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Brian McFadden and Vogue Williams To Get Their Own Reality Show. WTF?

Vogue Williams wife of Brian Mcfadden has said that the pair are doing a reality TV show. Personally I think I would rather watch Being Lara Bingle and The Shire on constant repeat than seeing a reality show about their lives.

Independent Woman reports Vogue said on UK show The Saturday Night Show that her and Brian intend to stay in Australia indefinitely and they will star in their own reality TV show here!

What would be the plot line scenes of them on Twitter getting into scrag fights, the cameras following her to DJ gigs or Brian having coffee at Sirena Cafe with his bestie Kyle Sandilands. Not sure that would get many viewers.

Thanks @joobug for tipping me off on this story.

January 8, 2013   5 Comments

Brian McFadden Proves Yet Again What A Dick He Is

Don’t expect Brian McFadden to be an ambassador for White Ribbon day anytime soon, with a recent tweet that shows his lack of insight on the topic of domestic violence.

The Daily Telegraph reports the former Australia’s Got Talent judge tweeted “Men who hit women are pathetic. Women who make excuses and stay with the guy are just as bad,”.

Not sure he fully has a grasp on all the issues surrounding domestic violence.

The Daily Telegraph had a domestic violence spokesperson condemning the comments:

Domestic Violence Victoria chief executive Fiona McCormack said she couldn’t understand why McFadden, a father to two young girls, would broadcast such a message.

“It’s really irresponsible,” Ms McCormack said.

“For us to create a safer and healthier community, it’s really important that people in the media … make responsible comments.”

Ms McCormack said violence was the most significant contributing risk factor to Victorian women’s health and lives before they reached middle age.

“It’s not a flippant issue, it’s something that we really need to take seriously,” she said.

“Anyone with daughters should take a role in challenging the attitudes and behaviour that allows violence against women to happen.”

Speaking of Brian McFadden’s daughters in the same article it was revealed he will be staying in Australia. He must think his career prospects are better her than in the UK. He no longer is signed to Australia’s Got Talent now it has moved to NINE, and is unlikely to be.

Maybe he is limbering up for a slot on Celebrity Splash, SEVEN’s new diving competition. However it was rumoured he had put Channel Seven executives off side when his then fiancee, now wife, Vogue Williams was on Dancing With The Stars. The other show he or his wife might show up on is Celebrity Apprentice.

Brian McFadden has two daughters in the UK with his ex-Kerry Katona, so it is surprising with his career lull here in Australia that he is not moving back to be closer to them.


December 8, 2012   27 Comments

Slime On At Slimefest For Kids And It Is Reality Stars Aplenty

Get your rock on or slime on at Slimefest Australia’s first music concert for tweens to be held at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion Moore Park on Saturday September 15.

There is a plethora of reality TV stars performing. This includes Jessica Mauboy, Reece Mastin, Justice Crew, Stan Walker and Johnny Ruffo.  Also another X Factor alumni Christina Parie will perform as well as being SLIMEFEST’s official backstage reporter. For kids at home she will give them with AAA access to backstage photos, exclusive interviews and updates to The Nick Shack ( throughout the show.

It all seems a little bit crazy as there are KCA style stunts include the Guinness World Record sliming attempt for the Most People Slimed Simultaneously and the SLIMEFEST-A-TRONa 360 degrees periscope which will unleash a spectacular slime-storm in the venue. Where do they get all this slime from?

There will also be a celebrity SLIME DUNK  with kids voting to see who will be dunked. Celebrities in the running for this “accolade” is Richard Wilkins, Brian McFadden, and the Biggest Losers’ Commando. 

Kids can log onto the The Nick Shack ( to cast their vote for the star that they see most worthy of full body slime saturation.

So if you have a tween and want to get some brownie points this is a good way to do it.

The 5.00pm show now sold out, but there is a second show at 11.00am on Saturday September 15.

Tickets available through Ticketek (

SLIMEFEST  will also be shown on TV on Saturday September 15 at 6.00pm on Nickelodeon.

September 4, 2012   Comments Off on Slime On At Slimefest For Kids And It Is Reality Stars Aplenty

Brian McFadden Weds Vogue Williams In Italy

This time Australia’s Got Talent judge, Brian McFadden, did not muck around getting his fiance, Vogue Williams down the aisle.

The pair wed in Italy over the weekend with 80 guest attending. Kyle Sandilands and Danni Minogue were also in attendance.

They met in May last year and were engaged after a whirlwind romance. Unlike Delta Goodrem who had a long engagement with him, Brian ensured he got that gold band on her fast.

And yes you will be seeing the photos in a weekly magazine soon.

There is no news yet whether Australia’s Got Talent is being renewed, and if it is whether Brian McFadden will be one of the judges. There are strong rumours circulating that he won’t be.


September 4, 2012   3 Comments

Kyle Sandilands Stays Classy About His Ex-Wife

Kyle Sandilands needs to give tips to his Australia’s Got Talent stable mate Brian McFadden on how to talk about his ex-partners.

In the Sunday Telegraph Kyle’s former wife Tamara Jaber speaks out about the marriage saying her life with him was a misery.

In his response he only had nice things to say about the former reality TV popette even going as far as saying “She’s a very honest girl and if she says these kinds of things, then she really believes them,”.

Tamara who clearly who is also promoting her new tour had this to say in the article:

When she was married to King Kyle, she claims he wouldn’t let her use the home computer, he spoke for her and controlled her money. And, she says, she didn’t have the balls to do anything about it.

“When I was with Kyle, I was just an accessory to his world,” says the LA-based singer, who married Sandilands on September 28, 2008 and officially separated from him on July 12, 2010. They are yet to divorce.

“I would sit on the sidelines and watch as he spoke for me. There was no way that he would allow my own personality to come through. My life was miserable then,” she reflects.

Sandilands agrees, saying: “Tamara was miserable, but this was mainly because of the response to her solo music career. She takes things very personally but she really is very talented. I have heard that she is very happy now and that’s good.”

Nevertheless, Jaber insists she has seen the light.

She met Sandilands at the age of 19 when she was performing in pop group Scandal’us. Jaber had a lot of growing up to do and perhaps needed some nurturing. Even after they married, her mother, Janessa, came to live with them and a retinue of minders.

“My life is so not shiny anymore,” Jaber says proudly. “In fact, when I look at how my life was then, I can scarcely believe I am the same person.”

These days she says she supports herself by gigging at intimate venues and at corporate events.

“I have learnt how to budget,” she brags, “and it is so rewarding to have my own money and spend it on whatever I like. My apartment is filled with the things I love and decorated the way I like.”

She is currently seeing a new guy UK investment banker and semi-professional sports star Ken Aseme, 33.

Tamara is touring Australia in October with a new band. It would have been nice for her to acknowledge the fact she had a music career in her twenties was due to Kyle’s support. However she was young and probably did have her head turned by the lifestyle she was living and being with Kyle would not be all unicorns and rainbows.

But kudos to Kyle Sandiland’s who is notorious for unleashing, for staying classy and respectful towards her, something he should tell Brian McFadden to do. Brian in the past has taken to Twitter to dish on his former wife Kerry Katona and his former fiance Delta Goodrem. Brian will be marrying his girlfriend Vogue Williams in September hopefully he will have better luck with this relationship.

Australia’s Got Talent Grand Final – Revealing The Winner is on SEVEN on Wednesday night at 7.30pm.

July 23, 2012   3 Comments