to go.

I don’t want to watch: Poorly made, recycled versions of overseas shows that we love. We are Aussies. If we make them, we should make them better.

I don’t want to see: The loss of a man’s right to have his organic farmland uncontaminated by a neighbour’s GM crops. With this in mind, let’s get behind WA farmer Steve Marsh and his coming court battle with Monsanto.

However Bob Hart a food writer and BBQ guru had as one of his gripes as Masterchef:

Don’t want to watch: I have no idea how a program as promising as MasterChef turned itself into a nonsensical parody of itself and an example of the true horrors of “reality” television, but it has clearly done so. And while many of the decisions made in the course of this deranged festival of bad product-placement are inexplicable, they become even more so when the victors are permitted to conduct their own TV shows without the apparent guidance of a responsible adult. I am, however, looking forward to Jamie’s new two-minute menu series every bit as much as the next lunatic

Elizabeth Merryment of the Sunday Telegraph also had a swipe at the show as well as Matt:

Don’t want to watch: As for the nauseating repetition of words and phrases such as “I love the crunch, the balance of saltiness and sweet” on a certain television reality cooking show, well, thanks Matt, but I’ve had my fill. Roll on 2014.

Mark Best chef/owner at Marque in Sydney may not have been specific but he was a tad scathing of chef’s who he had thought had sold out:

No thanks: A Coles feast of maple-glazed barbecued salmon, roast pork and apple sliders and a classic pavlova? No Curtis Stone, I won’t have a “very Merry Christmas with these festive delights”. In fact I would rather saw my arm off with a Christmas sticky tape dispenser than have that blue-eyed, rottweiler grin intimidate me into partaking in your type of Yuletide cheer.

Heston, I love you mate, but Jesus wept, 300 quid for one of your Chrissy puds on eBay? Something stinks in the state of Denmark!

While I’m on it, hopefully Nigella’s recent troubles mean I will not have to witness the domestic goddess licking ham glaze from one elbow and her five-minute chocolate sauce from the other, by the light of the refrigerator, ever again.

Jamie, I’ve sort of admired you up to when you decided to save the chooks by embedding yourself with Woolworths. More mercenary than pukka, old son.

Closer to home, Darren Simpson. The KFC signature burger was, I thought, the bottom of the family meal bucket. Then along comes the Weber Bunnings commercial. Darren, Darren, Darren … hot hot hot, not.

Not that Curtis is going to give a shit what Mark Best thinks as he has been annointed by the Sunday Tele as one our stars to watch in 2014. He is opening a restaurant in Beverley Hills, Los Angeles soon.

What are your grumps of 2014?


December 28, 2013   35 Comments

Curtis Stone Clearly Now An Alpha Chef As He Takes A Swipe At Jamie Oliver

Curtis Stone is obviously feeling like he is one of the alpha chef’s at the moment as he has a swipe at Jamie Oliver for being overweight.

Curtis Stone who now lives in the US and is host of Top Chef Masters and a judge on America’s Next Top Restaurant, was happy to give his opinion about the fracas Jamie Oliver had with a journalist here.

When the journalist suggested he might be being hypocritical about people watching their weight because he was a bit chubby,  he called her a bitch.

The Herald Sun reports that Curtis said on a talk show that Jamie needs to show more responsibility.

The article stated:

While co-hosting The Talk on Friday, Stone criticised the Brit for calling an Australian journalist “a bitch” when she questioned his weight during a visit last week.

The Aussie-born chef says Oliver should show more responsibility.

“The interesting part of this for me is that Jamie is a big voice and he preaches, you know his show is called The Food Revolution,” Curtis said.

“So, he’s there talking about healthy food and you’ve got to practise what you preach.

“I love Jamie. I think he’s a great guy. I think what he stands for is really important.

“We’ve all had different relationships with food – some great, some not so great. But when you’ve got a place in the TV world of responsibility, you’ve got to follow through.”

What do you think? Does Jamie Oliver have to stay in tip top shape to be able to get his message of healthy eating to the masses?

Jamie Oliver also filmed an episode of Masterchef Australia when he was here.

March 15, 2012   9 Comments

Curtis Stone Does A Duet With Normie Rowe And Coles Are The Winners

Curtis Stone must be happy that Coles does not advertise in the USA, as credibility and this duet with Normie Rowe do not go together.

I presumed  Coles knew it was so bad it would go viral – which has been a positive thing for supermarket chain. All of Australia now knows they sell beef with no hormones in it.

Also half of Australia must be wondering who the strange peroxide blonde man on screen with Curtis is…

My favourite bit in the advertisement is Normie frottaging Curtis’s leg, a move clearly copied from Altiyan Child’s who used this move on guitar players on The X Factor.

Also Normie just looks a tad crazed – basically if I saw him in my neighbourhood I would be crossing the street to avoid.

However Normie Rowe hits back here with the classic line “If you think I’ve sold out, so have all my shows,” he said.

I hope for Masterchef Australia’s sake that this advertisement is well and truly done and dusted by the time series four starts, as they won’t want viewers swapping channels in the ad breaks.

January 11, 2012   14 Comments

Curtis Stone To Host Another Show Called Around The World In 80 Plates

Curtis Stone is still feeling the love of the American networks with Bravo announcing he will host a new reality show called Around The World in 80 Plates.

Curtis already hosts Top Chef Masters on the Bravo Network.

The Examiner says the show will focus on 12 chefs traveling around 10 countries in 44 days  competing in a variety of food-related tasks. Curtis Stone will host it with Cat Cora who has been an Iron Chef on Iron Chef America.

Sounds like the show could be called The Amazing Plates!

Hopefully Arena TV will screen it over here in 2012.

January 8, 2012   8 Comments

Curtis Stone Has A Baby Boy

Top Chef Masters host has had a baby boy with his partner Lindsay Price. The baby named Hudson was born on Nov 6. Expect to see photos in a magazine soon. (Source: Herald Sun)

In sad news for his Top Chef colleague, Padma Lakshmi’s boyfriend, Teddy Forstmann passed away from brain cancer.

Padma has been dating the 71 year old billionaire for three years.

He has no children so it will be interesting to see if she is in his will. (Source: Daily Mail)

November 25, 2011   6 Comments