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I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here – What Should They Do If There Is A Second Season

TEN is being very coy about whether there will be a second season of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. It was a ratings and social media winner for them which the struggling TV station needed as well as being a fresh format for reality TV. Most people who watched it loved it.

It will come down to money but with its relative success it should mean brands, which are so important to funding reality shows, will be more willing to come on board. In fact TEN will be crazy not to go a second season.

Colin Vickery from has written an article outlining the issues surrounding the first season and makes some suggestions about how to improve it. Here they are:


Too much of series one was a lovefest. The celebrities got on too well together. There was no-one to shake things up (apart from a brief contretemps between Barry and Freddy over Barry’s bed). That made it a bit of a snooze-fest for viewers.


Models Tyson Mayr and Miss Universe Australia 2008 Laura Dundovic were obviously picked for their good looks but they were the most boring celebrities in camp.


Maybe we’ve been conditioned by Tarzan movies but Africa didn’t look like Africa. It looked like the Blue Mountains meets Melbourne’s Studley Park, Kew. Viewers need something more exotic.


One eviction per week and four intruders simply isn’t enough. Watching the same batch of celebrities night after night after night got tiresome.


How many times can we see a celebrity chow down on maggots or eyeballs? It took a good month for the show to roll out its far more compelling slingshot and bungy challenges.


Too often there was a good one-hour episode hiding inside a needlessly padded-out 90 minute episode.


There were rumours that all sorts of guest celebrities, from Rob Mills to Anthony Callea, were going to drop into the show for a night or two. Only Grant Denyer made an appearance.

What do you think? What would you do to improve I’m A Celebrity?

Thanks to Jec for sending this in.

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Guest Post: I’m A Celebrity – The Final Winner Was….

A big big thank you to Gidgit Von La Rue for recapping I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Her funny recaps added to the enjoyment of watching the show. Hopefully TEN will do a season two, they would be crazy not to as the ratings would probably build. What was great about the show was not only the crazy challenges but it was seeing the layers peel off the celebrities and we got glimpses into the real them. I was surprised at how many had self doubts but hopefully this show has hoped them over come some of them. Who said reality TV was all just bad? Anyway over to Gidgit (Psst follow her on Twitter here) :

Now my recording recorded ALL of Family Feud which I do enjoy – but it eats up my recording time. Thanks Foxtel/Ch 10/satellite!   Julia is rocking a Don’t Party 70’s era dress and looks amaze balls! I’d like to see Dr Chris in that frock next season – if there is one? Again make it 8.30pm. Listen to me Ch 10 – I know what I’m talking about.

So it’s down to Chrissie (odds on favourite to win), cricket legend Freddie and ALF bore-fest Barry. Who will it be? Oh who am I kidding we all know.  From channel surfing over live from The Block I know this show is going to drag on but I will try and refrain from doing so (skulls 19th glass of wine) …ok that might not happen. More ‘recapping of what’s happened’ to fill out time to drag this out like a giraffe being run over by a truck.  Marcia Brady is gone (yes we know) and of course they all want to win but you can’t control how we vote so tough titties.

It’s triple treat trial time and I really didn’t think they were going to do like the UK one – and they don’t. So there is that. Freddie, Chrissie and Bleh have to slide down (easy) to grab stars (easy) a long water slide (easy). In short it’s fun but Freddie is the only one that gets stars because Chrisse is having too much fun and Barry is just too heavy and bulky to be nimble enough to grab the stars. Well done Freddie! Well done!

If this gets another season may I suggest the odd ‘fun challenge’ between the yuk eating and scary dangerous finding stars etc ones! They have fun – we have fun! UK doesn’t get it but not everything has to be meal worms and pretty locust dung! And instead of all the dragged out interviews they SHOULD have shown Julia and Dr Chris trying this challenge out – rather than just tweeting it. The best thing about this show are the challenges so why not show the hosts doing them ON THE SHOW!?!?

Freddie is a real ‘lad’ and dives back onto the slide and Chris tells them ‘all kids out of the pool’ which was cute.  Back at camp Chrisse and Barry agree they would recommend doing I’m a Celeb to any ‘celebs’ so line up, line up! Don’t have a career anymore and are you that person in a shopping centre people point and say ‘who is that – they are familiar’ …then sign up!

The booted celeb’s all tell us who they want to win and only Merv gets it right! Of course Marcia Brady is all ‘love and peace’ so wants them all to win and GET OFF THE FENCE! God I hate flaky people. It’s not all about love, it’s about making a god damn choice and decision.

