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The Drama Queen – Interview With Tamara Jaber

Tamara Jaber

The Drama Queen is a new US dramality show which stars Marki Costello who is an uber talent manager in LA teaching her clients how to be stars.It follows her and some of her clients and Australian Tamara Jaber is one of them.

Tamara who is based in LA now pops up in the first episode and will be seen throughout the series we talk about her long history with reality TV, whether she regrets having Kyle Sandilands as her manager and what she is doing in LA.

Reality Ravings: The Drama Queen is starting tonight on E! for Australian viewers you are going to be a bit of a draw card to watch the show so how much screen time do you actually get?

Tamara  Jaber: I am not sure as I kind of fell into it. I did not audition for it I was part of the agency and Marki and I got along. She liked my personality and she said do you want to join in and follow what you do. I know I am on throughout but basically it is about her and the agency and they follow clients and I am one of the more controversial ones. I know one episode in particular is focussed on me.

RR: What are you doing in Hollywood are you concentrating on singing or acting?

TJ: No acting. I have concentrated on my music. I do gigs all throughout Hollywood. House of Blues, Sayers Club all the hot spots. It is a one woman show with my eight piece band and I also do hosting stuff, red carpet, E! anything personality driven.

RR: It is interesting as I have watched your career for quite some time now. Going back to Scandal’Us in Pop Stars. Pop Stars was at a time of reality TV when we had rose coloured classes  as a viewer about the genre. The viewer was more naive and there was not so much social media. Then you were on Dancing With The Stars a few years ago.

TJ: I just end up on reality don’t ask me how but I do.

RR: Have you seen any changes in the genre over the years as now you are on a dramality show. Has each been different over the ten years.

TJ: Definitely, with Pop Stars that was one of the first ones and that was very innocent, the viewer didn’t know that things were as orchestrated. It was just like let’s follow these kids and put it on. People like to watch other people, people like to relate to other people, people like to connect with other people, and people like to know that celebrities are just like them. I think as the years have gone on reality has become a lot more scripted, thought out and organised. There is now scripted reality. It is orchestrated but at the same time they see where the good bits are. You live your life and they cut it up to make a story. That is not my end I just rock up and do my bit.

RR: Have you found the social media side of things a bit harder with people instantly criticising you on facebook and Twitter?

TJ: I used to hate social media as I am a bit of a technological retard and people were banging on to me about it for years. I finally bit the bullet I understand how important it is. One of Marki’s things that she said to me is “Why don’t you have a social media”? I said I hate it. Well she said you have to join the revolution as it is important for your brand. I thought if I was going to do social media I would make mine worth something. I would be real but helpful and influential at the same time. I think it is great to use it to do something positive. You get to have your opinion which is good too.

RR: There is no doubt that you are talented. You’ve got the looks, you can definitely sing and you can move, you are just as talented as other pop princess that have “made it” What do you need to be a pop star? What have you learnt over the years as you have been in the industry for many years now?

TJ: I am really shitty pop star. I don’t know otherwise I would be Kylie Minogue right now. So no point asking me. I don’t know what it takes I think that it has become a lot different these days, as pop stars are not just known for their music they are known for their brand. For me my music is part of my brand and am I looking to be a pop star? Not particularly. I do my music, I do my shows and I am very theatrical and now I am doing TV.

RR: You were managed by you then by your husband Kyle Sandilands. Do you think in hindsight this might have had a negative or positive impact on your career? 

TJ: I don’t think anything that happens in life is positive or negative it is just exactly as it needs to be in that space and time. I would not be here if I did not have that. I think everything happens perfectly and now everything I have learnt I can use to move forward and have my own career now. Who knows if it was negative or positive maybe everything was perfect and in sequence for what is happening now. I had different experiences  then I would have had and that has given me a lot more depth, a lot more understanding. I need to have a purpose in everything I do with my music it is not just a song and I think that has come from experience. I would not really change a thing to be honest.

RR: You have got a new man called Kenny and he over here [Sydney] for Christmas as well?

TJ: He was but he just left as he had to go back to work. He was a professional rugby player and now he is an investment banker. Very serious job.

RR: How serious are you two and is marriage and babies on the cards?

TJ: I would definitely get married again for sure and we are pretty serious we have been together for two and a half year. He is very different he has a serious job. We have a lot of fun but he is not in the media at all. All his family are doctors and lawyers – serious people.

RR: Would you come back to Australia to work?

TJ: I love Australia. I love LA I would not turn down a job here. I will definitely be working in Australia as well.

The Drama Queen – airs Tuesdays at 8:30pm only on E!

December 3, 2013   2 Comments

It’s Official Kyle and Tamara Have Split

Last night Kyle Sandiland’s and Tamara Jaber put out an official announcement to say the are indeed separated.

The Daily Telegraph says:

Kyle Sandilands and Tamara Jaber wish to acknowledge that the past few months have been challenging due to their individual work demands which have required extended periods of time apart,” a statement released from Sandilands’ management King Kyle Group said last night.

The also say that the divorce may not be all that lucrative for Tamara.

Most of the couple’s major assets are in Sandilands’ companies and divorce experts said she would not receive anything like a 50/50 split.

