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The X Factor Ratings – A Good Start

The X Factor had a solid start in the ratings last night getting 1,186,000 for their first episode, but the real winner out of all this was the Bert and Patti interview about their son Matt Newton on A Current Affair.

The interview must have been hard to do, however they did reveal that Matt Newton has been having mental health issues since he was 14 years old.

Amanda Meade writes a good article in The Australian about it.

She says Patti revealed that Matt has had problems for awhile and is currently on suicide watch:

Last night his show business parents, Bert and Patti Newton, spoke about their son’s battle with anger and depression.

Bert sat largely silent beside Patti with tears in his eyes as she told how they had watched from the sidelines as their talented but troubled son had lurched from one catastrophe to another.

“He didn’t want us to be very much involved – there’s been a bit of that through his life – he loves us but he’s always wanted to do his own thing,” Patti said.

The Newtons believe their son has a mental illness rather than a problem with drug and alcohol misuse.

“He’s never really accepted the fact that he had an illness,” Patti said, describing how at 14 he had been told by a psychologist to “make sure you never do drugs or alcohol because you have the sort of personality where it will take over your life”.

“All that Bert and I can do is be very sorry for everything that he’s done to cause any hassle with anybody and also to try and get him the best help that he can have, so that maybe there’s something, a life, that he can still have.”

I think anyone who is a parent or knows what it is like to deal with mental illness must feel for Burt and Patti.

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Come Dine With Me Australia – Week 2 – Another Diverse Group

It is week two of Come Dine With Me Australia and first out of the blocks is Jesse who is portrayed as a bit of a sports loving yob. He calls his home Hotel Hibiscus which he thinks people don’t want to leave.

It was interesting that even though he had the Uncle Norm persona he was using some to top quality ingredients, and serving some interesting wine and beer.

His first course was chicken, bacon and mushroom risotto.

His main was Hibiscus Hotel Prime Rib-Eye with veges, one being bali corn which he said he survived on when he was holidaying there. He said otherwise there was only slugs and grasshoppers to eat. As James Valentine said what part of Bali was he in?

Also is Arnott’s Chocolate Ripple Biscuit’s sponsoring the series, it has been the second chocolate ripple dessert in a week. I’d never heard of the biscuit nor the dessert, but David the 42 year old advertising guy seemed to know it. Obviously a culinary delight I have missed.

The other diners this week was 35 year old Jane Izzaro a marketing manager for her husband’s fashion business. Her Italian husband is 28 year old older then her. I think thought she was a bit more posh then she actually was. For someone who preferred to read rather than dirt bike ride, she did not seem that articulate.

However she was presenting herself as nice and the person who gets on with everyone, which I am not sure I am completely buying it.

I really like the Japanese karate lady Kyoko, I think she will be telling the people what she really thinks by the end of the week. Also she is not drinking much as it does not agree with her so she will get bored quicker than the others.

At the other end of the relationship spectrum, we have bogan scrummy muumy 36 year old full time mum Sharon. She is into dirt bike riding and hanging out with her 24 year old boyfriend. She has just come back from getting a boob job in Thailand, and may have gotten some botox when she was over there as well if her unanimated face is anything to go by.

Since she cannot cook I am unsure why she has applied to go on the show.

41 year old David Whiteside who is in advertising and looks like he is a neat freak. But seems to be cast as the nice guy of the week like Paula was. But like her he might be a little dull.

Jesse’s rissotto did not rock their socks off, and Jane thought it more an Australian way of cooking it rather than Italian.

The steak main looked pretty damn good, and got the thumbs up from all involved, whilst the dessert was given mixed reviews. Kyoko did not like the alcohol taste of it, and David thought it was not complex enough.

Jesse finished the evening with a song he had written about his daughter and it was quite good, maybe he should have toddled up to The X Factor auditions.

David gave him a 7, Kyoko an 8, Sharon an 8, and Jane gave him a 9 for a total of 32. A stand out score that will be hard to beat. Jane has not given herself much room to move if she has a really sensational evening on another night. However, Sharon’s turn tonight does not look like she will be able to crack a ten.

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Reality TV Porn – The Top Chef Cast


Here they are the three gorgeous stars from the Emmy award winning show Top Chef. From left Padma Lakshmi, Tom Collichio and the delightful Gail Simmons.

Today they stopped The Amazing Race from winning the Emmy for Best Reality TV Show for the eighth time. The other interesting thing is that it is has a smaller audience then the other three nominees. The Amazing Race, Dancing With The Stars, and American Idol.

Jeff Probst won best reality host.

Source (LA Times)

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The X Factor – It Looks As Slick As Promised

Sheesh Channel 7 was there meant to be some sort of symbolism of having new host Luke Jacobz standing on a cliff in the opening sequence? Christ if Matt Newton was watching the show this is exactly where he would want to be knowing he had blown his big come back and that his entertainment career is officially in rigor mortis.

By the way the Bert and Patti interview on ACA I am still not sure why they did it, to try and gain some sympathy for him? Now The X Factor has started I think the Matt Newton saga will now fade into the background as there is more to talk about.

