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The Boss Is Coming To Dinner – What Was The Point?

The Australian version of The Boss Is Coming To Dinner I just did not understand the concept. So you have to cook your boss dinner, but what you cooked really did not come into it. It was just an interview over your dining room table. They didn’t even rat through the peoples draws ala Come Dine With Me to see if you had anything incriminating hidden away.

Though Peter who was eliminated first tonight after not closing a sale, part of the reason for his elimination may have been his disgusting pasta which was BBQ chicken, mixed with cabonara sauce. Would it have killed him to open up some salad leaves.

But the thing that totally pissed me off was the older woman who had a bucket load of experience, closed a deal but did not get the job because she did not have the “drive” of Tina even though she had no experience and had known the pharmacist who she had to sell to. What the Alphapharm boss really meant was Tina was younger and prettier. So maybe this was as real as reality TV gets where it pretty much does follow real life.

Kudos to Lyn when the women was saying she might have a job for her in a few months when she said “I don’t think I want to work for her.” Not sure about how good a PR message will come from that episode as most women over 40 would have been left with a sour taste in their mouth about the company and therefore their products.

September 23, 2010   24 Comments