And despite his huge earnings – which include $4 million a year from major employer 2DayFM and an estimated $1 million a year from the Seven Network – records show many of Sandilands’ major assets have large levels of debt registered against them.

Family law expert Glenda Laurence of Argyle Lawyers said the courts would likely allow Sandilands to keep most of the assets he had not given to Jaber: particularly as there were no kids. “She’s probably not going to get an awful lot, given that it’s a short relationship,” she said.

But Sandilands showered plenty on his soon-to-be ex-wife, including an estimated $100,000-plus platinum and diamond engagement ring.

Estimates also put his spending on Jaber’s career at more than $500,000, including upwards of $300,000 to record her latest album.

It will be interesting to see if this effects Tamara’s performance on Dancing With The Stars as at this stage she must be favourite to win. Tamara denies being involved with her Dancing With The Stars partner.

Andrew Hornery of the SMH did mention on Twitter that he thought the timing of their separation was interesting considering it was the week that his radio partner Jackie O announced her pregnancy.

July 14, 2010   9 Comments

Are Australia’s A-List Reality TV Couple, Kyle and Tamara, On The Skids?

Rumours have been circulating for awhile but the Daily Telegraph (lifted from Woman’s Day) are today reporting that judge on The X Factor, Kyle Sandilands, and Dancing With The Stars contestant Tamara Jaber have split. If this is true this will mean Kyle will become one of Sydney’s most eligible bachelors.

The article states:

An urgent meeting of Sandilands’ and Jaber’s management teams was taking place this afternoon to devise a PR strategy to handle their apparent split.

A source said a statement was being prepared and would be released this afternoon.

Previous stories and speculation the couple had split were denied by spokespeople in recent weeks.

However, a story published in Woman’s Day today reported Sandliands had begun telling friends of the split in Sydney last week.

“It’s an open secret,” a friend of the couple reportedly told the magazine.

“They’ve been on the rocks for months.”

Kyle and Tamara appeared together at the radio host’s 39th birthday party at the Piano Room at Kings Cross but  left separately.

Sandilands has been reportedly living in city hotels including Blue at Woolloomoloo and Star City casino for the last couple of months while Jaber has been staying at the family home at St Ives.

Also the magazine has photos of both parties not wearing their wedding rings.

Tamara is denying she is on with her dance partner Carmelo Pizzino.

The Woman’s Day article also gives further evidence of their split. It states:

Last week Kyle and Tamara flew to Melbourne separately, arriving within hours of each other. They then checked into different hotels and flew home to Sydney separately.

“They tried to work at the marriage,” says the friend. “Tamara was trying to get back with him as recently as a week or so ago, but Kyle was the one who wasn’t showing a lot of interest.”

Also Tamara recently showed off the couple’s $1.9 million Sydney home on TV’s Better Homes and Gardens. But there was no sign of Kyle, who later admitted the first he knew of the segment was when he saw it advertised on TV.

Last week Tamara addressed their relationship with Woman’s Day. She said

“Our relationship is unusual”.

“We do our own thing and that’s the way it works. People notice things I don’t really notice because we do things the way we want to. We spend a lot of time apart because of work, probably more time than other couples.”

Well we will have to wait and see how true all this is. I suspect Tamara will fade into obscurity once Kyle is no longer on her arm.

July 12, 2010   11 Comments

Dancing With The Stars – Jason Stevens Eliminated

In a non-surprising move NRL footy player, and former sex abstainer was the first person eliminated from Dancing With Stars last night.

The combination of having no rhythm and not being known outside NSW did not make it easy for him. But on the plus side he did seem like a nice bloke.

Tamara Jaber again showed she could dance, and The Sunday Telegraph pointed out that fans on the official forums thought her previous dance training was unfair.

The article quotes her Take 40 bio where it state:

“I danced and sung constantly in competitions … and managed to collect 400 trophies,” she says in her biography on the Take 40 website.

“It was my life. I completed all my dancing exams and would compete in competitions all over Australia every week. I’d devote six hours to ballet, three hours to tap and eight hours to jazz … believe it or not, singing was what I did in my spare time.”

Personally I would like to know what her fellow competitors think about her dance training. And Esther Anderson please put on some weight you are gorgeous but far too skinny.

July 5, 2010   1 Comment

Kyle Sandiland and Tamara Jaber’s House On Better Homes And Gardens Tonight

In more publicity for their reality TV shows on Seven, Kyle Sandilands and Tamara Jaber’s St Ives house is on Better Homes and Gardens tonight. I don’t usually watch the show, but if the pictures on the Daily Telegraph website and in the paper are anything to go by I am checking it out.

The shoe closest alone is mind blowing, how does anyone find the time to shop for so many? If you are expecting to see Kyle on the show you will be disappointed it will be Tamara only.

Tamara who is clearly the best dancer on Dancing On The Stars. In an interview with the Daily Tele this week, she said she has never danced professionally. She does have extensive dance training. I would love to know what the other contestants think of that.

On the US version of the show this year, the Pussycat Doll’s singer Nicole Scherzinger won with some rumblings about the fact she was a professional performer. The Pussycat Doll’s do some pretty rigorous dance routines as well as sing.

Maybe if they are going to have people who can dance, which is a good thing, they should make sure there is a few of them to make it competitive.

July 2, 2010   1 Comment