So it’s vote off and surprise surprise – Chrissie Swan is voted off! Holy shit! She, like us,  thought she had it in the bag & was the winner. She did bitch a lot against ‘pretty people’ which revealed her chip on the shoulder no matter how jolly or understanding. Joel did her no favours to be honest. Chrissie is putting on her best ‘I’m fine’ but it’s all bullshit. She thought she was the winner. But nice acting performance Chrissie – well controlled!  I know there are really full on Chrissie fans – but she failed in most of her tucker trials, did nothing around camp physically (she admitted it) and Freddie rocked in and was top fun, did challenges to his best and was the most entertaining. Tip next season people – be funny – like really fun and funny. And do your challenges. And maybe be British!?

If I went that long without a sip of booze that glass of champagne would – eh who am I kidding – do nothing to me what so ever! We recap Chrissie’s experience and she claims she can’t win any reality shows – Big Brother and now this – but hey there is that top radio show she can return to…. Oh my bad.

We have a recap of Chrissie’s challenges and life at camp and…well everything! I’ve been ‘bigger’ and I know the stuggles with that so credit to you Chrissie on physical challenges, but standing in a box with critters not having to anything but put a key in a lock – sorry.  Can I say Chrissie has great teeth. Yeah I notice stuff like that.  She did as best she can. She’s not an athlete.

Now we have family reunions and god damn Freddie’s wife is HOT! It’s a surprise to the three remaining celebs and holy crap Freddie’s wife is hot! Ok I’ll stop that now.  Barry next and it’s his best mate in the diary shed. Less kissing and crying – thank god! Now is Chrissie’s son Leo and it’s all very sweet when the family members get to hang out in camp. THANK GOD Freddie shaves his weird 17th Century monk hair style off. Chrissie’s son is adorable and very smart with heaps of personality!

Now I’m not crying LIKE OTHER PEOPLE but maybe I’m a hard old cow? The family members and friends get to stay the night which is really sweet and UK should do this! Hint hint.  The loved ones leave and Chrissie’s son is a real character. Ok I’ll say it – need to be a few more salads in that house. There – happy? You made me say it, you know that right? Your fault!

So Chrissie is out and it’s down to Freddie and Barry. I was honestly watching The Block so had to refer to twitter to who won, but now watching it again recorded and if I see a promo for the new Dreamworks animation Home movie one more time I’ll scream! I hate Big Bang Theory and can’t stand that tall one that keeps winning awards for – what’s his name!  Now he’s voicing that annoying character to make it more annoying and stop trying to animation Dreamworks. Leave it to Pixar/Disney. (I’m a bigger movie buff than TV one to be honest)

They recap the animals and still to this day Marcia Brady and Chrissie meeting the tame hippo was a massive highlight – plus Daddo feeling up animals (boy that sounds wrong) was pretty awesome. I’m a real animal person so those bits were really cool.  Yes the natural wonders of the countries of Africa is amazing – pity the drug lords and self declared dictators are fucking that up big time! Oh Freddie has shaved his whole head thank god and it’s a 3 meal feast time and they are into it like hungry savages!  Ever want to know how good food is – starve for 2 weeks just on boiled rice! That’s what most Hollywood actresses live on. Poor bitches are starving constantly.

Julie Goodwin “Who have I got to root to get some salt around here?” just confirming my total love for that woman! I ADORE her! Wish she said that to Matt, Gary and George on Masterchef on her season or when she returned for a beef it out season! Think about it. Yeah – awesome.

I’m going to run out of recording I just know it because of someone I should blame! God damn you whoever you are!  Way too much ‘recapping’ and this is eating up time people. I know there are two LONG ass interviews with Barry and Freddie so this is going to end sooner than expected. Barry and Freddie were both massive troopers in challenges but Freddie was a LOT more entertaining due to Barry just having those ‘sports’ folks fans. Euwww. Julia is talking to Barry…yadda yadda.  He’s opened up a lot more with Julia grilling him but then again the show IS edited. We might have missed out on Barry doing his Judy Garland tribute to Hollywood routine – who knows!? End of the day he’s not a bad bloke – he’s just one of those ‘sports’ people so they are not famous for the brilliant comedy stand up or hosting a game show are they? *Edit – Johanna Griggs – you are sports person and have gone on in a brilliant fashion to hosting. Love ya!*

I REALLY hope they do a second season of this show. It needs your support people! I’m beyond impressed with how they have handled it, how they have done it and the people involved – all of them. It’s been massively entertaining and this is not me sucking up – jesus I’ve dragged them over the hot coals – but that is part of it. Does not mean I do not love it! It’s a great show, new to Aussie TV and very well done! Keep with it Ch 10. You are the one channel that will stick with a show that is ‘eh’ in the ratings. It’s first season ever, keep the faith! Just change the damn time it’s on! Don’t bump Family Feud though – that is fun!

