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Iron Chef’s Coming To Melbourne

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 11.10.32 am

The show Iron Chef is very retro indeed, but there are still a lot of fans out there and three of the Japanese Chefs from the popular SBS show are holding a function in Melbourne.

The event to be held 14 and 15 February in 2015 will see Iron Chefs Hiroyuki Sakai, Katsuhiko Kobe and the eldest son of renowned Iron Chef Kenichi Chen, Kentaro Chen cooking a six course meal.

It is $380 per person but it included alcohol and entertainment as well but I will be curious to know if it sells out.

Full details here.

Thanks Dr T for pointing it out to me.

December 17, 2014   3 Comments

Iron Chef Gone – Can Someone Tell Channel 7

Everyone appears to be killing Iron Chef Australia today except Channel 7. The Daily Telegraph reports the show which was a spin off of the cult Japanese show will not be renewed for a second season.

But can someone tell Channel 7 that as they are still saying “no decision has yet been made” on the future of the show.

I thought the show had potential but with good iron chefs, and a great judging panel. However I did find Grant Denyer and the American Chairman superfluous.

If Seven do flick this, maybe they could think of doing an Australian version of Top Chef. Where professional chefs battle it out for the title of Top Chef.

Curtis Stone is currently the host of Top Chef Masters in the US.

March 23, 2011   2 Comments

Iron Chef Australia – It Came, We Saw, But It Did Not Conquer

The real star of the night was the truffles, oh and Jose who was  Guillame Brahimi’s sous chef tonight. Get him on Ready, Steady, Cook NOW! He managed to take camera time from the not so shabby Guillami and that is quite a skill.

I like the challenger Dan Hong as well, and he created tension with the dashi custard saga. Would it or wouldn’t it set.

Both of the competitors paid homage to the original iron chef and used plenty of truffles, it was pureed on top of soup, shoved under chicken skin, and sliced over eggs.

The judging:

Dan Hong’s food looked great and the judges mainly agreed.

He cooked:

Sashimi of Tuna with Buddha’s Delight – “raw fish, raw mushroom… this is fantastic” said Simon Thomsen.

Dashi custard with Tempura mushroom – “that was worth the wait, there is custard and there’s custard, and this is custard.” said Simon. “This is perfection,” said Larissa Dubecki.

Fragant mushroom broth “Surf and Turf” – “Another absolute cracker” said Leo Schofield.

Roast mushroom sandwich with lashings of truffle. “Breakie fry up a bankok playboy might have after a big night.” said Larissa. Actually it looked pretty ordinary.

Gulliame Brahmi cooked:

Marron with truffles;

Chicken with tombe of mushroom – oh and truffles in the chicken – I need a defibrilator said Larissa It is beautiful but so rich.

Tortellini of peas with morels sauce – “Ethereal said Simon “Tortellini melts in your mouth.”

Poached Marron – “Pickling of the mushrooms is delicious” said Leo.

Guillame Brahimi won by three points, and it was probably was the egg dish that cost Dan the win.

It will be a surprise if Channel 7 renew the show as the ratings barely reached the million mark. Here is my blog post from last week which outlines what I would do to fix the show. However I suspect that post is now irrelevant.

UPDATE: Iron Chef won’t be renewed as it only rated 768,000 last night. (Source: Mumbrella)

November 23, 2010   5 Comments

Iron Chef Australia – Unfortunately The Chances Of Getting Renewed A Zero

So Grant Denyer wasn’t allowed to help challenger Sascha Meier shake a fry pan when he had badly cut his finger, but he can bump out the first aid nurse out to try and put a bandaid on him. Personally I would have found Grant plating up squid dishes much more amusing. I am surprised he knew what it was considering it was not round or crumbed.

Last week Iron Chef dived in the ratings to below one million, and the silence has been deafening on whether Channel Seven will be renewing it. It is a pity as it could/should have been a winner.

Five things I would do to fix it:

  • Get rid of Grant Denyer, expand the Chairman’s and Richard Cornish’s role to cover whatever the host is meant to do;
  • Get better challenges, again tonight Sascha Meier was completely out of his league;
  • Get rid of the audience they are superfluous;
  • Allow there to be more banter between the judges or show it;
  • Mix up a person to sit with chat with Richard Cornish each week either a food expert or just someone interesting.

