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George Calombaris On The BRW Top 50 Entertainers List

Masterchef has been good to George Calombaris and that and his restaurant empire has seen him hit the BRW top 50 Entertainers list.  This is the highest earning entertainers in Australia in 2013.

George is number 35 on the list with earnings of $1.5 million. However he is not the chef who is highest on the list. This honour goes to Curtis Stone who comes in at an impressive ninth with $6.4 million.

Other reality stars that made the list are:

No. 8 – Keith Urban – $6.9 million

No. 22 – Jennifer Hawkins – $3 million

No. 28 Danni Minogue – $2 million

No. 30 Kyle and Jackie O – $1.9 million

No. 31 Elle Macpherson – $1.7 million

No. 43 Peter Andre – $1.1 million

No. 45 Delta Goodrem – $1 million


October 24, 2013   9 Comments

Manu Feildel Had His Head In George Calombaris’s Crotch

Well the good news is there appears to be no ongoing feuds between My Kitchen Rules and Masterchef Australia judges, but the bad news is I just had to type words that I thought I would never write – Manu Feildel had his head in George Calombari’s crotch!

Perth Now are saying that whilst Manu and George were over there for the Food and Wine Festival Manu was having a very fun time indeed.

His time away included what appeared to be a big night out where the head in crotch incident occurred.

Perth Now writes:

Feildel’s “tour de shock” of Perth wasn’t just limited to his performances at the Good Food and Wine Show.

The Frenchman reserved his most eye-popping antics for the crowd at the Malt Supper Club where, in the early hours of Sunday morning, he was seen lying on the floor of the night spot simulating oral sex on fellow TV chef George Calombaris.

The Sunday Times watched as he partied like a rock star until just after 2am in front of a crowd of gob-smacked patrons.

Feildel gyrated his hips with his hand on his crotch before getting down on his knees and doing bend-backs.

At one stage he did sit-ups, raising his head to Calombaris’s crotch. It’s no wonder he was looking worse for wear the next day at his 1.30pm appearance at the Good Food and Wine Show.

He dropped utensils and repeatedly complained of a “bad hangover” because of a “big night”.

The show was littered with references to his anatomy. Holding a butter and hazelnut log to his crotch as he walked to a fridge, Feildel used it as a phallic symbol to get a reaction from the audience.

The appendage jokes continued as Feildel offered his coq au vin chicken dish to two young women who had been asked on stage to sample his cooking.

“Want some coq?” he asked suggestively.

Devoted fan Tina McKnoe said he appeared drunk during the show.

“I think he was drunk the whole time he was there actually,” she said.

Ms Mcknoe claimed expo staff also told her Feildel was drunk.

“That’s what I was hearing as I was going around to the different stalls. I was telling them that I got to see Manu and they were like, ‘Yeah, he’s wasted’.”

Manu Feildel’s manager denied he was drunk during the Sunday show.

Seriously no story is going to top this one in the Sunday papers tomorrow.

July 21, 2012   22 Comments

Gee George Calombaris The Penalty Rates Surely Can’t Be That Bad?

Spotted online today on The Australian, is this George Calombaris?  Has George Calombaris ditched the Masterchef Australia set to really protest about the industrial relations laws in Australia? Surely they are not THAT bad.

I suspect it is just a doppelganger but the resemblance is eerie.

January 31, 2012   2 Comments

If George Calombaris Believes In Fair Pay He Should Give Some Of His Back

George Calombaris has managed to piss me off and he is not even bouncing on our TV screens in Masterchef Australia.

Yesterday George Calombaris took aim at Julia Gillard’s Fair Work Laws saying that paying penalty rates were crippling his business.

In an interview with the Power Index he moaned:

“The problem is that wages on public holidays and weekends greatly exceed the opportunity for profit…It’s just not a good business practice to be paying penalty rates. It’s really difficult to stay open and we only do it because of tourism but the reality is it’s uneconomical.”

“So our labour laws are something that need to be looked at and we keep talking about it.”

Morale must have been pretty low in George’s many restaurants last night, knowing that he did not think he should have to pay higher rates on the days of the week that people traditionally spend with family and friends.

Also I suspect George may have conveniently forgotten that he was probably paid penalty rates when he was younger and working as an employee.

He would probably prefer the US model where the customer subsidises the wage cost, with a minimum wage of $2.00 an hour and the diner is expected to tip 20 per cent of the bill to make up the wage short fall.

In the article George mentions his outgoings, one of which is a $45,000 pasta machine. A machine he has bought to decrease the labour required in the kitchen, something I don’t have a problem with, however, whining about paying minimum award wages for the staff you do have is a bit off, particularly when you own multiple business.

Let’s get this straight he is not some struggling small business owner.

George should also know that if the service is no good in his high end restaurants then the customer won’t come back no matter how good the food is. These people are essential in ensuring George can buy his imported cars, or just ensure that his partner does not have to work and look after their child full time.  A luxury a lot of families don’t have these days.

Seriously George appears to follow the Gerry Harvey business model where laws and policies should be there to ensure more money can be made on the millions they already have.

News flash George – These laws are in place to ensure unscrupulous employers have wages and conditions in place for people who due to education or life circumstances are unable to negotiate for themselves. For example like new immigrants who George’s parents once were.

Also if you are so fixated about fair wages what about giving some of yours back for the dud ratings Junior Masterchef produced in 2011, a show he was host and judge on.

UPDATE: The debate continues on this blog here with this guy writing an interesting article.

An issue I have been thinking about since seeing this tweet from Gary Mehigan who tweets @crispycrackling “George takes hammering over penalty rates, but the big question “is the weekend still family day? Half day closing Saturday & closed Sunday?”

By the way I think Gary looks pretty good in his twitter avatar maybe he lost some weight in the Masterchef off season.

Now I really need to move onto another story as this is not trashy reality blog not a political one, however the question must be asked is whether Sunday is now family day for the middle class, and if you are poor, a new migrant or a student it should just be considered another work day.

January 10, 2012   41 Comments

Here Are George Calombaris and Gary As Kids – Excellent

I saw this on the Media Week YouTube Channel and thought it was hilarious, and how well do this kids do George and Gary Mehigan from Masterchef Australia?

October 12, 2011   5 Comments