Dr Chris interviews Freddie who is seriously adorable and can’t wait to see his ‘new’ show Fried something. Freddie watching his footage back is very calm and non reaction but I think he’s just taking it all in. He was a hoot and opened up at the right times.  Turns out for those wondering why Freddie didn’t go on the English version – he was a fan of Merv Hughes and that is why he did our show.  Andrew DODDO? Was he in the less famous family of brothers?

Lets all admit now Freddie’s ‘best moments’ were shit loads better than ‘Barry’s best bits’. I can relate to Freddie. We’d be TERRIBLE dating as that never works. But fuck we would be great friends. I’m that ‘no trespassing’ sign person that goes ‘lets go in there’. Now recap of Julia and Dr Chris funny moments and they did work well – you know what I mean?

Now as predicted my recording ran out because EVERYTHING SUCKS! Freddie wins (thank god) not that I have anything against Barry or Chrissie only Freddie was just a billion times more fun and entertaining! Fact! He was funny, cheeky and I bet – really good in bed! No wonder his hot wife was smiling!

Going to be a while now folks unless Emma asks me to massacre another reality show before The Bachelor AND – be still my bitchy heart – The Bachelorette! *faints* It’s been a pure pleasure and thanks for all the comments and I read them all. Most of you are awesome – some of you are a bit precious aren’t you? It’s just a reality TV show review after all! As real as the actual reality shows!

Cio babies. x

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Chrissie Swan Criticised For Leaving Kids At Home Whilst Going To Earn A Buck

Entertainment reporter Peter Ford has created a shit storm by tweeting that Chrissie Swan should not be on I’m A Celebrity but at home with her children.

He wrote:

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 10.13.21 pmCue an internet explosion with rage and quite rightly. Chrissie would not have taken the decision lightly, however no one would question a man if he was doing the same thing.

In fact she probably took wad of cash for six weeks work so she doesn’t have to worry about whether she gets work for the rest of the year. Because sometimes the woman is the main breadwinner in a household and she did lose her radio contract at the end of 2014. It is no longer the 1950’s in Australia when it comes to social issues and women’s rights, gay rights and aboriginal rights and  Peter Ford and the community should be glad about that.

Mama Mia contacted Peter Ford to get his side of the story, and he stood behind his comments but he also admitted he was not a fan of the former Big Brother star. His rationale is she talks about her kids a lot so she should be open to criticism about them. Sure he can have an opinion but don’t get upset when you a lot of people don’t agree with you.

UPDATED: Chrissie’s Dad spoke to News Limited and confirmed she was the main breadwinner of the family. Also her husband and eldest son have headed to South Africa for the finale tonight.

March 14, 2015   151 Comments

Guest Post: I’m A Celebrity – Oh Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.

You know I just thought Marcia just might have had what it takes to take out I’m A Celebrity, as she was certainly one of the more entertaining characters on the show. However that was not all that happened last night so read Gidgit’s take on what went down in camp.

Four left and it’s down to anyone who goes (it’s Marcia Brady) so there is that. Julia is in her bondage dress and Dr Chris is being Dr Chris.  Anna and Joel went last night and Chrissie since has resorted to bitching about others to the nearest tree.  Chrissie is talking to Freddie and Freddie asks her what she thought about Tim (as he did not get to meet him) and first reaction Chrissie does is a ‘he was a lame duck’ face but then corrects herself remembering she’s being filmed and says he was a nice guy – a lot like Tyson (in other words she thinks he was dull as dishwater)

Barry Hall is up for the next tucker trial which has to do with pies and eating and no they are not going to be yummy apple and cherry type pies Baz, bad luck on that.  Of course the pies are disgusting and full of bugs & insects plus Barry can’t use his hands so has to bury his face in them! Bring it on! He has five minutes and to add to the horrible factor there are going to be thousands of flies in the booth with him.  I’d be out just due to the flies. Horrid things.  He’s shoved his face in and turned over with his mouth 3 pies now and no stars. What the hell? Ok be pretty funny if all the stars are just in one pie. Oh this is disgusting. And why did they make it so hard to get stars in the box?? At least Barry is getting some desserts…with flies all over it. Get him out of there! Although to be fair that is the scene at any Aussie BBQ in the middle of Summer!

Barry gets four stars so four meals…ding dang doo  (according to Freddie).  Marcia Brady is hanging around Barry Hall more than those 500,000 flies. She’s promising she can get Barry into the action movie business because I’m sure after not being famous for 35 years she’s got all the right connections?!?!  The camp talk about how much weight they have lost aside from Marcia Brady who already lives on beans and rice at home so no difference.