The positives about the show is that they do show a lot of the cooking, and the cast is fairly strong. Also the Iron Chefs are fantastic cooks.

Tonight Neil Perry showed just how good he can cook. His ingredient combinations were mouthwatering. Whereas his competitor from Ba Ba Lu in Victoria seemed to stick to his tried and true recipes.

Neil Perry served up:

  • Raw Squid, iberco ham, and parsnip salad and black bean custard – “Very few Australian chefs would have the chutzpah to serve this dish” said Leo Schofield. “Incredibly clever” said Simon Thomsen. Larissa said it looks like a children’s fairy tale, I am not sure which ones she has been reading.
  • Salad of confit squid with asian chicken “Liked textures” said Larissa, Simon implied it had too much chilli.
  • Squid Ink Noodles – “Very sexy dish” said Simon.
  • Braised squid stuffed with octopus – ” Wonderful flavour” said Leo

Sasha cooked:

  • Octopus and squid  paella with black squid ink “beautiful paella”  said Leo. Loved the crust but lacking the fully developed flavour.
  • Peruvian style ceviche – “So pretty” said Larissa. “Lightness that is a wonderful contrast to the other dishes.
  • Pork and squid meatballs –  “reminded me of nappy time” said Simon. “Larissa thought the squid flavour faded to the back ground
  • Char Grilled Octopus – “sex on a plate” said Larissa and she did look like she was getting a buzz.

Neil easily won scoring 49 out of 60 and Meier 40 out of 60 his dishes were not that  original nor looked as beautiful on the plate.

Next Iron Chef French gets his second go in the kitchen stadium. It is the final episode, and I doubt we will see anymore.

November 16, 2010   10 Comments

Iron Chef Australia – Guy Grossi Flogged By Herb Faust

Iron Chef Guy Grossi was beaten tonight by challenger Herb Faust. Was I surprised? No, as Channel Seven had decided to tell us the result of the show in the preview after last weeks episode.  Why was that?

Herb Faust is the chef at Scotch College at Perth, which I suspect because of his win will increase the waiting list for the boarding school, conversely it could also open the debate about the Government funding formula for non-government schools, if the quality of the ingredients he was cooking with was anything to go by.

Another irritation was the gasping about Herb making a lamb tartare and how unusual it was, however raw lamb is pretty standard in Lebanese cuisine. I call it kebbe but @simonthomsen kindly corrected me by telling me it is kibbeh nayah. That is why he is a world renowned food critic, and I am plankton on the blogging food chain.

Anyway kibbeh nayah is delicious if you ever get to try it and it is pretty standard at Lebanese restaurants in Sydney.

Maybe Guy Grossi lost because the judges kept on seeing all the blood going into his food as he kept cutting himself. Either he was drinking too much wine during the show or it has been a good decade since he has had to do the prep of his food.

The other thing is it de rigeur if you are a foodie to gush over offal? Personally I cannot stomach it, I once threw up part of pigs ear in a two hat restaurant after I realised what I was eating. For the record I did make it to the toilets.

Guy Grossi cooked:

  • Smoked Lamb Carpaccio – with the smoke coming with the lamb – Simon Thomsen said he “thinks of carpaccio as thinly sliced”.
  • Lambs Brains with Bresola Salad – Leo Schofield  said “possibly the best brains I have ever had”.
  • Spiced Lamb Ragu – Larissa Dubecki got a iron Chef hair in hers (yes that was a negative thing), and Simon thought the meat was too tough.
  • Costolette D’Agnello – lamb cutlet wrapped in pork caul fat- “you have captured spring” said Simon.

Herb Faust cooked:

  • Lamb Tartare With Sheeps Milk Bavoir – the presentation was sensational, and Leo thought it was “delightful”.
  • Rosemary Skewered lamb sandwich – “You have taken a great kebab and made it fantastic” said Larissa
  • Sticky braised lamb roll which was an upmarket chiko roll. Something all of this years Masterchef contestants would have wished they had don on the chiko roll challenge. “Beautiful” said Larissa.
  • Vine leaf Roast –  “seen a sense of fun, sense of whimsy, and exhuberance.” said Simon Thomsen.

Anyway Herb Faust flogged Guy Grossi 44/60 and 50/60 picking up the point in taste, and in originality. Well done Herb, and Guy’s sous chef are probably going to get sacked for being beaten by a chef from a boarding school.

November 9, 2010   25 Comments