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Oh Snooki – That Was Why You Were In Jersey Shore


March 17, 2015   3 Comments

Happy Halloween – Hope Your Kids Are Not Dressing As Snooki

Yeah I know the youth of today, whatever happened to dressing up as Frankenstein or a witch. No this little group are the crew from Jersey Shore. Hopefully they are asking for sweets rather than jelly shots!

Also Heidi Klum, host of Project Runway, has cancelled her now famous Halloween Party due to Hurricane Sandy. (Source:

Happy Halloween everyone.

October 31, 2012   3 Comments

Jersey Shore’s Snooki Pregnant – and Engaged?

Writing about anything to do with the Jersey Shore alumni is a through-the-looking-glass experience.  There are usually half a dozen versions of any given story, with updates and retractions as information emerges.  Anyway, CBS News is running with the story that “sources” claim that Snooki is, indeed, pregnant and that she and Jionni LaValle are engaged.

Whilst this is all still unconfirmed by either Snooki or Jionni – apparently a deal is being done with US Weekly for the official story – it’s not stopping anybody from running the rumour in as many variations as possible.  The Daily Mail ran a story that had The Unit claiming that the baby could be The Situation’s, but he has  since backed down on that claim.  Gawker reports that ex-Snooki-squeeze Emilio Masella responded to the rumours with the charming comment:

I hope for her sake, not to be rude or anything, but I hope she has a miscarriage.

Well, as long as it’s for her sake.  Sheesh.

March 6, 2012   2 Comments

Jersey Shore Might Be Being Filmed In Australia

With news that two of the Jersey Shore stars, The Situation and Ronnie have said they would like to film a season in Australia, it was no surprise that Queensland Tourism were quick to put their hands up to have the show.

As they say the Gold Coast is the perfect location as it has the glitz and theme parks. Hell they could even have schoolies as a plot line.

Jersey Shore is about a group of Italian-Americans going out getting drunk and trying to get laid.  Yes super trashy TV.

(Source: Daily Telegraph)

January 18, 2012   3 Comments

Jersey Shore Fake Rumours Continue

There have been rumours doing the rounds for awhile that Jersey Shore is all set up.

The allegations from the current season set in Italy include Snooki crashing into a police car, and the place that they are working in which is a pizza joint is not open to the general public to eat in.

But it appears this very clever person, Sean Klitzner,  in the YouTube clip has managed to expose the fakeness of a scene involving ice being thrown at Deena and Snooki. He claims a producer threw it not the barman and the footage would suggest he is right.

November 3, 2011   3 Comments