Marcia B and Freddie are sent off to do a mini challenge and is it me or have they not been doing them over the last few episodes? I can’t remember last time they did a mini challenge but I usually watch this show half plastered so I could be wrong. There is a phoney spider web, a chest and Freddie is behind Marcia B taking the piss out of her actions and PLEASE WIN THIS FREDDIE. Even if you do not watch this show get on twitter and vote #celebFreddie folks! Marcia B is being strapped in and Freddie is being a bigger flirt than Marcia B which is making him even more sexy!  The editor plays what sounds like a track from the brilliant film Amelie – then of course some ‘sexy time porn music’. They get all the spiders/keys and I know why they picked Marcia B over Chrissie. Oh come on you were all thinking it.

Prize is vegemite and I’d rather be eating the lemon pie covered in flies to be honest. NEVER got the vegemite thing! The prize is ‘supplied’ by Catotrina Roundtree (haha) and our first reaction is ‘who’? Oh that long faced lass that used to be on TV. They win the vegemite and bread and butter.  Freddie and Marcia Brady are now vegemite lovers (probably because hey – it’s food and they are all starving) Chrissie asks Barry if he had to ponder going onto this show and I’d think anyone would if they’ve ever seen just one episode of the British one. I wouldn’t do it – would you? Not sure where Freddie and Marcia B are – maybe that faux spider web challenge being strapped together has sparked some sexual urges in the shrubberies?

And can I say Julia I’d also happily be in a Dr Chris/Freddie sandwich…gluten free of course! Nah kidding, I’m not a preachy look-at-me asshole (maybe just an asshole?)  It’s tucker for the tucker trial which is beef, tofu and those vegetable things.  Marcia Brady puts vegemite on tofu and this is making me more sick than Barry’s yucky pie/fly challenge!  So time to boot someone (Marcia Brady) and it’s getting tense…who will it be (Marcia Brady) and this may just be the shortest write up I’ve ever done because low and behold – Marcia Brady is gone.  Now I’ve given Chrissie a rough time I know but I also know if we met we’d get on like a house on fire covered in glitter with fireworks shooting into the sky…if she doesn’t punch me first. That’s always a bad start.

*Side note – I have noticed for Gogglebox Aus they did get people that don’t seem to watch a LOT of TV. Guess Colonel and I just watch too much and knew too much about it? Yes – we auditioned*

Maureen has been a very entertaining delight that lives in Maureen world and is a ball of positive energy – even if she is a vegetarian! God damn she’s tiny! She literally should walk around with the Lego movie song ‘everything is awesome’ playing where ever she goes.  We are reminded she DID actually say ‘I’m a Celebrity get me out of here’ while on her bed thus should she not have been removed? You utter those words and not doing a challenge….hmmmmm?

Maureen talks about watching a clip on Youtube (I would have watched every single episode ever made – if I had not already which I have, if I was going on ANY reality show) and guessing she’s talking about Helen Flannigan who up there with Sanita (Simon Cowells ex) were the most useless hopeless people in challenges I’ve EVER seen!  Seriously look them up on the UK show doing challenges. It’s hysterical to the point of frustrating. Strangely one of the best I’ve seen in challenges was last UK season and a rather elderly ex MP called Edwina Currie. She was amaze balls.

So three left and pretty sure Chrissie will win just based on her massive fan base – but eh who knows! Barry might take this out. Plenty of AFL fans out there that treat it as a religion! But my hopes are Freddie wins as I base it on who was the most entertaining & he was by miles! See you for the finals panda pops!

March 13, 2015   82 Comments

Guest Post: I’m A Celebrity – A Double Elimination

Well thank God Anna got the punt as I could not have coped with Tim Robards proposing to her if she was to win I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Now over to Gidgit to tells us how the latest episode went down:

We kick off with Julia Morris WAY over dressed for hosting. Ok she looks great but you are in the jungle – not on the Logies red carpet. And if she is dressed that way it would have worked as comedy if Dr Chris was in full tux and they put a tiara on the python. Anyhoo, Julie is gone (what the hell were you thinking Australia??) and she’s my new favourite celebrity Aussie. We are reminded of Freddie before getting into camp in the insect shack with Julie saying ‘I should have done the dancing program’ which to me is still absolute gold! Win this Freddie, you hear me? Win it!