I really didn’t need the ten minute opening sequence of boats on the harbour and blurb about the judges, but after that I did enjoy the episode. Something I wasn’t expecting as I normally hate the audition episodes. And props for not having any mentally ill people for the judges to poke fun at. However they did break 60 year old Gail Matikainen heart after she butchered her song. However someone should hook her up with fellow auditioner  Hoe Ng 56 year old admin worker who is a ghost from Christmas karoke parties in my past.

At the moment it is the  Kyle Sandiland show with his quips that at times are rather amusing, with Natalie Imbruglia playing the pretty nice girl part very well. However isn’t she too young to be doing the botox thing? She had to move her eyes more because her forehead wasn’t moving. Guy Sebastian was also playing good cop, but if I were the contestant’s this would be the mentor I would actually want.

And Ronan Keating I am not sure what his role is –  a bit bad, but a bit nice. Maybe he is there to sex up the panel a bit.

Apparently the groups in the auditions have been ordinary, and  to prove that point they show It Takes Three who said they kept in touch after they left school, they looked so young I thought they meant primary school. They  sang out of tune acapella and were sent back to uni.

India-Rose Madderom who has signalled out as a favourite due to some Sunday paper loving yesterday, sang a Joss Stone song. She was good, but a bit out of breathe. You do wonder if she had not been gorgeous whether the judges would have been quite so gushy.

Sometimes you have got to let go of the dream and  Altiyan Childs who at 35 has been wanting to “make it” for quite sometime probably needs to. The wannabe rock star and forklift driver forgot the lyrics to This Sex Is On Fire, and did some crazy posturing moves. Michael Hutchene’s has a lot to answer for. However he is getting a second chance and we will see if he gets through tomorrow night.

On the plus side there was not a lot of Whitney, Mariah or Celine sung, but there was a lot of Lady Gaga. Finally a generational change.

Sarah Slim was one such person, who actually wants to be as famous as Lady Gaga. She was built her up as being someone to watch, but she turned out to be just another deluded soul. I think if she is wanting to get famous she should hope for a return of Big Brother and do something outrageous in the spa.

Daniela Gorelik who is a student also sang Gaga badly.

Amanda Grafanakis a 27 year old hospitality worker who for some reason reminded me of a brunette Fiona Horne finally bought a bit of cred to the show with a good rendition of Gaga. Her shoes were amazing like a stiletto trainers.

Bonnie-Rae Barnes who was 17 but looked 12 murdered Cyndi Lauper True Colours, Kyle said “you are like a drunk monkey driving a semi-trailer”. Is that the new way of saying she was a train wreck?

Harry Abu the gay guy from Brunei sang This Is The Moment. And wasn’t he perfect reality TV casting. Emotive story, boy next door sweetness, and could sing. Also he was prepared to come out on national TV. His parents hopefully aren’t online and know what You Tube is as they will now know there little boy won’t be bringing an Aussie girl home to meet them soon. But hey good on him.

Andrew Lawson an 18 year old from Brisbane was my personal favourite of the evening. He sang Sinatra but looked like a cool boy. If he gets through is going to be a hit with the girls. His only negative he had a Matt Newton look about him.

Nicole Kenaway an unemployed country girl who was being portrayed as a young Susan Boyle of the competition, currently lives in a shipping container. She sang Temporary Home by Carrie Underwood. Her voice was great and it will be interesting to see how she goes once a bit of spit and polish happens to her.

Trent Bell underwhelmed me with his rendition of Sex Is On Fire, but Kyle predictably thinks if they are good looking they should sing pop.

George Walter 19 student was OK the judges thought he was better than I did as Kyle called him “sexual chocolate”.

TJ Alijanz the 16 year old was a little cutie with an average voice he got through. I doubt he will still be there for the performance shows.

Another one of my faves was Rodrigo Alvarado from Chile who is a former cruise singer who sang Queen. He has kept a bit of that P&O Princess cheesiness with his spanglish singing accent and bolero moves. No surprise  he got through to boot camp.

The show continues to bounce back and forward around the auditions so if it is the pink dress for Natalie it must be Melbourne, but other then that the first episode set a good pace, with the lack of host not really noticeable. With four personalities already, we don’t really need one more.

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Top Chef Season 7 Wins Emmy For Best Reality TV Show

Congratulations to Top Chef for taking out the Best Reality TV Show Emmy. This was quite a coup as The Amazing Race has won it since the award commenced.

For those who don’t know Top Chef it is a quality TV show on Arena TV which comes from the Bravo stable in New York. Up and coming chefs fight it out over three months to see who will become the Top Chef.

There is great cooking, great challenges a lot of which we are seeing on our own Masterchef Australia, and enough interaction and personalities of the contestants to keep it entertaining.

The host is the luscious Padma Lakshmi who has no problem being seen to eat food on TV and give a forthright opinion on it. Also the other co-host is the spunky Tom Collichio a renowned chef in the US. Other judges are Gail Simmons from Food and Wine Magazine, Eric Ripert an uber-chef as well as other guest judges who are leaders in their fields.

The new season set in Washington DC commences on Arena TV 7.30pm the 12 September, if you have pay TV watch it.

However it is time for a free to air channel to get the episodes or even do an Australian version of the show.

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