Turns out everyone is going to miss Julie and yeah, tell me about it. How is Barry still there?? Yes he can be a ‘lark’ and ‘fun’ but we’ve seen the dark side and if you’ve lived with anyone like that, not fun. Like walking on a tight rope of dental floss.  Back at camp Marcia Brady is singing ‘I’ve got malaria hysteria’ when she really should be singing ‘Time to Change’  (showing my age here folks). Chrissie is annoyed by this singing so Marcia Brady heads to rock dwelling Barry to spread her positive good energy. Chrissie and Joel are back at camp bitching – what? No way! They would never do that!

Next tucker trial is Walk the Line and they are ALL up for it. This should be interesting although I did see twitter posts revealing some of it. But I’ll just travel along as I’m watching.  So it’s a tight rope (again) over the dam and will Chrissie do it – that’s the big question. She’s piked on everything else so let’s see if the whole camp being there make her do it through peer pressure? But before that we hear about Freddie’s poo.  Normally it would make one cringe but hey we all do it – and Freddie makes it entertaining as far as taking a shit related humour goes.

All the camp gang mates show up and Julia has an Asian umbrella because….she doesn’t want a sun tan?  Yep guess so! So over to challenge and 45 minutes? Seriously? I take that long to get out of bed. Camp mates have to sort out the order to who goes first to longest etc. Barry is first so longer distance (guessing Chrissie will be last) and this is hard. I think the UK challenges are easier to be honest.  Freddie is correct – better Barry falling as he’s taking so long but doing well. Barry gets his star and falls to save time. Well planned gang. This is actually very exciting so I’m going to leave a huge blank because I’m busy watching it (kidding). Anna is next and from ALL the reality challenge shows I watch girls are WAY better at balance than boys! Fact! Anna nails it and she should have been sent to do more challenges. Oye Tim – you have a top girl there mate.

Freddie is next and still flirting with Dr Chris.  Freddie is hilarious and needs his own show – honestly.  Come on Britain, you’ll have the bin man hosting for 50 years – give Freddie a job on TV! Freddie gets the star as does Joel then it’s up to Marcia Brady and Chrissie to finish this!  4 minutes to go and Marcia Brady I think stopped to meditate or seek her aura or something. To be fair she’s old but she’s doing it, like she did the yucky tank challenge. MB is a trooper and gets the star. It’s now all up to Chrissie.  Now don’t get me wrong, just because I’m a bitch does not mean I do not understand the worries of a big gal. You wonder if things can hold you, support you, if you can fit or move. But still – I’m not on a reality show and she is.  Chrissie has to get down to get the star and I was like that the last time I went skiing & fell over. That’s nice and embarrassing let me tell ya! “I can’t get up!” Hot ski instructor “Do it, DO IT” Not so ‘hot’ anymore. Can I have my money back please?

Well done Chrissie – seriously.  About time but well done! Bet Chrissie will be not so scared to do risky things from now on.  Go skydiving! Trust me, it’s awesome! Chrissie chats to Joel about gay marriage and if you are not in the stone age, consenting adults should be allowed to do what they want. And people do need to stop saying ‘if you love someone’ because that can get into sketchy areas like Farmer Bob who is eyeing off his lamb Daisy – know what I mean? ADULTS should be able to marry other ADULTS no matter who they are or what sex as long as both are consenting. Looking at YOU arranged marriages! If my mum arranged my marriage I would have thrown myself under a train on the first night of the honeymoon!

Barry has lovely teeth – just saying, and the Odd Couple with Matthew Perry looks god awful! Just venting. Yeah don’t buy Game of Thrones or Better Call Saul – buy that shit Ch 10.

Dinner is coodoo something and vegan sausages and Chrissie is in charge of cooking after Masterchef first season winner Julie is gone. Chrissie finds the whole vegetarian thing annoying and I’m with you Chrissie. I’m with you. If we were not meant to eat meat mankind would not have made it out of the cave man times! But eh what do I know – Paul McCartney is still alive and kicking. (but Linda carked it and she got him into it!)

Game time and it’s celebrity whispers. I whispered once but I’ll never do that again! Joel is up first and has to remember a BITCH of a sentence. Turns out Big Bad Barry blows Baboons before Breakfast (that’s how my mind remembers it) is wrong and not sure what that was about to be honest.  It’s eviction time and two are leaving the jungle. But first ten minutes of massage time and I’d rather eat massive snails to be honest. If you touch me you better follow through.

Two gone are Anna and….really, Joel? Ok fair enough. They all have to leave eventually and only one winner so it’s part of the process! So interviews yadda yadda and the week pushes on with more eliminations and although I want Freddie to win, I think it’s going to be Chrissie.  It’s down to the wire, who do you think it going to win (and who do you WANT to win?) Check you later fuzzy kittens!

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